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Venice- Where The Streets Turn Streams

This was my first opportunity to visit a European city and nothing could have been better than the beautiful city of Venice.

I started off my journey at 7.30 on Friday evening and changed two trains, At Ancona station, I decided to open the beer can that I had in my bag, while I was drinking it quite lavishly sitting in the station waiting room, two policemen came and asked me for my passport. At that moment, I felt ki “Sachin aaj to tu gaya bhai, shayad station pe beer peeni allowed nahi hoti hogi“, but they just took my passport and called somewhere, probably the international office, and returned it after confirming all the details.

Venice- Where The Streets Turn Streams-1 Finally, I reached Venezia at 7 in the morning while others arrived around 9 and I had someone to speak Hindi with after a long time. Considering the fact that accommodation for the night was going to be very expensive, we decided to abandon the idea and started our journey in Venice. The grand canal that you see right in front of the station and two beautiful churches nearby told us what magnificence we should expect to see further. Our first stop was at some museo di scienzo naturaleor, something similar, where we saw some dinosaur skeletons made out of bones that were brought from the Sahara desert. We visited a few more museums while walking towards the PIAZZA SAN MARCO, the center of attraction in Venice. On our way, we saw the bridge of Rialto. It is said that if a couple kisses under this bridge, they stay together for life, an extremely romantic place to be at, albeit with a bunch of guys. Finally, we reached our destination, PIAZZA SAN MARCO. One is bound to appreciate the grandeur of the place, basilica of San Marco on one side, the sea on the other, a 150 m high clock tower in the middle and palaces and museums on the other two sides. After visiting the museums where we saw some maps and globes of 14th century and the palace with all the ceilings carved with magnificent paintings, the fireplaces sculpted with lions and Christian symbols. The feel of the place was great. Finally, we saw the prisons inside the palace itself and also the bridge of sighs, which is named so because that was the bridge which was visible from the last window from where the prisoners could see beautiful Venice before spending all their life in prisons. Inside the prisons, I also saw all graffiti made by the prisoners, some of them had made cathedrals, others made pictures of nude women and various other stuff.

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We decided to discover the pleasure of being in a ferry and bought the ferry passes which were valid for 24 hrs. The first ride was bound to be wonderful because we stood on the deck with cool winds against our face mixed with droplets of seawater at times. We simply climbed any ferry and went to some arbitrary places only to come back to the piazza again in the evening. All of us were hungry like anything, but considering the cost of having a decent dinner and the fact that we were just students, dinner at a restaurant was ruled out. Finally after searching for sometime, we found a Chinese restaurant where we had our dinner by paying just 4.5 euros per head. The night was even more wonderful with some performances on the piazza for inauguration of a new tower there and with the discovery that there was free wine available for all. Finally came the question of where to sleep. We went to the railway station hoping to sleep in the waiting room only to find the station closed till early morning, so I ended up sleeping on the cold floor outside the station (an experience that I’ll remember all my life). In the morning, we visited some island museums which were quite boring so we went back to the piazza to go to the top of clock tower from where we had a bird’s eye view of the whole city and applauded its magnificence. Finally we went to the BASILLICA OF SAN MARCO, which was our last spot as well as the most beautiful one with gold plated roof and a grand church beneath it.

Thus ended our wonderful trip to VENICE.

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