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15 Reasons Why Should You Visit Singapore?


I was taken aback by the culture of the city, the city lights lit the glitter in my eyes, the array of high street fashion stores made me empty my wallet, I was carried back to my childhood, oh! The skyline was spectacular and the beaches, damn, so beautiful. I am still struggling to shed the body weight that I put on eating the scrumptious food around the city (not that I regret!). And the list would go on and on.

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Wondering how a small island country can give you such vast variety of experiences? Well, don’t! Because Singapore can totally do that to its travelers, welcoming, warm and would leave in awe! That’s Singapore for you. On my trip to Singapore, I had such great experiences that I can’t stop but tell everyone why you should be going to the Lion City yourself. And, here is my part of the job to show you few of the glimpse of what the country has to offer you, which, I think is enough to make you get going!7

1. The diversity of culture

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There is a lot to see in Singapore if you enjoy the diversity of culture as much as I do. Interestingly, Singapore is a unity of diverse culture that highly dominates the nation. The indigenous culture of Singapore is influenced by the Chinese, Muslims and Indian culture as well. All of this comes together to offer just the vivid experience that lures the tourists seeking the diversity. The Chinese gave the pompous New Year celebration, the Muslims gave Hari Raya Puasa (regional Muslim festival) and the Indians gave Singapore the festivals of light- Deepawali. Yes! All the festivals here are celebrated with an equal amount of enthusiasm and spirit of festivity.

2. Language isn’t a barrier

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To all those who have traveled abroad without the clue of the alien language that the people speak there, they know language is a huge problem while traveling. Google Translator is no good then, trust me! You find hard to shop from the local stores, struggles with the directions, the public translator, let’s not go there, please. But Singapore being so culturally rich, language is just not the problem here for the tourists. It has four official language- English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil. As long you know anyone of this language, you are good to go around the city. To your surprise, you can also find a few locals speaking a bit of Hindi as well (not that you need to use it if you are good with English).

3. The Universal Studios

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Although, Singapore is full of theme parks, but 'THE UNIVERSAL STUDIOS' deserves a special mention. All the fantasy movies you fancied to be in, all the childhood characters you were in love with, the studios will provide you with all of it. It is just a dream to be here and travel back in time to cherish and relive your childhood memories. On the Sentosa island, this is no less than a paradise. There is a sci-fi city, that is filled with the amazing rides which are more future-oriented with the theme of war between good vs evil. The Transformers ride which is pretty close to riding the transformers in real life. The Lost World or the Jurassic based theme park is exactly what you’d seen in the movies. Then there is Hollywood and New York-based city parks. Did I mention the famous Madagascar islands and the Shreks? The list is long, but the park is even bigger and better!

4. The ultimate shopping spree

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Just think of a brand you have been dying to adore your wardrobe with, it is there. Everything is there in the high street markets of Singapore. The Orchard road is no less than a paradise for the shopaholics, Dover Street and Bugis street are other few shopping spots in the city. If you are looking out for some affordable shopping, Haji Lane is where you should blow all your money.

5. The cruise defines luxury

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The cruise culture in Singapore is very prevalent, and it will be a shame to call it just a cruise because they offer a brand new world in itself. What is it that you cannot find here? Absolutely nothing! From short cruise tours to the long ones, the luxury cruise ships in Singapore redefined what luxury is meant to be. The shining chandeliers, the singing choirs, the glass of wine to drool over while your cruise moves stealthily on the tranquil water of sea offering the skyline of the Singapore city. They even have their own shopping centres.

6. The infinity pool at Marina Bay

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Would you not like to swim in the infinity pool that defines the size of three standard size Olympic pools? That rests on the 57th floor on the top of one of the most luxurious edifices of the country. Ask me; I would die swimming in the pool for the rest of my life! The Marina Bay offers the exotic experience of the infinity pool which is the largest pool in the world and provides a panoramic view of the Singapore city. Marina Bay Sands is the 5-star luxury hotel which has more than 50 fine dine restaurants to enjoy a meal after you take a dip in the infinity pool. The hotel also has numerous stores to shop, and the service and luxury are impeccable.

Although, I didn’t get a chance to access the pool because it is only meant for the guest. But I did get a chance to visit the sky park observation deck by buying the separate ticket for the same!

7. On a food trail

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Owing to its diverse culture, the food and cuisine in Singapore are exquisite. Although non-vegetarian, especially the Chinese inspired dishes remain the forte of the country, there are several other local dishes that are to die for. When I say non-vegetarian don’t stop your imagination at chicken, mutton or beef or pork for that matter, they are just the beginners. You will find people here eating everything and anything. From dishes made of octopus, crocodile, pig’s brain, fish’s sperms and what not! Not that this is your choice here to survive. Singapore also have some nice Indian restaurants as well.

Although, the seafood remains the distinctive choice of the people which is also the speciality of Singapore. There are a number of mariscos to try here from Prawns, crabs, squids fishes and the octopus too!

Moreover, there are Hawker centres in Singapore that serve the delicious meals under $10 and is always jam-packed with the food lovers.

8. Explore the wildlife and nature parks

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Look beyond the shiny skyscrapers you will find Singapore greener and closer to nature as well. About 46% of the country is covered in the green vegetation which means it opens up the way for the wildlife lovers to spot the ferocious animals of the jungle. Singapore Zoo is the world’s best rainforest zoo which homes a variety of animals such as tigers, elephants, chipmunks, deer etc. But the wide range of animals and the rainforest isn’t the speciality of the place. It is the night safari where you get to explore the forest at night and the river safari in a small cruise that distinct the place from the usual.

You can also visit National Orchid Garden which is a part of Singapore Botanic Gardens. The intriguing fact about the garden is that it showcases the floras through four different season zones; summer, autumn, winter and spring. It is the largest spread of hybrid plants with over 1000 species with 2000 hybrids and shelters the first-ever Orchid plant in Singapore, Vanda Miss Joaquim.

9. The Nightlife experience is bizarre

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Singapore contributes three bars to the list of top 50 bars in Asia that ends the debate of Singapore being one of the best places to experience the nightlife. 28HKS, Manhattan bar, Operation Dagger are among the top 10 bars of Asia.

However, I got to visit the Trance lounge which was no less than a lavish place, full of brilliant lights and heart throbbing music till the wee hours. The variety of cocktails served here are sure to make your dead drunk and ambience to leave you speechless.

10. Sentosa Island is magical

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Ever wondered what a state of euphoria is like? Well, don't! Sentosa island is where you get all your answers. A luxury island resort which has something or the other to offer to everyone. There are a plethora of activities to do here from adventure activities to strolling on the beaches. Singapore's premier island getaway at a distance of 26 Km from Changi airport and houses an exciting array of attractions.

There are adventure parks such as Mega adventure park, Adventure cove park and Kidzania.

Just wait for the sun to set, and the whole island is brightened by the colourful lights and the vibrant lightning and water shows. Do not miss the crane dance and lake of dreams.

Honestly, it is impossible to visit all the must-visit on one single trip due to the lack of time or money or energy. However, here are the must-visits of the Singapore city, I tried to explore as much as I could because none of this is worth a miss!

11. Wander in the Merlion Park

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Yes, it is the famous Lion Statue of Singapore which officially signifies the country on the world map. MerLion is the combination of two words 'Mer' means sea and 'Lion'. The statue and the flowing water signifies the prosperity and wealth of Singapore. Sit on the stairs watching the Sea Lion, skyscrapers and smiling faces around you!

12. Ride the Singapore Flyer

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Similar to the London eye, Singapore Flyer is an observation wheel that offers the bird’s eye-view of the Singapore city. The elevation of the flyer is 165 m and the view just spectacular. Enjoy the joyful, tickling ride with the excellent views all around you.

13. The Artistic culture is everywhere

15 Reasons Why Should You Visit Singapore?-14 Talk about the architecture of the city, the ancient art forms, the museums or the exhilarating music festivals. Every kind of art is present to woo you. Singapore also hosts the variety of festivals such as Ultra music festivals, Art week, Singapore writers festival just to name a few.

14. Get lost in the Gardens by the bay

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Gardens By The Bay: Singapore's Garden Of Wonder, Spread across the area of 101 hectares, it is the nature park in Singapore known for its recreational activities, spectacular shows and the number of fun activities. Even a day isn’t enough to see the whole park. Moreover, the picture says it all!

15. Explore Chinatown, Little India & Arab City

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Chinatown is a beautiful replica of the Chinese culture that features the local streets, restaurants, the lanterns, hawker centres and shops that matches with that in China. Likewise, Little India and Arab city offer the man-made replica of the Indian and Arab cultures that makes you feel like you are just there somewhere in India or Arab. You can get glimpses of Arab Kampong Glam, where hand knitted Persian rugs, Arabic textiles and special Arabic Tea can be easily bought at good prices. The best time to visit this place is during the Chineses New Year when the market is embellished with red and golden hues; it is at that time when this place come to life.

There are myriad of reasons to visit, but you will never know what Singapore is until you go there and see for yourself. Singapore definitely accounts for a luxurious holiday destination, but the number of activities that it has to offer can easily woo a nature and tranquillity lover like me too! with Shoes on Loose, Singapore tour package experience the best of this magical city.

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