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Why Do Foreigners Find India So Amusing?


Do you wonder sometimes why India amuses so many travellers from all around the world? I mean, there are tons of reasons to be crazy about India. But, we as Indians always see the majestic Himalayas, the beaches of the south, the desert of the Rajasthan as our area of interest and we go crazy after the landscapes. That’s where foreigners slightly go differently from us. Not that they are not breath taken by the natural beauty of our country, but there is something else that makes them go bananas.

If you go talk to a foreign tourist about India, you will completely be in agreement when they say, “Oh, I love the Himalayas”, “What a great beauty Manali is”, “Que Bueno Goa”, “J’aime Jaipur”, but when they suddenly start talking how they loved the narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk, and how much they enjoyed the clustered ghats of Varanasi, you suddenly start wondering if they are crazy. I wondered this all the time. So I started asking foreigners when I travel, what is that they love about India?

Why Do Foreigners Find India So Amusing?-1 And, you won’t believe, if it a was a guy from Australia, or the hippie from South America, the traveller from London or the girl from Turkey, they all had pretty much the same thing to say and you’d be surprised to know what drives them crazy. When I finally heard them, I fell only more in love with India.

I want you to know what I hear all the time about India and let you see India from a new perspective.

A lot of people do talk about religions, diversity, culture and hospitality of India, but few things go unheard of, the amusing things which travellers in India find amazing. Let me give you the glimpse of that.

This country is insane!

Why Do Foreigners Find India So Amusing?-2 Most of the people would start with this. “We are here for the chaos,” says Noah from Australia. “India is a chaos, but it is a beautiful chaos. Everything is so cool and quiet in my country. I hardly see people there. But here, it’s like there is always some show going here, no matter where you go. People are doing something or the other. Things that Indians hate about India, we come here to watch exactly that”.

Why Do Foreigners Find India So Amusing?-3

Indians do crazy things!

Why Do Foreigners Find India So Amusing?-4 Yeah, we do for sure. “I was surprised how cow here gets so much attention”. Said, Aurora from Italy. “More than I have got all my life”. If I see a cow on the road, we think, oh, that’s our food crossing the road. But, here you guys pray that animal. It’s weird and crazy but I love how it is".

I didn’t know I could cross the road just by waiving at the driver behind the wheels. But, here it’s like telepathy and the other person would understand everything -“dude, I go first, stop”- “Roger that, go”.

“ I just saw the man in orange robes, smoking up, getting free food, sleeping, and then to chill it off, taking a dip in the Ganges. I am jealous, I would die for a life like that.”

Why Do Foreigners Find India So Amusing?-5 “You would take a dip in the Ganges in Varanasi, the water is dirty, but you get so happy after that dip. I had to try it, so I jumped in the water and there is something about it, I felt better. Even better as I saw the sunset”.

“I learnt the word ‘Jugaad’ here, and I am taking it back. Indians have crazy superpowers to repair the things, you can make use of anything. No wonder so many engineers come from India.”

Why Do Foreigners Find India So Amusing?-6 “I asked my auto-rickshaw driver if I could drive it, he gave it up to me, sat at the back and gave me instructions while I drove. That’s the kind of laid-back attitude I want in my life”.

“I walked out of the local train in Mumbai, saw a lot of crowd. I thought that’s India so I move with it. And in no time I realise I am part of the protest and there is some police involved. I freaked out, but can’t complain. Anything can happen here.”

“A walk down the street is so entertaining, forget about nature’s beauty, I could come to India just to see the daily life. It is so colourful and vibrant”

What do we wear?

Why Do Foreigners Find India So Amusing?-7 Andrew from Europe pointed out by saying “In my country, you would find everyone wearing the T-shirt and pants, these plain clothes all the time. All over Europe for that matter. But look here, there’s a woman in a cloth that drapes her body 10 times, a man with orange clothes with nothing on top, those white skirts people wear down in South, and a man with big orange paint on his forehead and women with a red dot on her forehead. I don’t even understand half the attire here but look around you guys are so colourful and different and simply blows my mind. Just stand and observe."

Yeah, he talked about saree, the babas with orange robes, lungi, bindi and it took us a while to tell him the story behind it.

The traffic here is like a Broadway show!

Why Do Foreigners Find India So Amusing?-8 The traffic might piss you off in India, but Tim from Austria tells me “I could just sit here and watch the traffic for hours. I mean, do you see people driving here. In our country, you just gotta watch straight, the traffic lights. It doesn’t work like that here, you gotta watch right, left, and stop for the guy crossing the road while the light is green. You gotta give respect to the cow and let it pass. A cow could literally stop the traffic for hours and people would wait for it. Such love for animals. If an Indian go out and drive in my country, he could do it while making his coffee, maybe make his breakfast while driving and he still wouldn’t hit someone. You people survive a battle every day. That’s how great Indian drivers are!”

Is there anything you can’t agree on. I couldn’t agree more and laugh!

Elephants make us so happy!

Why Do Foreigners Find India So Amusing?-9 If you see an elephant you wouldn’t go as crazy as the foreigners. For you, it might just be wildlife moment but for them, it’s like they have seen something out of this world. It’s their rarest chance to witness the largest mammal on the planet and it’s no common business for them. Reasons are simple, elephants are found in very few places on earth and India, as it is called the ‘land of elephants’ gives them a chance to watch it.

A lot of people also think they would find people commuting on elephants and they would find them roaming on the roads. They are left disappointed when they hit the reality.

Indian weddings are greater than life event

Why Do Foreigners Find India So Amusing?-10 “If you once attend an Indian wedding and fall in love with it, you can’t go back to like the Catholic wedding”. Quoted Aura Li from France who has recently attended an Indian wedding of friend’s sister she met on her trip. You literally feel like a star at the wedding, everything is so glamorous and everything is so happy. There is no end to dancing and the rituals. I would die for an event like that”.

Well, we do have weddings that can put the greatest celebrations in shame, and it’s not a one-day event but when the celebration goes for three to four days, there is no way you don’t fall in love with India.

Why Do Foreigners Find India So Amusing?-11

Food, that goes without saying, is a heavenly meal

Why Do Foreigners Find India So Amusing?-12 “I literally die when I eat the Indian food, it’s so spicy. But, I can’t stop eating because it’s so good. Few acidic tablets won’t hurt that much I guess.”. Says Andreas from London who turned vegetarian after coming to India. “I have eaten meat all my life and here I have this spicy panner and I want to forget all the meat in my life. I am so much in love with Indian food and it’s undoubtedly one of the best cuisines all around the world. Don’t get me started on the variety of food and desserts, they are mind-blowing. I have no idea how I am gonna cope up with not getting to eat Indian food in the UK”.

There is so much more I heard more like how warm and hospitable Indians are, how beautiful the country, how they love the festivals here but that I am sure you hear all the time. Next time you meet a foreigner, make sure you sit and have a good conversation about the things he loves about India. You will have a good time!
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