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What to do in Manali?


Just as Manali can be experienced through the eternal beauty of places, it can as well be experienced through a number of activities that you can do around. Don't stop at just touring around the places, gain experience while you are young and full of life. Here are few activities that you can do in Manali that promises the best that you can get from his Himachal beauty.

Paragliding in Solang Valley

What to do in Manali?-1 Just 14 km away from Manali, Solang Valley is the hub of adventure sports where tons of tourists and adventure enthusiasts go to experience the beauty as well as the adventure that you can get here. Paragliding remains the most famous among them. As you take a flight from whooping 8,135 ft you witness the birds-eye view of the enchanting valley and the mighty Pir Panjal ranges draped in snow. The best time to go for the paragliding is in the month of May and June when the valley appears to be lush green. In the month of October- January, it looks surreal when it appears pearl white, covered in snow. It remains closed during monsoon.

Cost: Rs 600-1500 (depending on the duration of flight)

Camping on the banks of Beas

What to do in Manali?-2 Skip the luxuries, come out of your five-star hotels to stay in the camps of river Beas. You can choose from classic to the premium quality of tents to stay on the campsite. Explore the surroundings in the day and at night as the bonfire is lit and delicious food is served, you will never want to go back from the place.

Cost: Starting at Rs 800

Rafting in Beas River

What to do in Manali?-3 Raft down your way in the fierce Beas river in Manali. The stretch of 14 km that takes you through the beautiful valley surrounded by the hills of pine and deodar. The rafting begins from Pirdi which is located 4 km away from Kullu and ends at Jhiri. The best time to go for rafting is in the month of April-June where you can take a dive in the Beas river to beat the heat of scorching summers. You can also choose a longer stretch of 20 km from Manaki to Jhiri of you are up for that kind of adventure or strength.Rafting isn't available during the monsoon season and resumes again at the beginning of the winter season.

Cost: Rs 500- 1000.

Timings: 10 AM- 5 PM


What to do in Manali?-4 Winter is definitely the jingle time of the year for Manali where every year a number of toursits arrive to experience the chilly season and the snow covered hills and valleys which paves a way for a number of adventure sports. Skiing is one of the famous winter sports that everyone loves to enjoy during the fall. You can visit Solang Valley where the slopes and steeps and low and extremely safe even for the beginners to go ahead and have their adrenaline pumped up. The snowfall begins to cover the Solang valley in the month of December and you can enjoy skiing till late February.

Cost: 300 per person for an hour

Tip: Get your medical conditions check before you go and wear good and comfortable shoes.


What to do in Manali?-5 Manali is the base point for a number of treks that you takes you to the high altitudes of Pir Panjal ranges. From the easy graded to medium graded to high graded there are treks for everybody and every kind. Jogini falls is the easiest trek and recommend for the beginners in Manali. It is a day trek of 3-4 hours that begins from Vashitith village known for its hot water springs. For other moderate and difficult treks, there is Hampta pass and Bhrigu Lake trek that begins from places around Manali and are suitable for experienced trekkers. The most difficult one include Pir Panjal trek.

Hot water springs in Vashisth

What to do in Manali?-6 A small hamlet of Vashisht which is located few km away from Manali is known for its famous Vashisht temple and the hot water springs where you can seek blessings from the sacred temple and then enjoy a rejuvenating bath in the hot water springs. The sulfur springs are considered extremely healthy for the nerves and body which also carries medicational properties that can cure several diseases.

Timings- 7 AM- 10 PM

Cost: Free

Ropeway in Solang Valley

What to do in Manali?-7 To reach the highest point of Solang Valley you can trek or choose to go there by a ropeway ride which is extremely fun and enjoyed by people of all ages. You can take the ropeway if you are planning to do paragliding in Solang Valley but you can simply enjoy this fun-filled ride to enjoy the panoramic views of the Solang Valley and the mountains in the backdrop.

A helicopter ride is also available in Solang Valley at the cost of Rs 2200 per person.

Timings: 9:30 AM- 6:30 PM

Cost: 500

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