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Types Of Traveler Out There!

Everybody is wander lusting these days, in their own way. Some are tolerable and some make you go weak in your brains!

That's when you thank god for the diversity of human behavior.

Types Of Traveler Out There!-1

1. The Party Animal

Types Of Traveler Out There!-2 I can smell a party! Let’s hit it and that’s how I travel.

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2. The Newbie

Types Of Traveler Out There!-3 I have no idea what am I doing, what all I have got in my bag, how much money I have burnt and I am fucked up.

3. The Chewing Gum

Types Of Traveler Out There!-4 Will literally stick to you and will dig out from you what you did in the summer of 69.

4. The Stoner

Types Of Traveler Out There!-5 Let’s roll some joints to truly explore how beautiful this world is!

5. The OCD Freak

Types Of Traveler Out There!-6 Water bottle must be on the right, map on the left, my black pouch for the toiletries in the front pocket, tickets in the wallet.Wait, did you book a window seat for me?

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6. The Broke Traveler

Types Of Traveler Out There!-7 Got no money in my pocket but look here I am living on cheapest food and asking for lifts!

7.The Photographer

Types Of Traveler Out There!-8 Let me grab what all nature has got in my camera roll no matter if I miss the amazing sunset.

8. The Cheesy Couple

Types Of Traveler Out There!-9 We love each other and we will show that to the whole world. And yeah, my hands are permanently glued to his.

9. The first time adventurer

Types Of Traveler Out There!-10 Just in case I die jumping off this cliff, you can keep my MacBook.

10. The Drinker

Types Of Traveler Out There!-11 Let’s keep our favorite alcohol just in case we won’t find it the mountains.

11. Over Planner

Types Of Traveler Out There!-12 We have to start planning now for the trip that we will make in 2020. Hurry Up!

12. Solo Traveler

Types Of Traveler Out There!-13 I will conquer this world alone. I am one man army.

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13. The Budget Keeper

Types Of Traveler Out There!-14 Let’s survive on Maggi so that we can add another location on our sojourn.

14. Encyclopedia of the group

Types Of Traveler Out There!-15 Duh! Who needs map? Back out I know everything about this place.

15. The Introspect

Types Of Traveler Out There!-16 I will sit down by the sea pretending to lost in my thoughts, introspecting myself although I am only thinking about food.
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