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Unbelievable Travel Tale of Three Mothers Who Covered 17 countries in 95 Days


Unbelievable Travel Tale of Three Mothers Who Covered 17 countries in 95 Days-1 Breaking the stereotypes that women must stay at homes after marriage, these three incredible women did something that is a true inspiration for all the women out there who underestimate themselves.

Here is a story of three mothers who drove to London from New Delhi, covering 23,700 Kms, crossing 17 countries in just 95 days. Now, they are the coolest moms ever.

Their journey wasn't just to travel to different parts of the world but to create awareness as well.

Their journey started with an organization. Women Beyond Boundaries. WBB is an organization that offers extreme overland journeys that push boundaries both within & outside to achieve empowerment through mobility. WBB signifies the ‘mobility of women’ via extreme over landing globally.

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Unbelievable Travel Tale of Three Mothers Who Covered 17 countries in 95 Days-2 The three of us flagged off from Dhyanchand Arena about the 23rd of July 2015 and reached London on 28th of October 2015, after having traveled across Myanmar, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, France and UK.

And here is their story and incidents while they traveled alone in a car covering 95 countries

The Indian journey was remarkably one of the most exciting and interesting. All went as we had planned till Manipur. Operating from Kohima to Imphal, we were caught in the middle of the trail due to a strike in Imphal. The streets were blocked and we could not go further or go back to where we had started. So, we sat in the car with nowhere to go, watching the protesters move us by, some with branches and rocks in the hand!

They were wondering what these girls are doing on the highway. One man, drunk to his gills, began talking to us and stepped up to us. We avoided him by making a polite conversation and held a straight face. He then told us all about how we remind him of his siblings. We were relieved!

A man informed us that it was not safe for us to sit in the vehicle during these demonstration hours and advised us to accompany him to his home where he could arrange lunch for us. We were in a problem now, to trust or not to trust? We went to his house and trusted our instincts.

We parked our car in a narrow lane outside the house, about 4 guys stepped out to check on us. We were now getting slightly panicky! He kept asking us to come inside his house. We asked him where his family was and he urged us to come inside his house another time.

We stepped into his house and we were approached by welcoming faces of two sisters and his mother. What a relief! From then on, till 7 at night, we had a wonderful time. His mother prepared for us the most awesome chickens and a few authentic Manipuri dishes for us, afterward, we went for an off-road drive to local areas. He played the guitar for us, performed songs and made us feel at home and just like a part of his family.

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Unbelievable Travel Tale of Three Mothers Who Covered 17 countries in 95 Days-3 People constantly asks us, what was the most memorable moment of the trip? Driving through the erstwhile silk route was an incredible feeling. Just like, Las Vegas meets Purani Dilli.

The place, deserts, mountains, high altitude wetlands, lush valleys, we had it all! Nomads and dictators, yurts and palaces along with the pleasure of witnessing a new state, or to explore the 1000-year old history.

For us, travel happens to be about connecting with people. You're only a stranger until you say Hello! Central Asians are the friendliest people, at least that's what we learned on our trip. They will shower you with their love, especially if you're an Indian.

We were surprised by the effect the Indian tradition has over Central Asia, especially Bollywood and were completely taken over. It was rather cool while we waited for the authorities to clear our papers and then he suddenly went on to ask us about Mithun Chakraborty!

We would never expect a Kyrgyz official asking about Mithun’s health and acting ability! It continued to be as such throughout central Asia. The minute we would be figured out by the natives were Indians, they would either start dancing or singing Mithun’s songs.

We have always assumed that nobody parties such as the Punjabis, but believe us, they are nothing before Uzbekis. They are tireless. There was this one time, we were in a restaurant and some Uzbeks were celebrating their child's birthday. The moment they learned we are Indians, we were nearly kidnapped, boxed in between these individuals, no solution, running from what? I am a disco dancer! Again!

The countries we passed through were the Islamic nation, but with mild customs and secular state of mind than you would find the Middle East. They are highly influenced by the Russian and Soviet culture that can make Central Asia feel like the land of paradox. We never felt unsafe and we were treated like royalty.

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Unbelievable Travel Tale of Three Mothers Who Covered 17 countries in 95 Days-4 Another frequently asked question is how easy or difficult it had been to get the permit. The procedure is laborious but doable. If you intend to drive Myanmar and China, it requires permits. Myanmar regulations require an escort with the vehicle. Furthermore, China requires an English speaking guide within the car for self-drive vehicles. We had to take care of accommodation and the meals of the manual. The easiest way to go about it's to get hold of travel agencies in these places plus they could approach it for a cost ( it doesn’t come cheap!)

On this trip, the problems were in numerous but driving beyond these limits was what this expedition all about.

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