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Why You Must Plan a Trip To South India At Least Once?


Hello travelers! What have you been planning for your next detour? Do you wish to explore the most beautiful beaches of India? Or this time, you want to revive your love for the wildlife? Is adventure occupying your mind this time or you are thinking of trekking the hilly terrains? No matter what activity you have set up for your next trip, No matter what. There is one place in India that can satisfy every traveler. South India is famous for many destinations such Kerala,Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka can easily be called as the top destination which has everything from culture, wildlife, nature, adventure to offer to its tourists. Here are 5 reasons why you must pack your bags for a South Indian voyage!

1. Where will you find the best beaches of India? Here!

Why You Must Plan a Trip To South India At Least Once?-1 The cleanest and unique beaches await you at the coast of Arabian Sea. We have Kovalam to explore the best beaches that Kerala has to offer with some exotic beach resorts overlooking the infinite sea. The beaches of Kanyakumari has the splendid view of three seas meeting at one point. The white sand beaches of Tamil Nadu has the power to exfoliate all your life- stress. And, what you cannot find at the commercialized tourist places will be offered to you at the beaches of Pondicherry. Make your way to not just the popular beaches but bring out your inner traveler to explore the unbeatable beauty of the untouched beaches of South India. And you will know what all you have been missing all this while! Read here to know more about the must visit beaches of South India.

2. The wildlife that will satisfy any wildlife lover

Why You Must Plan a Trip To South India At Least Once?-2 South India in terms of nature, has a lot to offer to its travelers. Let's keep the nature aside for some time and all the wildlife lovers who have been planning a jungle safari for long pay attention here. Wildlife Sanctuaries in South India are home to more than 500 species of mammals, 1225 varieties of Birds, 1600 types of reptiles and amphibians and about 57,000 species of insects.No less than a treasure for all those who have a love for fauna. Wayanad wildlife sanctuary is a home to various species of tigers and leopard along with the other species of birds. Periyar National park houses  a number of deer, elephants and tigers. Pulicat sanctuary and Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary are famous for their variety of birds. Nagarhole National Park, Annamalai Tiger Reserve, Silent Valley Wildlife are among the other important national parks of South India.

3. Haven for the romantic couples

Why You Must Plan a Trip To South India At Least Once?-3 Why go somewhere else for your honeymoon when India account for an exotic honeymoon destination for the newly weds and for any other couple who have been looking out for a romantic destination? Kerala and Tamil Nadu are the perfect locations where you can plan your honeymoon and woo your partner without leaving the Indian boundaries. The houseboats in the backwaters of Alleppey, which is also known as the Venice of the east. Romance in the tea and spice plantations of Munnar. Escaping to the exotic hill town and the lush green hills of Kodaikanal. Everything is set up beautifully to bring about the love between you and your beloved. Read to know more about why South India is the ultimate honeymoon destination? Here is your answer.

4. The best adventure sports awaits you daredavil!

Why You Must Plan a Trip To South India At Least Once?-4 If you have been thinking a lot lately to risk it to gain the best experience of your life, then don't think too much before planning your trip to South India. With the number of beaches, there is no doubt that you can plant yourself on the beaches for the number of adventure sports including Surfing, Jet Skiing, and Kayaking. Among others, do not miss Flying Foxing in Kerala, the experience of flying above the green hills is unbeatable. Chamundi Hills in the Western Ghats near Mysore is one of the best sites for sky diving in India. Paragliding in Nandi Hills and Yelagiri is another adrenaline raising adventure sports that you cannot afford to miss.

5. Treasure for the history and architecture lovers

Why You Must Plan a Trip To South India At Least Once?-5 If you one such traveler who has a heart for history and architectural beauty, then you MUST visit South India atleast once. Although one trip is too short to appreciate all the architectural wonders that South India has got, but then you can always plan another one for the love of art. Mysore Palace is an architectural wonder of Karnataka, the ruins of Hampi was one of the largest and richest cities in the world during its prime. You cannot complete your south India trip without visiting the beautiful Brindavan Gardens near Mysore. The churches and temples dating back to 15 and 16 century too speak of the great architectural artwork. Read more about the pilgrimage spots of South India  

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