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Trans Himachal- Part 1- The Birth [ Delhi To Fagu]

Trans Himachal- Part 1- The Birth [ Delhi To Fagu]

I had to go. There were so many ‘could’s but once we left, it did not matter.

Rishi was excited. He was so positive on making it to Spiti while I was pitching for Sangla. Spiti in an Alto was not actually rugged but too much of a responsibility. I had no plans and I did not want any spoilers either. Wasn’t sure I’d bring the car back but that was just a hunch.

Got every nut and bolt tightened, every gear and chain oiled, every tyre and tube changed. Caution only ended but costing money but then again, the car was going to be home for a while.

The night drove us to Chandigarh. No pit stops. We had everything we needed and a restlessness to get off the plains. Dawn just broke when we hit the Himachal Expressway. The mountains were welcoming us, and I felt like they would be good to us.


Not a big fan of highways but The Himalayan Expressway was a delight!

Smaller roads, denser traffic and heat arrived soon enough. Heading to Shimla. my mind instantly wandered to the German Bakery. Proposed the idea. Had it shot down by Rishi in favour of the Bypass. He’s never been to the German Bakery. Well that has to change sometime.

The highway was too crowded. Time to find our own path. Map scouting time. A green area on the map. Chail national reserve. Big smile. I LOVE forests. The road side car repair shop Chotu said that the road was undrivable due to some small landslide and it was 40 km longer to reach than Fagu. No pain no gain was what I heard!

Flash thought – Don’t lose distance on the first day. Ahhhh what the hell. In retrospect, if you ever go towards Shimla and love solitude, do head off towards the Chail National Forest. 40 Kms of absolute bliss.

Amazingly fresh after the last night rain, the trees and bushes and the grass and the greens were the definition of fresh green. Noone behind us and noone ahead. No honks, no red lights, no traffic. We drove slow, stopping for longer than we drove.


Evening coffee and Maggi at the corner of the road just at the entrance of a big resort. It was getting a little cold. The sky with shades of red shot into the fresh blue. Spreading it’s wings.

A group of school girls came giggling laughing holding hands out of that resort and into that small shop. We stood by the side walls soaking in the view and breathing the fresh mountain air. Another maggi, another coffee, some more pictures.

We are going there, I told Rishi, pointing at the bare mountains. I want to see the eagles in the eye.

Fagu was a personal disappointment. A town with touts trying to sell hotel rooms. Taglines reading home away from home. But I came to get away! I got the Rum, Rishi got us to the Govt Guest House. The first thing we did on waking up was leave.

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