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Why Maldives and Sri Lanka Go Together For A Perfect Island Vacation?


Srilanka, also known as the land of elephants is a place to explore for its pristine beaches and exquisite wildlife. There is a boom of culture of the island which is highly affected by Tamilians and Muslims. There is culture to experience, wildlife to explore, beaches to visit and food to savour. The country will keep you surprised all the time. On the other hand, Maldives will give you a peaceful and tranquil vacation on the beautiful coastline of the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka will tire you with its beauty and Maldives will revive you. Both the destinations come together to make the perfect island vacation in Asia.

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Convenient flights

The flight timings fro Sri Lanka to Maldives are very convenient. The travel time between the two scenic islands is just 1 hr and 25 minutes, hence within such a short time you will be teleported from the world of vividness to tranquillity.

No hassles of Visa

Sri Lankan visa is approved within 24-48 hours with a nominal fee. You need not provide a lot of official documents and go through the tiring process of visa procurement to visit this sister country. And, here’s the best part, travelling to Maldives do not require a visa for Indians, saving you from another tiring process.

Both being the SAARC countries also give another bunch of benefits to Indians.

Honeymoon? Family? Friend?

No matter if you are looking for a long honeymoon vacation or planning to go around with your family, or you need a fun-filled vacation with your friends. The combo of both serves all the purposes. In Sri Lanka, you can explore as much as you can because there is so much to see and in Maldives you can spend quality time with your loved ones.

The contrasting islands

There is a bit of contrast between the two island and they both come together to give you all that you would need for a perfect vacation. The wildlife in Sri Lanka, then the beauty of beaches in Maldives , the scenic train rides in Lanka and cruise tours in Maldives. The culture of Sri Lanka and luxury of Maldives. Have it all here in paradise!

Suggested Itinerary: Fly to Colombo in Sri Lanka From India. Then head to Kandy before going to Ella, then take a flight from Colombo to the Maldives and spend a laid back vacation on a luxurious resort with tons of adventure sports. This trip of 8-10 days is everything you need for a beach vacation.

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Sri Lanka- The coastal beauty of Asia

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How to reach?

Take a flight from your city to Colombo airport in Sri Lanka. Colombo International is the major airport of the country and well-connected with the major cities.

Why visit Sri Lanka

Beaches and Coastline

Why Maldives and Sri Lanka Go Together For A Perfect Island Vacation?-3 Sri Lanka is an island country surrounded by sea from all sides. Hence, there is a long coastline and lots of beaches. Sri Lanka is home to some of the most beautiful beaches of Asia. With golden shimmering and palm trees lined across the shoreline, they have all reasons to mesmerize its travellers.

Famous beaches of Sri Lanka: Arugamby beach, Hikkaduwa beach, Unawatuna beach, Bentota beach.

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Wildlife Excursion

Why Maldives and Sri Lanka Go Together For A Perfect Island Vacation?-4 Sri Lanka is the land of elephants. There are some of the most friendly and adorable elephants in the country. Elephant safari is a must in Sri Lanka and this is where you will find the elephant orphanage and elephant spa as well. Apart from this, Elephant, Leopard, Wild boar, Sperm Whale and Blue Whale are some of the exclusive wildlife of Sri Lanka.

Yala National Park is the best national park in Sri Lanka for wildlife excursion and trekking.

Blissful Train Rides

Why Maldives and Sri Lanka Go Together For A Perfect Island Vacation?-5 Sri Lankan railways proudly own the scenic beauty of the rail routes. Adorned by the natural beauty, green hills, tea plantations and brilliant bridges, you wouldn’t want to miss such a blend of modernisation and nature.

The train route from Kandy to Ella is highly recommended to experience the mountain beauty and the old charm of the railways of Sri Lanka.

Services are impeccable and your hygiene will not be comprised.

Tempting Sri Lankan cuisine

Why Maldives and Sri Lanka Go Together For A Perfect Island Vacation?-6 The food in Sri Lanka has taken inspiration from its colonies and neighbouring countries. It has been inspired by South Indian flavours, Dutch food and Indonesian cuisines. With the addition of fresh spices of the country, it pimps up the Lankan cuisine. Being an island country there is a huge variety of seafood to try in Sri Lanka.

Famous dishes of SriLanka are Fish Ambul Thiyal, Parripu, Chili Fish Curry, Polos (jackfruit curry), Kottu, Fried Salted Fish, Wambatu Moju.

Adventure packed

Why Maldives and Sri Lanka Go Together For A Perfect Island Vacation?-7 Sri Lanka is a hub for adventure sports. Owing to its huge coastline and beautiful corals, there are a number of water sport to try in Sri Lanka. Scuba diving and snorkelling are famous for the exploration of the underwater beauty. You can also for rafting in the white rivers of the country. On top of all, Sri Lanka is also famous for its hot balloon ride in Dambulla.

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After being surprised by the diversity of Sri Lanka, take a flight from Colombo to Maldives where you can rejuvenate and enjoy a relaxing beach vacation.

Maldives- the beach paradise

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How to reach?

The main airport of Maldives is Male airport. It is an international airport connected with the major cities of the world.

Luxurious resorts

Why Maldives and Sri Lanka Go Together For A Perfect Island Vacation?-9 Trust me there is no feeling in the world that can beat the happiness of waking on a beautiful resort, with sea and beach in front. If you want to take it to another level you can stay amidst the sea. Now, who doesn’t want that? Maldives is all about a laid-back vacation on the island with the luxuries of the resort, sunbathing on the beaches and the marvellous beauty of the sea life. It’s a perfect way to equalize all the travelling you have done around in Sri Lanka and put yourself in the lap of utter comfort.

Add more to that and you can go to the spa and massage resorts to relax your nerves and calm your mind and body. Your laid back vacation is fulfilled here.

Beach Life

Why Maldives and Sri Lanka Go Together For A Perfect Island Vacation?-10 Maldives is known for its scenic white sand beaches complemented with the crystal clear waters of the sea. Maldives is a group of 26 atolls which means you will get enough of coastal beauty on the island to explore. There isn’t much to visit in Maldives so you can spend your vacations discovering the offbeat places and beaches here.


Why Maldives and Sri Lanka Go Together For A Perfect Island Vacation?-11 How can you not expect a plethora of water activities in the country which is made of various islands? The underwater marine life is worth a watch and the colourful coral reefs will blow your mind. You can go for scuba diving and snorkelling on the island under the expert supervision. One of the most sought-after activities on the island is to go for island hopping. You can hop on a yacht, enjoy a boat party and cruise and travel from one island to another.

Delicious Seafood

Why Maldives and Sri Lanka Go Together For A Perfect Island Vacation?-12 I am sure the beach resorts will give you enough food to gulp down and be pleased completely. Maldives is very famous for its seafood recipes due to the long coastline of beaches. From prawns to crabs to Tuna fish, you can taste the delicious cuisines this paradise can offer. Try the famous Mas huni, shredded smoked fish with grated coconuts and onions. This is considered the most popular breakfast food in the country.

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