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Why visiting Dubai during the Ramzan is worth it!


Why visiting Dubai during the Ramzan is worth it!-1

Dubai is definitely a land of all possibilities where the entire city moves at the fast pace and it never ceases to stop but visiting it during the Ramadan season may not seem ideal for many as the store closes, the faithful fast and the city is deserted but there are advantages to visit the land of the Sheikhs. We would like to highlight a diversified list of events and activities where you can revel through during this period of time. Make sure to share this!

1. Learn more about the culture and tradition

Why visiting Dubai during the Ramzan is worth it!-2

If you are looking for a full and culturally enriched experience, immerse yourself by visiting different sacred grand mosques, with Jumeirah Mosque being the famous of all, by understanding more about their culture, tradition and learning more about the way of life of the people.

2. Try a sumptuous Iftar Feast

Why visiting Dubai during the Ramzan is worth it!-3 Iftar is an evening feast of the Muslim where the entire family and friends gather together after the break of fast to have a sumptous meal of different courses including slow cooked lamb, rice and even dates. If you’re invited to an Iftar party, take the opportunity to immense and learn more about the Arabic & Emirati dishes. Several hotels also serve some of the finest dishes where you can eat to your heart’s content.

3. Ease through attractions with less crowd

Why visiting Dubai during the Ramzan is worth it!-4 While Dubai is prominently known for its fast paced lifestyle, visiting it during the Ramadan period gives you an edge to get through the queues at ease while visiting different tourist spots, attractions, malls and the business takes a hit as the working hour are shorten.

4. Shop More with Bigger Discounts

Why visiting Dubai during the Ramzan is worth it!-5 If anyone is planning to visit Dubai on a budget trip, this is assuredly the best time to visit as most of the hotels and different tourist attractions slash their prices. Malls are open till 2 AM and the streets come to life at night. Shopping is an experience during this time.

5. Illuminating Night Markets

Why visiting Dubai during the Ramzan is worth it!-6 One can exclusively enjoy the night markets with relatively empty malls as most of them open during evening upto late night. One can enjoy the festive ambience that the extravaganza offers where a huge variety of products and brands from around the region will be on display at the market and top restaurants and cafes dishes out tempting dishes from different countries. It has been designed to offer a complete package and fun night out entertainment.

6. Cut Rate Deals on Magnificent Hotels

Why visiting Dubai during the Ramzan is worth it!-7 During the time of Ramzan the 5 star resorts and hotels see a major drop in the prices. One of the best benefits going during this time is that you get stay at properties like Jumeirah Zabeel Saray at jaw dropping prices. Experiencing the ultra luxury of resorts like these are something everyone should look forward to and at the prices these are being offered is the best part.

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