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Top products you can buy from Sri Lanka


We all know how our trip is complete without getting back some things that reminds us of that place. We collect pictures, handicrafts,artefacts, memories, moments as souvenirs from where we traveled.

Sri Lanka will give you so many moments and experiences that you would love to bring back home. The culture, the nature are crafted into souvenirs that you can collect.

If you are going to Sri Lanka, here are a few things that you can get from the island country.

Jewellery and gems

Top products you can buy from Sri Lanka-1 Where to buy? Galle Fort

Sri Lanka is surrounded by waters which literally makes it a gold mine for the beautiful corals and gemstones. Moreover, in the rich mines of the country you will find some precious stones as well.The speciality of the country is sapphire and moonstones. Galle Fort is one of the regions known for its jewellery carvings and making. In areas like Unawatuna and Kandy you can also find many opportunities to get your hands on the gem jewellery of the country. Make sure you check the authenticity of the seller before buying jewellery.

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Wooden Masks

Top products you can buy from Sri Lanka-2 Where to buy: Kandy

Wooden masks is among the signature artwork of Sri Lanka. The country is known for its wooden carved handicrafts and artefacts, and wooden masks being most popular among them. Each mark is designed and painted differently and each one has its own meaning and significance according to the Sri Lankan mythology and culture. Generally there are painted in three colours, red ones are supposed to protect you from the evil, yellow colored masks brings prosperity and blue colored masks helps in growth in career.

Cinnamon sticks

Top products you can buy from Sri Lanka-3 Where to buy: Pettah or Kandy

Sri Lanka is popular for its spice market and is one of the main producers of spices in the world. However, their cinnamon sticks are what they specialize in. Ceylon cinnamon sticks are available in the local shops and markets and you will find them almost everywhere in the country. The sticks can be used for cooking and medicinal purposes as well. Sri Lankans also make cinnamon tree bowls which are pretty unique and makes for the perfect Sri Lanka souvenir.

Ceylon Tea

Top products you can buy from Sri Lanka-4 Where to buy: Ella

Sri Lanka is known for its special tea that comes from its tea gardens. The tea gardens of Sri Lanks are not only known for their beauty but for their quality of tea as well. For someone who is a tea lover there will no better gift other than a package of ceylon tea from Sri Lanka. Their speciality is black tea but you can find a variety of tea in the market. Some of the popular variety of tea are Dilmah, Mackwoods and Taeli.

Sri Lankan Sarees and sarongs

Top products you can buy from Sri Lanka-5 Where to buy: Colombo

A large part of the Sri Lankan is very similar to Indian culture. You will find a lot of people carrying the same traditions and wearing the same outfits.

Saree is one of the common wear in Sri Lanka for the women. The Sri Lankan Saree is available in three pieces, one for wrap rounds, second for plaids and third for the blouse. Sarongs are worn by the men, just that they wear in their own style. However, women also wear sarongs in a particular style which makes for the typical Sri Lankan outfit. You can get sarees and sarongs to make a fashion statement at home.

Porcelain Dining Set and cutlery

Top products you can buy from Sri Lanka-6 Where to go? Colombo

The famous Japnese porcelain cutlery which is a household use in Japan is typically produced in Sri Lanka. You can find a variety of porcelain dining sets and cutlery pieces and the best part is, there are multiple factory outlets where you can find them for dirt cheap prices. They are considered to be of good quality and durability.


Where to go: Galle

Top products you can buy from Sri Lanka-7 If you love collecting antiques you are going to be absolutely among the treasure right here in Sri Lanka. Head to Galle where you can find a lot of vintage and antique stores. The things are actually rare and exclusive belonging to different eras, people and having different stories. You find things from gramophone, clocks, utensils, to metal pieces. You could have a problem carrying so much of luggage back home!

Buddha and elephant figures

Top products you can buy from Sri Lanka-8 Where to buy: Laksala

Sri Lanka handicraft market is also popular for its statues and figures carved in wood. Since there is a popular Buddha and elephant culture and significance in the country, you will come across a lot of wood statues of Buddha and elephants in different styles and patterns.

Laksala is the chain of handicrafts and you will find a n

Sri Lankan Stone Art

Top products you can buy from Sri Lanka-9 Where to find: Dambulla or Sigiriya

If you had the chance to visit the caves in Sri Lanka and you loved them, then there is a way to bring them home as souvenirs. Sri Lanka is famous for its stone art. The local artisans paint the stories of the old age caves on little stones with mythological figures and scriptures. They make for a very good and unique home decor. You will find a lot of paintings of Sri Lankan dancers and traditions and a lot of elephant figures since they are popular around the country.

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