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Why Gurgaon isn't as bad as they say

Why Gurgaon isn't as bad as they say

“Gurgaon is all sand and malls…..kya karoon inka?” Bhaskar's infamous comment trills through my ear every time anyone mentions Gurgaon. An unsafe place with its fair share of bad press, Gurgaon is no Delhi, but it does have a few places that need to be shown some love!

1. Freshly Brewed beer - Quite a lot of options with Howzzat, Vapour and Rockmans leading the charge. My personal favorite is Vapour. Good music and rooftop seating sets the mood for an unforgettable evening with your pitcher!                              

2. Psy Trance - What? Yes. There’s a darling ‘ahata’ that has a cult following. It goes by the name of  Route 69. The folks in-charge generally allow couple entry to ensure less of rowdiness. Thursday nights are the much anticipated Trance Nights, with the blaring music and trippy people. Beware (or indulge) in the drugs. Stay safe though.

3. Galleria Market - If you are looking to spend your time in a leisurely manner then head to the one laidback area in Gurgaon - Galleria Market. With hang outs like The Sakley’s Café, Crazy Noodles and Flip Bistro there is something for everyone. The Mind Café with its mind numbing collection of over 300 board games is the perfect spot for those of us who like to while their time away ‘wisely’.

4. Night Long Alcohol - -Every once in a while when the Junta is in the DON’T STOP THE PARTAYY mood, they all head here to restock the liquor. Just let the sane one drive. Ruckus on the road and otherwise never did anybody any good.

5. Midnight Run Club – Every weekend there is a group of us run 6-8 kilometers at night (with the PCR van - the police does help contrary to what we may believe!) followed by a nice drinking session (minus the PCR van!). The Gurgaon Midnight Run is a budding idea. Like it? Let me know. We’ll take you along.

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