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Why Is Changi Airport Ranked As The Best Airport In The World For 7 Times in A Row?


Why Is Changi Airport Ranked As The Best Airport In The World For 7 Times in A Row?-1 Airports have no longer just remained a place of commute where you just catch your plane and get over it. There has been a recent trend of building an airport into a state-of-an-art experience. Airports have become a symbol of opulence and an attraction for the tourists who needs to have a good picture of the city before they go out and explore. They say, first impression is the last impression and that’s what these airports are doing by offering a wholesome experience.

Recently, China came up with its second busiest airport in Beijing which was built at a cost of $17 billion and has become a symbol of pride for China.

With the rankings like World’s best airport, countries and cities keep competing amongst themselves in the race of world’s best airport by providing world’s best facilities and interiors and lounges that will surely keep you happy.

One of the airports that is always in-news for its beauty and services is Changi airport. Changi Airport has been ranked as the world’s best airport many times. In 2019 it was named world’s best airport by Skytrax for the 7th consecutive year, first airport to have ever done that. It is located across a vast expanse and it has a ton of activities to enjoy and various shops to visit. There is a whole new world located inside the Changi Airport.

Let’s find out what is so special about this airport that it never fails to impress some beings.

Where is Changi Airport?

Why Is Changi Airport Ranked As The Best Airport In The World For 7 Times in A Row?-2

Changi Airport is the official International Airport of Singapore. It connects to all the major countries and cities of the world with its vast network of flights and connectivity all around the world. It is well connected with almost 400 cities in the world with 100 airline companies flying to and fro from the airport. It was the 19th busiest airport in the world in 2018 with an average passenger of 65 million.

Changi Airport is not just a connecting airport but it has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore. There are many activities to do at Changi airport and they have made customized itineraries to pass your time at the time of layover depending on how long your layover is. They have things to do for 2-3 hrs time to 5-6 hours time to make sure you don’t kill your time waiting for another flight.

Best marvels to see at the airport

Why Is Changi Airport Ranked As The Best Airport In The World For 7 Times in A Row?-3

**World’s tallest indoor waterfall**

You wouldn’t expect an indoor waterfall inside the airport. Not when you are at Changi airport. Changi Airport or it is also known as Changi Jewel airport as the world’s largest indoor waterfall. It is a 40-m high waterfall called as Rain Vortex. The waterfall is located in the vicinity of the forests and trees.

Shiseido Forest valley

Shiseido Forest valley aka Forest Valley is an area where you would thousand of trees sprouting inside the airport. If that’s not already a site for you, you can witness 900 varieties of trees and palms and upto 60,000 shrubs. This space gets the natural sunlight and the trees are preserved all around the year to give you spring any time of the year you are there.

The indoor park has multiple layers which are open for you as walking trails to take a stroll inside the valley. A walk to the topmost level where there is a canopy park and you can enjoy the spectacular view of the Forest Valley.

Canopy Park

This park is spread over an area of 14,000 sqm which is nothing less than a paradise for kids. The park is lush green with a variety of trees and shrubs. There are several play areas for the kids. There are discovery slides for the kids, foggy bowls which gives you an illusion of being amidst the clouds, petal garden and topiary walk where you can be around some marvelous sculptors.

Further, there is a hedge maze and mirror maze which is an absolute delight for the kids to play.

Changi experience studio

It is one of a kind digital studio located inside the Changi airport where you can learn about the aviation industry and working of an airport. It has various projection experiences and interactive games and immersive shows to make the best of your time while you are at the airport.

Best shops at Changi Airport

Why Is Changi Airport Ranked As The Best Airport In The World For 7 Times in A Row?-4 Duty free shopping is one of the guilty pleasures that we love to indulge in at the airport. And you will go crazy about shopping at Changi airport. There are about 170+ shops located inside the airport from fashion stores, accessory stores, liquor stores and souvenir shops.

There are stores of famous International brands such as Hugo, Kappa, Danniel Willington, Zara, Crocs, Marks and Spencer, Levi’s, Denizen, Mango, Uniqlo, Victoria secret, Puma, Nike and so many others that will catch your eye at the airport.

The shopping centre at Changi Airport is no less than a mall with big brands and big names glittering with lights and their offers. The best thing is that you will get these products at duty free cost which is much less than the price that you pay at the stores.

Duty free alcohol

Why Is Changi Airport Ranked As The Best Airport In The World For 7 Times in A Row?-5 One thing that we surely get from the airport is the alcohol for obvious reasons that you get it at a cheap price and it is probably the best gift you can give to someone who loves spirits. You can get the most expensive bottle of wine at dirt cheap rates. The featured brands that you can shop at Changi Airport are Johnnie Walker, Chivas, Hennessy, The Macallan, Concha Y Toro.

Dining at Changi Airport

Why Is Changi Airport Ranked As The Best Airport In The World For 7 Times in A Row?-6 One thing you can be sure of is that you will never run out of dining options at Changi Airport. There are about 115 dining places at Changi Airport from fast food chains such as Burger King, KFC to fine dining restaurants such as El Fuego, Paris Baguette.

You can find a lot of options of cafes, quick bites, fast food, coffee shops, dessert shops anything in the world that is on your taste buds right now.

Stay at Changi Airport

Why Is Changi Airport Ranked As The Best Airport In The World For 7 Times in A Row?-7 If you have a long layover and you are tired to go out you can take a rest at the airport. Yotelair at Changi Airport in a prominent hotel with all the basic amenities available to you right at your room service. There is gym, club lounge wifi. You can also choose cabin and spend your time at their luxurious lounge. This is a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate before you take your another flight.

Customised city tours

Why Is Changi Airport Ranked As The Best Airport In The World For 7 Times in A Row?-8 You can also find city tours to have a look at the Singapore city if you have enough time on your hand. The free, 2.5-hour City Sights Tour showcases modern Singapore and magnificent cityscapes including the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, and more.

The first stopover at Merlion Park gives you time to take some photos for a wonderful memento, while the second stopover at Gardens by the Bay lets you see the magical Supertrees against the glittering night sky.

Surely, with these services at hand, Changi is ought to be the best airport in the world.

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