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Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Planning a Trip to Maldives in 2020


What is Maldives?

Maldives is a group of 26 atolls consisting of more than 1500 islets and islands. One thing that you should know about Maldives is that the country is spread into various islands and these islands are not connected to each other through roadways. They can only be accessed through waterways or airways.

Most islands are island beach resorts that are completely occupied by private resorts and only some of them are inhabited and some of them are completely inhabited. Don't plan a trip to a lot of islands and don't include a lot of places in your itinerary as they will consume a lot of your time and money.

Here are travel tips to Maldives islands to keep in mind.

1. Basics of Maldives

Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Planning a Trip to Maldives in 2020-1 Capital: Male

Currency: Maldivian Rufiyaa (USD also accepted)

Official Language: Dhivehi

Taxes: Each resort has to apply 2 taxes, a 10% service charge and an 8 % Goods and Services Tax. (note: This tax is constantly rising and at a very fast pace.)

Religion: Islam

2. Best time to visit

Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Planning a Trip to Maldives in 2020-2 The Maldives is situated on the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea belt, it has hot and sunny weather throughout the year. November to April is the best time to visit the Maldives. The humidity is less during this time and the average temperature remains close to 30 Degree Celsius. Best time to visit Maldives is in February as it is the sunniest and low on humidity time with pleasant weather mostly. You can Read more: Best reasons to visit Maldivesplan your Maldives vacation

3.Airports in Maldives

Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Planning a Trip to Maldives in 2020-3 There are four international and six domestic. Together they make it very easy to get around the Maldives opening up way to commute to 26 atolls of the country.

Ibrahim Nasir airport is often referred to as Male International airport. It is the biggest and most public airport in Maldives. It has direct flights from all the major countries around the world and most major airlines are operational here. If you are flying to Maldives, you will arrive at Male International Airport. From there on, you can take a seaplane or boat to your destined island.

Gan International Airport is located in the southern-most atoll (Addu) of the Maldives. Although it is an International Airport and old one, it is less busy and has less flights than Male International Airport.

Thimarafushi Airport, Dharavandhoo Airport, Kadhdhoo Airport, Kooddoo Airport (GKK), Kaadedhdhoo Airport (KDM) Fuvahmulah Airport (FVM) and are domestic airports of the country.

Most of them are mainly used to allow transfers from one island to another. Most of them are operational for resorts transfer from the International Airport.

4.Seaplane tours

Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Planning a Trip to Maldives in 2020-4 The fastest and easiest way to travel from one island to another island in Maldives is by seaplanes. Velana International Airport in Male is the main airport for seaplanes. Generally, you will be shifted in a seaplane to your resort island. Mostly, the seaplane ride is included in your full board package. Some resorts also offer their free seaplane ride from Male. Seaplanes are only allowed to fly during daylight hours till 3:30 pm. If you arrive after that you will most likely not be able to fly out on the same day from Male. Seaplane tickets are not booked by guests or travelers but can be booked by the resorts directly and charged to your booking. The cost of a seaplane transfer varies by resort but is usually a flat fee of $450 per person return.

These planes have a limited weight capacity, you are required to carry only a specified amount. Your checked in luggage baggage allowance is 20kg and your hand luggage can weigh another 5kg. Over that, you could be charged a per kilo amount.

5. Speedboat transfer

Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Planning a Trip to Maldives in 2020-5 The other alternative to seaplanes speedboat. They are cheaper than seaplanes and most resorts offer a free speedboat transfer from the airport. You can book your speedboat online which costs around $25 per person. You can also choose a private speed boat and if you want to travel after 3:00 PM, you can only take a speedboat.

6. Currency exchange

Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Planning a Trip to Maldives in 2020-6 The official currency of Maldives is Maldivian Rufiyaa. However, most of the people prefer USD and hence you need to carry USD to Maldives to make the payments. Also, Rufiyaa will not be accepted/ exchanged at the airport, so make sure you spend MVR on the islands before your departure.

Traveller's cheque and credit/debit cards are widely accepted in Maldives so payment is not a problem here.

7. Wear sunglasses and apply sunscreen

Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Planning a Trip to Maldives in 2020-7 I cannot emphasize enough on wearing sunglasses and applying sunscreen all the time. Maldives has a tropical climate and it is closer to the equator which means the sunlight is really strong. Even looking at the sun is harmful and in any case do not head outdoors without applying a layer of sun screen. Take a sunscreen of more than 50 SPF at least which is good enough to protect you from dangerous sun burns.

If you are traveling with your kids make them used to sunglasses as they would need it more than anyone.

8. Choose a full board package

Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Planning a Trip to Maldives in 2020-8 Maldives is an expensive place. There are lots of extra charges that you would need to pay from time to time which you wouldn't have thought of. When you are booking for accommodation or if you are booking a tour package, always ask for a full board package. A full board package includes transfer from airport to the resort (which would take a lot of your money otherwise as most resorts are accessible by seaplane or boats, food at the resorts and some of them even offer free drinks. The more you get the merrier.

9. Pack right

Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Planning a Trip to Maldives in 2020-9 Maldives is a beach resort country. You would not find a supermarket or big stores to buy your favourite cosmetics or other things. Make sure you carry all the essentials with you. Carry light clothes and good and comfortable flip flops as those are the footwear you will be wearing the most in Maldives.

Carry all your suitable cosmetics especially sunscreen lotion and moisturizer as these are like the basic necessities here.

Carry a cap or hat with you as it will be of great help in the bright sun.

You can also carry some hydrating powders and drinks with you for the instant energy.

Make sure you carry creams for sun burns and insect repellent, you might need them anytime.

10. Spa and Beach Date

Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Planning a Trip to Maldives in 2020-10 Maldives is typically a romantic honeymoon destination. This is one place which will bring out the romance in you even if you are an unromantic person. The vacations will mostly be relaxing and romantic. Two things that you cannot miss in Maldives is- a spa session and a private dinner date at a beach. Maldives is known for its authentic spa techniques and methods that are largely inspired by Ayurveda and Indonesian methods.

Second on the list should be a romantic date with your partner on a beach. You can ask your resort to arrange it for you or you can book the same with your package.

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11. Choosing what islands to visit in Maldives

Maldives is a collection of various islands. Most of them are privately owned by beach resorts and are nothing but a whole island has been converted into a beach resort, with access to guests of the resort. Depending on what resort you have booked you will be taken to that island. If you have chosen a full board package then you would be shifted to your island by a boat of seaplane from the International Airport. After that, you can explore your island.If you wish to travel to more islands, you can do an island hopping tour.

Male is the capital island with huge buildings and a citylife to experience.

Himmafush island is ideal for surfing in the blue waters and having a great time. The island also has some great diving spots, and the manta ray can also be spotted here.

Situated in the North Male Atoll Thulusdhoo is for surfers. It offers a variety of reef breaks, you can simply kick back and unwind on one of the day beds or lofts scattered along the shore.

The Anantara Dhigu Resort and Spa that has 36 water estates offering infinity pool with a perspective of the quiet blue tidal pond is a mesmerising sight to witness this resort goes under 5-star classification with spacious rooms and the best offices.

Maafushi island is a pristine island that gives the perfect harmony amongst accommodation and way of life. It is only a 45-minute speedboat ride far from Male Airport.

Hulhumale is the city offshoot of male crammed with colourful buildings, located in the south of the North Male Atoll, the land mass was developed to build to meet the existing future housing, industrial and commercial use.

Veligandu Island Beach is one of the more mainstream shorelines in the island country of Maldives. The island shoreline is loaded with the numerous miracles of nature.

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