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Where To Eat In Colombo: Our 10 Go To Favourite Places


Beautiful natural landscape, unblemished enchanting shorelines, well disposed local people and delicious tempting food, there are such a large number of explanations behind Sri Lankan tourism to be very scored according to universal explorers. Sri Lanka is one such total traveller goal, which offers interesting sights and enticing food options. Sri Lankan cuisine is like South Indian nourishment, yet it has its own specific unmistakable taste and flavours that can't be ignored.

We understand that being a food lover, you are always watchful for new places to experiment with. Here we 're uncovering to you a splendid once-over of 10 extraordinary restaurants from Colombo, where you can benefit as much as possible from your food at unimaginable costs.

1. Cafe Beverly

Where To Eat In Colombo: Our 10 Go To Favourite Places-1 Bistro Beverly has a broad menu that highlights Thai, Indian and Continental cooking. They additionally serve scrumptious treats and a scope of espressos. The bistro is likewise furnished with a juice bar, so make a trip for a generous supper or essentially get it conveyed. Served with a portion of gravy and crunchy onions, the food from Cafe Beverly will offer nothing less than the absolute satisfaction of your cravings!

2. Zaza

Where To Eat In Colombo: Our 10 Go To Favourite Places-2 Tucked away in a great glass chamber, Zaza is a consolidated bar, bistro and eatery which offers something for everybody through its consistently evolving menu. In the daytime Zaza offers the best of Ceylon tea, consolidating the deep-rooted kinds of Sri Lanka's tea culture with some cutting-edge bends, and making Tea mocktails. During the evening time, Zaza becomes animated as one of Colombo's best bars, and the glass 3D square is lit up as gathering goers dive on the exceedingly acclaimed 'Uber Bar Lounge'.

3. Curry Leaf

Where To Eat In Colombo: Our 10 Go To Favourite Places-3 Flavoured and appetizing are how you’d describe their dishes after devouring it. Known as one of Colombo's most selective restaurants, Curry Leaf raises Sri Lankan food to new gastronomic statuses and is the best place to encounter the culinary capability of the convention admission of this island country. Dishes, for example, String Hoppers, Hoppers, Pittu and Kottu Rotti are changed into refined bits of traditional gastronomy, while the casual outdoors vibe gives guests a chance to watch the cooking methods for themselves.

4. The Ginger Cafe

Where To Eat In Colombo: Our 10 Go To Favourite Places-4 Ginger Kafe is the most recent expansion of Colombo's rising, popular culinary scene and has turned out to be one of the hippest home base spots in the city. With its cutting-edge stylistic layout and modern atmosphere, guests get the chance to appreciate a portion of the best espressos teas in the city nearby brilliant combination dishes by the big name gourmet expert Koluu. The particular menu gives a scope of real flavours utilizing all around adjusted flavours, and every one of the dishes is flawlessly displayed. Wash down the rich curries with a cool drink and watch the group cruise by.

5. Palmyrah

Where To Eat In Colombo: Our 10 Go To Favourite Places-5 Palmyrah has picked up a notoriety for serving exceptional Sri Lankan and Jaffna dishes. Situated in the lofty Renuka Hotel, this eatery serves probably the most valid cooking in the zone, in an advanced setting. The brilliant eatery guarantees a noteworthy visit and the adroit gourmet experts are in charge of flawlessly seasoned crab curries, drain containers, and other nearby pleasures. Furthermore, the menu includes a scope of universal dishes should you need a Western fundamental or treat. Palmyrah keeps on serving up uncommon dishes in a beguiling climate, and the greater part of this at sensible costs.

6. Shanmugas

Where To Eat In Colombo: Our 10 Go To Favourite Places-6 Regardless of whether you are low maintenance or full-time vegan, we promise you won't have the capacity to prevent your mouth from watering when taking in the stunning aromas of Shanmugas. Built up in 1998, it is one of the most seasoned and most well-known veggie lover of Indian eateries in Colombo. It consolidates brilliant administration with exceptional dishes. The menu is commanded by Northern and Southern Indian impacts and an extensive piece of the clients are regulars in correspondence with the eatery's inviting environment. Flavors have a tendency to be on the fiery side, yet don't give that alarm you a chance to off: Shanmugas has a remark for everybody and the enchanting staff is cheerful to oblige any desires.

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7. Dunhinda

Where To Eat In Colombo: Our 10 Go To Favourite Places-7 Dunhinda, one of the city's ideal and most unassuming veggie lover eateries. Going through its entryway, guests end up in a lotus plant loaded with natural hovels which offers a really charming setting. Resembling a road sustenance slow down, guests will be amazed by the very much adjusted flavours and an assortment of dishes on offer. From home influenced papadum to curry and organic products, Dunhinda offers healthy and solid alternatives. Despite the fact that it is difficult to discover, Dunhinda is justified regardless of the outing.

8. Milk And Honey

Where To Eat In Colombo: Our 10 Go To Favourite Places-8 Offering all things healthy, Milk & Honey has been a raving success in Colombo. It offers an impressive menu featuring sandwiches, wraps, smoothies, cakes and brownies. With its garden-like atmosphere, this cafe and restaurant is ideal for a light lunch or a reunion with friends and offers a welcome respite from the noise and bustle of the city centre. This restaurant is known for using honey rather than extensive amounts of sugar, resulting in healthier desserts.

9. Sri Suryas

Where To Eat In Colombo: Our 10 Go To Favourite Places-9 Sri Suyas offers everything from dosas and vadas to different bites and serves dishes principally motivated by South Indian cooking which are viewed as a portion of the best in Colombo. With the administration on point, sensible costs and all around prepared sustenance, there's not really anything to detest about Sri Suryas. With its honest setting, it keeps on respecting a constant flow of guests, enchanting them with some really interesting flavours.

10. Yue Chuan

Where To Eat In Colombo: Our 10 Go To Favourite Places-10 Yue Chuan has a place with the high-class Kingsbury lodging and its exceptional menu is contained Cantonese and additionally, Szechuan fortes served close by some Sri Lankan and Chinese combination dishes. The glass-fronted kitchen enables guests to watch the skilful cooks as they set up the dishes. The cutting-edge stylistic layout consolidates contemporary plans with conventional Chinese components, bringing about a complex setting.

Those are our 10 go-to where spots to eat in Colombo. A blend of snappy and basic eateries and cafes you would love to go, through to extravagant runches and Sri Lankan flavours taking care of business. We trust this helps when you're choosing where to eat in Colombo Sri Lanka.

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