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Abu Dhabi: World Beyond Dubai


When travelling to UAE, people often forget that there’s so much more to this middle eastern paradise than just Dubai. The city is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. However, only a few hours away is Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE. Abu Dhabi offers a well-balanced vacation with great cultural experiences, theme parks, shopping malls, the dunes and much more. Abu Dhabi occupies 80% territory of UAE and is a very important city in the country politically, geographically and historically.

Anyone who has travelled to both Dubai and Abu Dhabi can easily tell that the later is much more authentic and traditional than the flamboyant and touristy city of Dubai. In Abu Dhabi, you’ll be closer to the country's culture- the Emirati costumes, garments, and traditions. Whereas in Dubai you would most likely be surrounded by expats and other tourists, Abu Dhabi offers a better chance to understand the UAE, all while having a blast. Here’s a list of famous attractions beyond Dubai.

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1. Ferrari World

Abu Dhabi: A World Beyond Dubai-2 One of the most thrilling attractions of Abu Dhabi is the Ferrari World. The indoor amusement park inspired by the world-famous Italian car brand is a dream for car enthusiasts and families alike. You can take a ride on the fastest rollercoaster in the world. Formula Rosa is located in Ferrari World and accelerates to 240km/hr in less than 5 seconds. There’s also a collection of Ferrari cars with models dating back to 1947! There are many other activities such as stimulated racing to give you a feel of riding a Ferrari, junior GT track for young kids to showcase their driving skills, Ferrari-theme show and much more.

2. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Abu Dhabi: A World Beyond Dubai-3 Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is Abu Dhabi’s landmark building and is the biggest mosque in the UAE. It’s named after the country's founder, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The mosque’s beautiful architecture depicts the cultural diversity of Islam. It blends the Mameluke, Ottoman, and Fatimid designs to create a Modern Islamic architectural wonder. The mosque has over 80 marble domes surrounded by four minarets and the prayer halls have the world's largest loomed carpet. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is open for visitors of all faith and best way to get acquainted with its history is to take an Abu Dhabi city tour which includes a visit to this beautiful marvel.

3. Emirates Palace

Abu Dhabi: A World Beyond Dubai-4 A splendid landmark of Abu Dhabi, Emirates Palace is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. It blends Arabian architecture with modern luxuries to provide you a memorable stay. It has the colour of different shades of the Arabian desert. The hotel is spread over 100 hectares and was the third most expensive to build in the world, having cost approximately US$3 billion for its construction. Visitors are allowed to enter the hotel with reservation to one of its restaurants where they can enjoy luxury dining.

4. Abu Dhabi Heritage Village

Abu Dhabi: A World Beyond Dubai-5 Experience the traditional life of pre-modernised Abu Dhabi at the Heritage Village. The Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi is a reconstruction of a traditional village which allows you to better understand Emirati culture and the desert way of life of the UAE of the past. It has a small Arabian market called Souk, a mosque and a small village. You can shop, buy souvenirs and watch the artisans making pottery or weaving fabric on a loom. The village also features public workshops where craftsmen demonstrate skills such as pottery and spinning.

5. Yas Waterworld

Abu Dhabi: A World Beyond Dubai-6 UAE can be extremely hot during summers, but if the heat grinds you down head to the Yas Island to cool off at the Waterworld. The Yas Waterworld has over 40 rides for children and adults alike, making it a great family attraction. Visitors can experience the world’s first and largest hydro-magnetic-powered, six-person tornado waterslide, the world’s largest surf sheet wave and the Jebel drop, a free-fall water slide. After getting exhausted by all these rides you can dine in the in-house restaurants and cafes. Recommended: Summer Family Package with Dubai and Abu Dhabi

6. Etihad Towers and Observation Deck at 300

Abu Dhabi: A World Beyond Dubai-7 Etihad Towers is a complex of buildings with five phenomenal towers that reflect the ultra-modern and classy architecture of the capital city of Abu Dhabi. They are best known as the backdrop for Fast and Furious 7. The observational deck at 300 on the 74th floor offers skyline views from the highest point in the city. There is an entry fee for non-guests of the hotel, but the ticket price can be redeemed for the snacks at the observation deck. Having high-tea up here, with the city spread below you, is definitely an experience for your Abu Dhabi itinerary.

7. Warner Bros. World

Abu Dhabi: A World Beyond Dubai-8 Warner Bros World is the latest theme park addition to the Yas Island dedicated to its cartoon, movie, and comic book heroes and villains. One of the world’s biggest, fully air-conditioned indoor theme parks, Warner Bros. World has 29 state-of-the-art rides, engaging family-friendly attractions, live entertainment, multiple dining options, and exclusive merchandise stores. From superheroes like Batman and Superman to our beloved tiny toons like Bugs Bunny and Scooby-Doo, Warner Bros. World brings together all legendary characters under one roof.

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