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The Spanish Bucket List:12 best things you can do in Spain


Among the most beautiful countries in Europe and in the world, there is one name we can’t miss! A small country of the European Union which has become the tourist’s favourite. And, it truly has given a lot of reasons to love this place unconditionally. We are talking about the country which is synonyms to beer, wine, bulls, football and architecture. How could one would not be attracted to such a vast diversity of culture and traditions.

Spain, a country located in the west coast of the Europe, precisely in Iberian peninsula. It is a cluster of 17 autonomous regions and each one is so different and vast in its culture and geography that a lifetime would fall short to see what Spain really is!

What’s there to see?

The Spanish Bucket List:12 best things you can do in Spain-1

Spain is an eclectic mix of modern cities, ancient hamlets, the coastal towns and the architectural beauty. You would find something or the other in every corner of the country. You would find wonderful little places with impeccable architecture in some corners of the city and the other time you can totally expect the Spaniards drinking and partying during the day. You would see a lot of beer drinking here because for Spaniards beer isn't even an alcoholic drink! The number of unique things you can witness in Spain is infinite. If you making looking forward to see the best Spanish things then take a good look at this list!

Let’s talk about the things you can do in Spain.

1. Bullfight for the one-time experience!

Regional and confined to Spain, bullfight or Toreo as it is known in Spanish, is one of the most popular sports in Spain. San Fermin is the official bullfight festival of Spain where people from all around the country participate. It is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous sports, but that doesn’t stop the Spaniards not to take the risk. It is a festival where people run ahead of bulls and hope they won’t be hit by a bull. Of course, there is too much violence and people getting hurt and even dying but this is one festival which shows the spirit and culture of Spain and the country seems to be obsessed with it.

2. Visit the city made heavenly by Gaudi!

The Spanish Bucket List:12 best things you can do in Spain-2 Antonio Gaudi is the God and creator of Barcelona. He is behind the most beautiful architectural pieces of the city. Gaudi was known for his vivid and modern architecture. He had the passion to blend nature and modern art and that’s what you are gonna witness all around the city. The two most famous creations of the artist are Parc Guell and Sagrada Familia.

Parc Guell is a huge park with vivid modern architecture which includes buildings, houses, complex and huge space to take a stroll. The best thing about Barcelona is that you can roam around the city and you would surely spot something amusing to watch probably designed by Gaudi. It is rightly said that Gaudi has pumped life in the city.

3. You cannot miss the football match!

The Spanish Bucket List:12 best things you can do in Spain-3 No Football fan wants ever to miss this chance of being in Spain and watching the sport which runs in the blood of this country. The home country of the two biggest football clubs in the world. You would be lucky if you get to watch the legendary Barcelona vs Real Madrid. People are crazy about the sport here and would make you crazy too if you are around. Spain is the home to one of the world's largest football stadium, Camp Nou, located in Barcelona.

4. Forget water, drink beer.

The Spanish Bucket List:12 best things you can do in Spain-4 Spain is where you can get beer cheaper than water. There is no fooling around about this! Spain has a huge variety of the beer and is home to the few of the world’s best beers. You would find breweries fermenting fresh beer in every corner of the country. And there are such vast varieties of beer that you can find nowhere but in Spain. Few of the beers that you must chug in are Inedit, Estrella Galicia, Mahou Maestra etc. You can find a beer at price as low as less than a Euro so there are chances that you would want to drink beer instead of water whenever you are thirsty.

5. The Spanish Vino is too damn delicious!

The Spanish Bucket List:12 best things you can do in Spain-5 Spain is also known for its variety of wines and you would want to try all of it. Wine is again very cheap in Spain and you can get drunk at no money at all. There is a culture of open bars in Spain which are open bars located alongside the streets serving a variety of wines and beers. Campo de Borja, Maturana Tinta, Altos de Lanzaga etc are few names to take in Spain when talking about wines!

Amazing fact: Lately, Spain has become the first country to introduce blue wine giving you one more amazing drink to gulp down the throat.

5. Flamenco, the dance that country holds in!

The Spanish Bucket List:12 best things you can do in Spain-6 Remember the dance made famous by the famous Bollywood song 'Senorita'?Would you miss the chance to watch it live in front of your eyes? Originated in the Andalucia region of Spain, Flamenco is the traditional dance form of Spain. It includes the amalgamation of singing, playing guitar and feet movement. It is one of the most famous art forms in the country. If you are lucky you can even witness a flamenco performance at some plaza else, you can always go to a theatre or show to watch this energetic dance style.

6. You are in Picasso’s land.

The Spanish Bucket List:12 best things you can do in Spain-7 Spain has given two of the epic painters that this world has seen! The birthplace of the legendary Pablo Picasso who changed the scenario of the modern art. If you are an art lover you would do anything to watch the masterpieces coming straight from the brushes of Picasso. There is one whole museum dedicated to the art works of the Pablo Picasso and people from all around the world gather to have a look at the marvels of the legend. The Reina Sofia museum in Madrid is where you must go if you fancy art and if you don’t, you must go there to witness what made Picasso so legendary in his field!

'The museum of Prado' is known for hoarding the paintings of the famous Francisco Goya who has many paintings from the civil war of Spain! He is another name in the world of art that is worshipped by the art lovers.

The museum culture is quite prominent in Spain and a trip to Spain can't be complete without witnessing the art!

7. Be a part of La Tomatina

The Spanish Bucket List:12 best things you can do in Spain-8 Correct me if I am wrong, it is somewhere hidden in every Indian’s bucket list to visit Spain and be a part of La Tomatina after watching Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. The festival which is played with tomatoes and brings the crazy Spanish people together. La Tomatina is quite similar to Holi in India just that it is exclusively played with tomatoes. It is celebrated on 28 August every year in the Valencian town of Bunol. If you are around the country during this time you should definitely mark yourself here. And, there is no harm in planning a trip around the festival to get your bucket list wish off the hook.

8. More to architecture than Gaudi

The Spanish Bucket List:12 best things you can do in Spain-9 Gaudi is one name in Spain which is synonyms to architecture in the country. But, Spain has such a vast and beautiful history which has given some of its most beautiful edifices. Starting from Madrid, you can head to the Royal Palace of Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado. The plaza-culture is very famous in Madrid, and you should visit the Plaza Mayor and Plaza Sol in Madrid. Spain has been ruled by Muslims for a very long time giving them some of the Arabs marvels as well. The most beautiful amongst them is the La Alhambra in Granada. The most incredible of them all is the La Mezquita in Cordoba city which was primarily a mosque but was turned into thechurch as the Spanish rulers took over Spain from Arabs. The blend of mosque architecture for a church is simply incredible. You can also see La Giralda in Seville, another masterpiece from Arabs.

9. The cruise party in Ibiza will make crazy look small!

The Spanish Bucket List:12 best things you can do in Spain-10 Ibiza is known all around the world for its crazy party scenes. The luxurious island with the beautiful coasts and sea and to top it all the party culture of the beach town compensate for everything. Ibiza is known for its cruise parties with all sorts of hard and light stuff that you can need to enjoy the party. These parties have people from all around the world who are looking forward to let go off their stress and live few moments without thinking what’s happening outside this party. Ibiza tops the list of favourite destinations when it comes to party. That’s not it, because Ibiza also has beautiful and serene beaches and luxurious beach resorts where you can enjoy the peace as well.

10. The divine Tapas, Paellas and Churros!

The Spanish Bucket List:12 best things you can do in Spain-11 You can’t leave the country without trying what Spanish people cook best. Paella is one of the most popular dish in Spain that is exclusive to Spain. It is eggs prepared with potato and somehow tastes very delicious. Tapas and Churros have reached other parts of the world, thanks to globalization. But, can anything beat the original? These three dishes are must try in Spain and rest you can have anything you want because Spanish food is terrific any day!

12. People are crazy for clubbing here, you should get too!

The Spanish Bucket List:12 best things you can do in Spain-12 Spaniards party like no other, they party crazy like it's their last day. That is something that you should bring back from the country. No matter if you like to party or not, Spain will make you fall in love. When they say the party never stops in Spain, there is no kidding here. The party begins from the evening with parades on streets taking names of the best parties in town. Most clubs open will sun comes up. And, if you still have energy left for the after party there are clubs that open early morning. You can literally party as long as you want to because you will always find a place to party here!

Once you visit Spain, you will fall in love with the country and even more with the people. Spaniards are the coolest people around the globe, they take pride in their culture and they are the best storytellers.

So when you are Spain, go by the rule of "No Siesta, Only Fiesta" which means no sleep only party. And, live by it.

Spaniards party a lot, they have fun, they enjoy their lives and live to the fullest. That's what you would get to do all the time when you are Spain!

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