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Things You Must Do in Goa


Goa is the ultimate getaway destination for the party freaks. When it comes to Goa, you should just unleash that party beast inside you that has been tickling you all the time to party hard. With a number of foreign tourists visiting the place, you can be well assured that you are going to experience parties in a whole different way. Apart from parties, there is a huge list of things to do in Goa which is given here to make your Goa trip worthwhile.

Parties & Nightlife in Goa

Things You Must Do in Goa-1 Well, this is the specialty of the place; this is what Goa is known for. Life can never be boring if you learn to party hard. You do not have to wait for weekends to celebrate. Rather, celebrate every accomplishment, all those little joys of life, those sad moments (who says sadness can't be celebrated) or even your existence. You can check out the nightlife events, pool parties, discotheques, DJ Nights, pub crawls, trance festivals and much more. You will be surprised to find many happy hours booze and intriguing weekend party venues near you. Dance to the beats. Explore the party places in Goa.

Goa Carnival

Things You Must Do in Goa-2 Lose yourself into the carnival, a place where all the differences are forgotten (or rather celebrated?) and feel the happiness around you. It is one place where all the people are happy and in a celebratory mood. The different kinds of celebrations in the Goa Carnival include singing, dancing, drinking, feasting and various other types of merry making. All major streets of the state become lively with the graceful dances, the strumming of guitars, lively processions and much more. Apart from the non-stop festivity, the streets are decorated with vibrant colors and floats. The celebrations of Goa carnival are not just restricted to the day time. A number of acrobats, brass bands, clowns, dancers, fire eaters, jesters etc. are seen to be performing in the streets of some of the major cities of Goa. The celebrations are carried on throughout the nights of those festival days. A huge amount of zest and zeal are seen among the crowd during this state carnival. Dominated by lots of fun and enjoyment, a niche has been carved with a unique characteristic charm.

Explore the beaches

Things You Must Do in Goa-3 When in Goa, how can you not hop from one beach to another in search of your favourite place? There are numerous beaches in Goa lining up from the most unexplored ones to the ones which have adventure sports to offer, to the most serene ones and the ones with the most beautiful sunset. Baga beach, known for the beach shacks, Calangute beach known for the adventure sports, Vagator for its cliffs, Anjuna for its rave parties, Morjim for its unexplored beauty among other that you can't miss in Goa.

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Go Karting

Things You Must Do in Goa-4 The thrill of getting behind the wheel of a four-wheel drive, even if it is just a go-kart cannot be explained. The squealing tires, burnt rubber and the sheer rush of adrenaline can be invigorating for the true motor racing enthusiast. Go-Karting requires no special training beforehand, contrary to the fears of most people, it is quite safe and enjoyable. Everyone is welcome to have a go at go-karting and try their hand at maneuvering their way through a few winding laps of unmitigated fun. The venue at Nuvem on the Panaji-Margao Highway has successfully hosted three go-karting events at this venue since inauguration in 2001, which also included the JK Tyre national karting championships.


Things You Must Do in Goa-5 A trip to Goa cannot be completed without a cruise ride. The waters of Arabian Sea will seduce you to sail over them and for that my friend, swimming just won’t be enough. The Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) runs a variety of river cruises on the Mandovi river daytime, sunset and moonlight. There are two types of day cruises -- from the Panaji jetty, down the Mandovi into the Zuari bay and up the Mandovi to Aldona and a mineral water spring. A few private firms also offer a variety of imaginative cruises or boat tours for sunset views as well as for crocodile or dolphin spotting.


Things You Must Do in Goa-6 Now, who does not want to play a hand and try their fortune for some money and live in the shoes of "The Godfather"? The first live-game floating casino in India is located on board the MS Caravela (named after the first Portuguese ship that came to Goa in the 16th century). This is a joint venture between Advani Hotels & Resorts India Ltd and Casinos Austria International.

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Historic churches

Things You Must Do in Goa-7 Adorned with the beauty of Portuguese architecture, Goa is home to a number of sacred churches that must be on your itinerary when you are visiting Goa. Few of the famous churches of Goa are- Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral, Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Panjim Church that offers the archaic beauty of Portuguese culture.

Water Sports

Things You Must Do in Goa-8 Skim the waves. Surf the seas. Float across the skies. The fabulous golden Goan coast is sprinkled with water sports excitements from windsurfing to paragliding. Today there are a number of water-based sports and activities available in Goa. The best season for enjoying water sports in Goa is from October to May when the skies here are cloudless and blue, and the waters fairly placid. You can head to Baga beach and Calangute beach which are most famous for their adventure activities. You can enjoy parasailing, banana boat ride, jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling among other adventure sports in Goa. You can indulge yourself in these activities and Goa will become an unforgettable trip for you.

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