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Why South India Is The Ultimate Honeymoon Destination?

If you think that you can only impress your soulmate with places like Paris and Switzerland than I must say that you have underestimated honeymoon destination of India- Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The peaceful beaches, the perfect weather, the aroma of tea and coffee in the air, the green fields, everything in nature is set up so beautifully that it will definitely blossom the love between you and your beloved. Give your honeymoon destination a second thought with these beautiful places of South India.

1.Romantic walk on the beaches

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South India caters the most peaceful beaches of India. Where you don’t have to bump into a lot of people. Where you can finally have a quality time with your beloved. Hold your partner’s hand, do not miss the opportunity of a romantic walk on the beautiful beaches of Kovalam overlooking the endless sea. You can also visit Kodaikanal, another tranquil and extremely stunning honeymoon destination. Coaker’s walk in Kodaikanal offers a unique getaway for the couples. 1 km mountain road which offers the awesome view of the plains below from the height of 2000 m. The clouds that you walk-in through at Coaker’s walk definitely creates a perfect romantic setting.

2.Your escape from the bustling life of cities

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There aren’t many cars blowing horns, there aren’t people rushing to their offices and then back to home, there is no traffic on the roads, there is life and there is time which you would love to devote to your beloved. Coorg, Kodaikanal, backwaters of Alleppey, Kovalam and Thekkady are the off-beat honeymoon destinations that offer tranquility and romance. You shouldn’t give these places a miss with your ladylove.

3.Romance in the backwaters of Kerala

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Ever dreamt of dinner-date with your partner on a boat in the middle of a beautiful lake? Well, bring your dream to life in Alleppey. Alleppey is rightfully known as the “Venice of the East” for its waterways and sceneries that clearly match with that of Venice. Hire a houseboat, arrange for the delicious food and take away your partner in the world of romance in the backwaters of Kerala. Houseboats are available for the day, overnight and even for multiple days if you wish to spend some quality time with your better-half.


4.The luxury of spa resort and beach resorts

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Let's face it, Indian weddings are super tiring. Ceremonies after ceremonies, and never-ending rituals. But, after you finally get to get away on a sojourn don’t you want to pamper yourself and your beloved with all the luxuries in the world? Definitely yes! This is where our very own Kovalam proves out to be a haven. Kovalam is a hot-spot of beaches in South India, it offers some of the best beach resorts with the serene view of the infinite sea. Plus, they have some of the best spas and wellness centers which will steal away all your fatigue and stress with their various ayurvedic, world-class treatments and Thai spas.


5.On the trail of wildlife safari

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If you wish to fulfill your Tarzan and Jane fancies, Thekkady it is,to treat yourself with one of the best wildlife delights in India. Home to different species of tigers and elephants, Periyar National park is labelled as an important reserve of South India. Another attraction of this place is the Periyar lake spread in the area of 25 SQ km that surrounds the Periyar National Park. A jungle safari in the woods of Periyar will definitely add a unique experience to your honeymoon.


6.Relive the Bollywood romance

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Remember when in the famous song ‘titli’ and ‘Kashmir Tu, me Kanyakumari’ from Chennai Express, you were allured by the beautiful backdrops more than the love-making scenes of Deepika and Shahrukh? It was the spectacular sceneries of Munnar. The beauty of Munnar, the endless tea-plantation, the pleasant weather, and soothing aroma in the air will definitely bring about the love between you and your partner. You can totally live the Bollywood romance in the landscapes of Munnar. Echo-point, Devikulam Seetha Devi Lake, tea-estates are some of the main locations which were captured in the movies. Not just Bollywood, but many South-Indian films and even the oscar-winning Life of Pi has used Munnar in their frames.

7.The landscapes of Sunrise and Sunset

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Kanyakumari is coined as the best location of Southern India to enjoy the eye-pleasing sunrise and sunset show. Sit by the placid Arabian Sea, on the solitary rocks and wait for the spectacular sceneries of sunset and sunrise with the shades of blue, red and orange in the sky. Vivekananda memorial is an important point which offers the true charisma of the sun.

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