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Things to keep in mind if you are travelling to Europe for the first time


Things to keep in mind if you are travelling to Europe for the first time-1

If there is one region that attracts travellers from all around the world irrespective of what are they looking for as an experience, it has to be Europe. There is no way you can deny that fact!

Europe has a party life, a backpacking experience, the history, the architecture, the people, the culture, the beauty of nature and terrains that are exclusive to Europe. And, I am sure I am missing so much that has to be said about Europe. No matter what your purpose is to travel to Europe, there are few things that you have to know before your Euro trip. Here is a little heads up we are giving you!

The Schengen Visa

Schengen Visa is the one visa that you need to get and that gives you access to the major countries of Europe. So basically, once your get Schengen Visa, you are free to travel to 26 countries that are covered under the visa.

European Union countries accessible by Schengen Visa- Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

Non European-Union countries accessible by Schengen Visa- Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

Monaco, San Marino, and Vatican City have opened their borders with, but are not members of the visa free zone. The Azores, Madeira, and the Canary Islands are special members of the EU and part of the Schengen Zone even that they are located outside the European continent.Ireland and United Kingdom – that still maintain opt-outs and Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Cyprus – that are required to and are seeking to join soon.

Go Euro

Go Euro is a common platform that provides convenient service for travelling within Europe. It is a common space where you can find and compare tickets for trains, buses and flights to travel within Europe. It is currently operating in 15 major countries. You should download the Go Euro app in your phone and can get access to the cheapest travelling tickets. Since, most countries in Europe are closely located to each other, most journeys are doable by trains and buses. Make sure you get the app!


Things to keep in mind if you are travelling to Europe for the first time-2 Even though, English is the common language and you would find people speaking English in most countries. But, don’t take it as a rule. There are countries who speak their native languages and most people would not speak English there. However, being so tourist friendly, you would find the shop and business owners communicating in English. In countries like Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungry, Portugal, Poland you would find only 12-20% (approximately) of people speaking English.

The basics of the language

Even if you are completely oblivious to the language of the country you are travelling to, make sure you make some use of that technology and learn some basic words like ‘Hello’, ‘How are you’, Bye, ‘Thank you’, ‘Do you speak English?’, ‘What is the way’, ‘Sorry’, ‘Excuse me’. It will really help you with the travelling and with the locals. The people always get a good feeling when you try to make effort to learn their culture.

The itinerary

Out of all the amazing places that Europe has, we know it is so difficult to choose the best places to visit. Here is an easy way to make your itinerary. Choose the best 5 places that you really want to visit and add the countries that surround them. This will give you a good start for your first Euro trip. You can also keep your plans flexible and can book 2-3 days before reaching your desired destination. The suggestion is that keep your itinerary flexible with the fix of places that you really want to say. Also, don’t miss the cliches of Europe. The eiffel tower, The Barcelona city, the Rome Colosseum, London Eye, Italy’s pizza, Spanish tapas, French Wine, the Alps and truly some of the the best things of Europe.

Basic research would be good

Things to keep in mind if you are travelling to Europe for the first time-3 Since you are about to travel to one of the most culturally diverse places on the face of Some countries speakearth, a little reading about the cultures, language and their habits would be good. There are certain cultures in Europe that are widely accepted and certain things that are considered offensive. It could be anything which might be very acceptable in your country but not theirs. For example- Spanish people have this famous siesta culture where they mandatorily take naps during the day and you wouldn’t find a lot of people working during that next. And never wake a person on siesta in Spain. In France, it is considered rude to enter the shop without greeting the seller. Europeans are very particular about their usage of pronouns, keep that in mind. And smile if you eye contact with a stranger, these are just the basics. Make sure you read a little bit and rest you will learn while you are at it! And, it’s always good to act like Romans in Rome? Isn’t it?

Set the clock right

Things to keep in mind if you are travelling to Europe for the first time-4 You will be entering the different time zone, it is suggested that you keep your watch on 24-hr schedule. You will also take some time in adapting the different time zones so give it ample time to adjust your sleep and wake-up cycle.

Ask about the meat

This is specifically for Indians, who are particular with their choice of meat. Beef, buff and pork and quiet commonly consumed in Europe. Even at franchise stores such as Mc Donalds and Burger King, they serve beef and pork burgers. Always ask for the meat filling and make sure you eat the right thing, unless you want to try some different meats without the knowledge. Who knows, may be you will like it?

Get the tickets on time

Things to keep in mind if you are travelling to Europe for the first time-5 Entry to museums, historical sites are mostly paid and there is generally a long queue to buy the tickets. It is suggested that you either buy the tickets beforehand or you reach the place a little early so that you can get the tickets conveniently. Also, it is highly recommended that you pre book your trains and buses journeys, because tickets might not be available at the last moment at times and you could lose your time.

Avail the discounts

Things to keep in mind if you are travelling to Europe for the first time-6 You will find a lot of places giving various discounts such as students discount, senior-citizen discount. There is also a policy of VAT return on the purchase in Europe. You can get the refund at the airport, the refund policy might different for different countries, but the refund will save your money!

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