Why Is December The Best Time To Visit Bali?


Why Is December The Best Time To Visit Bali?-1

Winter is here and for those of you who didn’t get enough of tropical climate your time is here. With the weather taking a pleasant turn in Bali, it is your time to make the best of it on the island of Gods. From lush green rice fields to pretty coffee plantations, from numerous volcanoes to coral reefs and crater lakes from the rustic charm of village life to hiking up mountains, Bali will never disappoint you. Travel to this tropical paradise this December as it is the best time to visit Bali and explore its different avatars and make the most of your vacations. To ensure that you get the best of the island, here is a list of reason why December is the best time to visit Bali.

1. Take a plunge into the number of adventure sports

Why Is December The Best Time To Visit Bali?-2 Clean waters, a variety of exquisite fish and tanned people welcoming you at Bali’s hub for water sports- Nusa Dua. Activities like paragliding, kayaking, snorkeling will fulfill your basic criterion for water sports and a glass-bottom boat ride will enable you to look closely at the beautiful patterned fish in Bali’s waters. Moreover, the same glass-bottom boat will take you to a little Turtle Island wherein you will get to hold some not-so-light turtles, snakes, and even hawks! All this makes it one of the Bali’s most popular water sports.

2. A tour to Gili Islands

Why Is December The Best Time To Visit Bali?-3 Gili Islands located on the Northwest coast of Lombok in Indonesia, it is the group of three small islets Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air, each one of them extremely beautiful and tranquil in their very own way. The beauty of Gili Islands is carefully crafted and it has been very well kept alive by Indonesia which doesn’t fail to leave a mark on its tourists and travelers. Owing to its distant location from the main island, Gili is not that overcrowded and is visited by few who are looking for a peaceful, romantic and luxurious getaway. And to keep the romance intact, Gili islands offer the perfect blend of vintage charm along with the modern amenities. The distinctive feature of this island is that there are no motor vehicles on the island. The only means of transport is horse carts which are limited in number. You can make your stay at the beach resorts on the Gili meant for romantic couples and enjoy the nightlife as well.

3. From Christmas to New Year, enjoy the nightlife of Bali.

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Enjoy the streets full of nightclubs keeping the vibe of the party alive all throughout the night. The tranquility of the sea during the day and trance party during the night. Bali is one heck of a place to experience it all. Talking about the parties, the nightclubs and nightlife experience is very different from ordinary in Bali. The clubs serve the best of alcohol and sometimes the hard drugs too and the nightclubs are theme based on the bizarre atmosphere. Click here to check out the best party places in Bali.

4. Trek the Mt Batur Volcano for the splendid views

Why Is December The Best Time To Visit Bali?-5 Located at an elevation of 1717 m above the sea level, Mount Batur is a sacred mountain surrounded by a lake and other peaks to beautify the landscape. Moreover, it is a sacred mountain if Hindu traditions are to be believed which makes its way on everyone’s itinerary who is visiting Bali. The best suited time for the trek is early in the morning, possibly at 3-4 in the morning so that you can climb up just in time to witness the most spectacular sunrise ever. The mountain is surrounded by the pixie dust of clouds and the temperature takes a drop while the sun rises from behind the peaks leaving the hues of colors in the sky.

5. Rejuvenate at the local spas

Why Is December The Best Time To Visit Bali?-6 Bali is said to be the “chill-pill” nation because this destination has so many different kinds of spas to rejuvenate and calm every type of traveler. You can choose from a variety of spas like the couples’ spa, group spa or a spa for just yourself. Treat your body with some “me time”. Imagine what it must be like to be massaged on a cliff with the ocean’s sound at the background. Honestly, I don’t believe there can be anything more relaxing than this.

6. Take a dive to explore the underwater world

Why Is December The Best Time To Visit Bali?-7 Nowhere else in the world will you find diving like the one done in Bali. Done in the coral triangle, an area of the Pacific Ocean, you will encounter 76 percent of all the world’s known coral species and up to 2000 species of reef fish. It’s time to take out that gorgeous swimming costume and go for a diving hour, only and only in Bali. One of the best ways to explore it is on a liveaboard boat around the Raja Ampat Islands in the West Papua province.

7. Take a tour of the rice fields of Ubud

Why Is December The Best Time To Visit Bali?-8 As far as your eyes can see, stretches the rice fields of Ubud, which are also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The paddy fields are known for its terrace farming which locals not only see as their means of livelihood but they are also a landscape that tourists shouldn’t miss. The infinite green fields stretching across the vast span of land with the backdrop of the mountain ranges and volcanoes. Being one of the most visited places in Bali, one can take a cycle tour and as well enjoy strolling around in the paddy fields in Ubud.

8. Take a Dolphin tour on Lovina Beach

Why Is December The Best Time To Visit Bali?-9 Lovina is a very famous beach located in the north part of Bali. You can enjoy early morning dolphin show here and believe us, there is nothing that can be compared to the feeling of watching a school of dolphins together complimented by the most amazing sunrise. Just make it there at the break of the dawn, possibly at 5 in the morning to add the beauty of sunrise with the playful dolphins. Other than watching this mesmerizing view, you can also enjoy your breakfast at the beach while listening to live music.

9. Go shopping in Seminyak

Why Is December The Best Time To Visit Bali?-10 The Seminyak market is filled with shops and boutiques selling beautiful clothes and jewellery ALL over the island (yes, unlimited shopping) as well as workshops full of hand carved furniture. Go back home with tons of bags filled with Bali specials.

10. Off to Lembongan island for the adventure

How about starting your day with an amazing cruise in luxurious catamarans? Lembongan island is famous for its cruise which is approximately 25-30 minutes from Sanur beach. The island is very famous for its water sports. You can try snorkeling, scuba diving, sea walking and cave diving to explore the rich coral reefs of the Lembongan island. Moreover, you can treat yourself to the luxurious private Bali beach clubs featuring sandy beaches, garden hammocks and lagoon pools!

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