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Top 8 Treks To Do In Ladakh


Ladakh is one place where you can go to have the adventure of your life, leaving that boring and “nothing happening” life in cities behind you. A combination of breath-taking views as well as adrenaline pumping adventures, Ladakh is one destination which teases the adventurer in you. The place will test your body and your resolve to emerge out of a problem. On one hand, where road trip remains one of the most sought-after activities in Ladakh region, people often ignore the beauty of the treks in Ladakh. Trekking in Ladakh on the defiant mountains will thrill you and on the other hand, the peaceful enchantments of Buddhist prayers will calm you to the core. It goes without saying, this region offers probably the most scenic treks in India. And, here is a list of treks that you would want to do to test your adventurous spirits. Make your body adventure ready and go for it.

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1. Markha Valley Trek

Top 8 Treks To Do In Ladakh-1 Difficulty level- Moderate

Maximum elevation- 4572m

Markha valley will bring you very close to nature. You need 6-7 days to mark this trek complete, The trek starts from Spitok, the base camp. The green vegetation surrounding in the start of the trek makes for a view that can’t be easily forgotten. Added to that is the Markha River as well as the view of the Zanskar range which will surely satisfy that filmy imagination of yours. The trails of the trek are filled with small shrines and prayer walls.

Best time to visit- Mid June to October.

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2. Spituk to Stok Trek

Top 8 Treks To Do In Ladakh-2 Difficulty level: Beginner to moderate

Maximum elevation-

This scenic trek which starts from Leh is a good short trek to acclimatize your body to the chilling weather and altitude of Ladakh. This trek takes 4 days and can be completed easily. The Rumbak River which flows into Indus can be a perfect site to pitch your tents and you can even take a dip in those fresh waters to rejoice yourself. Further trekking will take you to the Rumbak village and to the Hemis National Park where you can enjoy the flora and fauna of the mountains.

Best time to visit- May to October.

3. Lamayuru to Chilling Trek

Top 8 Treks To Do In Ladakh-3 Difficulty level: Moderate to Challenging

Maximum elevation- 4950m

This trek starts from Lamayuru and takes around 6 days to complete. It challenges your physical limits since you have to trek for long periods. On the way, you will cross lakes see remote villages and walk over a snow covered trail. You can view the awe-striking Karakoram ranges and get close to three other passes, Dung Dung Chan La Pass, Prinkti La Pass and Kongskil La Pass where you will find vegetation which can’t be located usually. However, the beautiful Lamayuru monastery that this trek offers is the highlight of this route.

Best time to visit- June to October.

4. Sham Valley Trek

Top 8 Treks To Do In Ladakh-4 Difficulty level: Easy

Maximum elevation- 4500m

This trek is one of the most beautiful and easier treks of Ladakh and takes 5 days to complete. It is often called the baby trek in Ladakh (compared to tough trails, it must be). It starts from Liker and the distance to be covered during the journey is 30 km. It is a visual treat with magnificent sights and villages which provide an insight into Ladakhi culture.  On the way, you can also visit various monasteries of Hemis, Thikse and Shey.

Best time to visit- June to October

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5. Chadar Trek

Top 8 Treks To Do In Ladakh-5 Difficulty level: Challenging

Maximum elevation- 3390m

This is one of the most beautiful treks. The experience of walking on a frozen river is surreal. The trek usually takes time ranging from 6 to 10 days and can be really challenging. Starting from Chilling, which is 65 km away from Leh, the trek leads up to the frozen Zanskar River. The white powdery snow can be a bit tricky to walk upon. The temperatures here are usually very low and stay below minus all the time. Hence before going here, be well prepared in advanced.

Best time to visit- January and February.

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6. Rumtse to Tsomoriri Trek

Top 8 Treks To Do In Ladakh-6 Difficulty level: Challenging

Maximum elevation- 4500m

The amazing trek from Rumtse to Tso moriri starts from Rumtse and can be covered in 7-8 days. The trek is filled with difficult yet beautiful passes and snow filled trails leading up to the Tsomoriri Lake. On the way, you will cross various passes (three to be exact) before reaching the Tsokar lake which will be followed by three more passes. Lose yourself in the silence of the air with occasional Buddhist monasteries crossing your way.

Best time to visit- June to October.

7. Snow Leopard Trek

Top 8 Treks To Do In Ladakh-7 Difficulty level: Moderate

Maximum elevation- 5500m

This Trek is for the wildlife lovers and usually takes 8-9 days to cover, with the starting point being Leh. You can see and capture (in your cameras only) various exotic animals and bird species to quench your wildlife thirst. You can visit the Hemis National Park, established in 1981 for the protection of unique flora and fauna of the region. You can also visit Rumbak village and interact with locals to understand their way of lives.

Best time to visit- June to October.

8. Rumbak Valley Trek

Top 8 Treks To Do In Ladakh-8 Difficulty level: Moderate

Maximum elevation- 4850m

This trek is a perfect activity for those who want a shorter option, marvelous rock formations and local cultures provided by the local villages and monasteries. It starts from Spituk and takes around 4 days to complete this trek With the Hemis national park located in the valley you can easily spot a snow leopard or different species of birds.

Best time to visit- June to October.

9. Darcha Padum Trek

Top 8 Treks To Do In Ladakh-9 Difficulty level: Moderate

Maximum elevation: 5,090 m

If you have skipped a road trip to Ladakh, then this trek will compensate. The trek begins from Padum, which is the former capital of Zanskar valley and its base camp. This trek might be moderate to look, but it includes a lot of steep climbs and the high altitude doesn't make the trek any easier. The 100-km long spread which takes 10-12 days to cover the scenic beauty, the ancient monasteries, breathtaking Zanskar valley and everything that you can and can't possibly imagine to see. Taking this trek means you'd be covering a good distance between Manali and Leh, by foot, which otherwise you'd have crossed by road. By then, this is the beauty of this trek if you want to closely encounter the scenic path to Darcha.

Best time to visit: July to September

10. Nubra valley trek

Top 8 Treks To Do In Ladakh-10 Difficulty level: Moderate

Maximum elevation: 5,400 m

The getaway to ancient silk route and home to the double-humped camel, Nubra valley in Ladakh is one of the most visited and needless to say, one of the most beautiful sites in Ladakh. When you get to be closest to such beauty, you wouldn't want to miss it for the world. Nubra valley trek begins from Sabu village and takes you to Digar La pass, the highest point of the trek. The trek takes you through Indus valley and Zanskar valley before finally ending the journey at Diskit village in Leh. You need to have atleast 10-12 days to go for this trek and experience Nubra first hand.

Best time to visit: June to September.

11. Ripchar valley trek

Top 8 Treks To Do In Ladakh-11

Difficulty level: Easy

Highest elevation: 4,300 m

The trek is known for its surreal Ladakhi landscapes that probably changes every minture. Ripchar Valley trek begins from the famous Lamayuru monastery, one of the most famous and ancient monastries of Ladakh. It offers the views of Zanskar valley, the great Himalayan ranges and Karakoram ranges that surrounds the valley of Ladakh. On you way to trek you will also encounter the old hamlet of Hinju, known for the ancient Ladakhi lifestyle and culture. Chilling is another major attraction of this trek which is famous for its copper deposits.

Best time to visit: June to September

We are sure by this time you are already confused about which trek to go for? Put them all in your bucket list and let us know if you have already done any of them.

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