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Why Pushkar Fair is a heaven for 'Shutterbugs'?

It is the time when the sacred town of Pushkar will be draped in its most vibrant and bright colors. The Rajasthani culture will be at its best and your camera lens will witness Pushkar like never before as the Pushkar Camel Fair is just around the corner.

Being a regular visitor to the enthralling festival, this year is no different for me. All my bags are already packed and my camera is all geared up to be my travel partner to capture all the vibrant glimpses of the Pushkar Fair. Yes! I am a photo enthusiast and trust me, Pushkar Fair is definitely my Tomorrowland.

Based on my experience, here are a few reason's why Pushkar Fair is 'The' place for all the photographer's out there!

1. Unveil your talent - Participate in the photography competitions!

Why Pushkar Fair is a heaven for 'Shutterbugs'?-1 The whole fair is brimmed with various photography workshops and contests that will definitely induce you to travel straight to Pushkar to capture the glimpse of ‘largest camel fair in the world’. The first edition of ‘Frame the Fair’ organized by Rajasthan Tourism is on its way. You can definitely look forward to this contest to add another feather in your cap. Not only you get to click the great pictures (which is a treasure in itself) but, you have a got great chance to win exciting cash prizes, DSLR cameras, Camera accessories. Need I say more?

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2. The awe-gaping landscapes of sunrise and sunsets!

Why Pushkar Fair is a heaven for 'Shutterbugs'?-2 A day at Pushkar is packed up with the traditional Rajasthani crowd, the dressed up camels, horses and of course the beautiful handicrafts from the land of Rajasthan. But, as soon as the sun begins to set over Pushkar Lake, the desert town wears a whole new look and promises a great beauty of deserts. Yes! trek up to the Savitri Hill Top and watch the serene town of Pushkar change it's colors as the sun goes down. I assure the sunset from the Savitri Hill Top will definitely be one of the best sunset's your camera has ever captured. The hues of orange, yellow and blue still speak out loud from my camera!  

3. Capture the great dose of Indian culture!

Why Pushkar Fair is a heaven for 'Shutterbugs'?-3 I have seen people from around the globe going gaga over the great show of Indian traditions and a tint of Indian festivals that Pushkar fair presents to the world. But i myself did not realize this until i went to the fair. I had a notion like most of the other people that Pushkar Fair is mainly about the cattles and camels but i was clearly wrong. The fair is the display of the Indian culture in its purest form. Just then, I wanted to capture each corner of the Pushkar Fair in my camera frame. You can never witness India the way Pushkar lets you see and capturing this side of India is bliss in its own way!

4. No better place to witness such vibrancy of traditions!

Why Pushkar Fair is a heaven for 'Shutterbugs'?-4 The decked up camels, the great Rajasthani customs, the handicrafts, and the authentic Rajasthani Food you get it all! Pushkar Fair brings each element of the state of Rajasthan on one platform. All you have got to do is get the best of it and grab it all in your frames.

5. The beauty called 'Camels'

Why Pushkar Fair is a heaven for 'Shutterbugs'?-5 If nothing else, you have got to capture and take a photography tour of the Pushkar Fair for which it is originally known for- The Camels. The centuries-old practices of trading camels and the largest cattle fair of the world definitely deserves a huge space in your SD cards. The camel owners deck up their camels in a most beautiful way possible to participate in the various competitions held at Pushkar Fair. Their efforts are definitely going to buy you a huge stock of photos.

6. The breathtaking view from a hot air balloon

Why Pushkar Fair is a heaven for 'Shutterbugs'?-6 Then comes the breath-taking panoramic view from the Hot air balloon. The innumerous dots of colors of vibrant Pushkar Fair, the camels, the deserts,l the people are definitely a delight to see. The best shots of the Pushkar that you get to capture while floating in the sky will definitely satisfy the photographer in you!

7. Street photography at its best!

Why Pushkar Fair is a heaven for 'Shutterbugs'?-7 This time, make indigenous people and streets of Rajasthan your supermodels. Why? They have so many things to show off! The ladies dressed up in Rajasthani attire who will gladly stand up in the frame for you. The man boasting off their mustaches and well-tied turbans, the kids putting on their wide smiles. The decorated camels and the streets are so amusing that there is no end to get the best street photographs.  

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