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What To Expect On Your First Cruise Vacation


Cruising is a great way to travel around the world and to explore myriads of places while enjoying the luxurious and comfortable journey. The 13-14 storey ships are no less than a floating city with all modern facilities and extra onboard experiences to keep you entertained. From romantic dinners in a revolving dome to indoor skydiving with a virtual headset, the cruise liners leave no stone unturned to provide you a lavish vacation. Here’s a list of things that you can expect from your first cruise vacation.

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1. The world is your oyster!

What To Expect On Your First Cruise Vacation-2 No two cruise holidays are the same. With two-thirds of the globe covered by water, there are many places to travel and to explore and any two cruises hardly follow the same route and even if they do, the onboard experience would definitely going to be unique.

You must have seen gigantic cruise liners in the movies, they still exist and nowadays they provide unforgettably ultramodern and lavish experience, but the trend is shifting towards other cruises as well, at present the river cruises, and small expedition cruises are gaining popularity. They are smaller and carry a small group to provide an intimate and personalized experience.

2. Goodbye to your passport

What To Expect On Your First Cruise Vacation-3 The first thing you do on a cruise is to hand over your passport to the officials. In exchange, you’ll be given a cabin key or a card that will act as your ID in the ship for the bar and the shops. Some Modern ships have started giving out E-wristbands that are waterproof, and you can wear them all day which makes them harder to be misplaced. Even when you go out of the ship for an excursion, you are not required to carry out your passport. This sounds a bit odd, but the freedom of not having to carry, or of not losing the passport on foreign land is a stress relief for the tourists.

3. Onboard entertainment

What To Expect On Your First Cruise Vacation-4 The cruises pack just the right amount of activities through the day to keep you entertained. Every cruise liner has exclusive entertainment offerings. From huge theatres and celebrity chef-designed restaurants to bungee jumping trampoline and go-cart racing tracks, there’s no limit. You’ll find many like-minded people participating in various activities and you may make a lot of friends. On big ships, you may find more things to do like surfing stimulator, diving, and rock climbing. Other activities include cookery classes, talent shows or date nights.

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4. The real sea monster- Sea Sickness!

What To Expect On Your First Cruise Vacation-5 “If it was not for sea-sickness, the whole world would be sailors” Seasickness is a concern for many tourists, but considering the large size of the ships, it’s hardly a concern nowadays. Even if you feel dizzy, proper medication and physicians are present to take care of you. You can also sail in places like the Mediterranean, where the waters are calmer, you can even go for a river cruise, which is short and the problem of motion sickness won’t arise.

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5. The entire trip is hassle-free and prepaid

What To Expect On Your First Cruise Vacation-6 On a cruise tour generally, all expenses are covered unless you choose otherwise. The food and accommodation are included in the tickets with loads of entertaining and fun onboard activities being complimentary. If you’re on a strict budget, you can plan ahead and choose a cruise that suits you and get great value for money.

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6. On land excursions

What To Expect On Your First Cruise Vacation-7 The ships usually sail at night and arrive at a new port every morning, that gives you a whole day to explore the port city and getting back on board in the evening before the ship sails again. Coming back to the same room every night and escaping the burden of packing and unpacking at every new destination is the key attraction of cruising. At every port you’ll be provided a list of top attractions that may include popular sights and shopping markets, you can go on a tour with the cruise guides or you can go alone and explore the town on your own, but you have to make sure to get back on time. Given tides and schedules, the ship cannot really wait.

7. Myriads of dining options

What To Expect On Your First Cruise Vacation-8 Food and fine dining are of great importance to the cruising culture and considering the boredom that may set in after a week onboard, the cruises have multiple dining venues varying from breakfast bars and buffets to fine dining restaurants. Some cruise liners even go a notch higher! There are cruises that have revolving restaurants with 360-degree sea view. The dining options are amazing as well. You get multiple cuisine options every single day at no extra cost that includes the Mediterranean, Asian, Indian, Western and many more!

8. Journey as beautiful as the destination

What To Expect On Your First Cruise Vacation-9 Touring to multiple destinations under the same itinerary may come with a lot of traveling including long flight hauls and tedious journey, but while cruising, the journey in itself is as beautiful as the destination! And even while you’ll be traveling from one port to the other, you’ll still be thoroughly enjoying the environment that a cruise creates. With loads of activities and onboard facilities, you’ll be entertained throughout the journey.

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