Here we present a comprehensive list of things to do in maldives. It includes all the major events that take place and the places to visit in maldives. We take care of all the variables that may affect these: weather, distance, prime time, budget, and so on, to devise the ultimate guide. So get out of your hotels to let the traveler inside you overcome the tourist.

There are various activities to do in maldives, ranging from adventure to cultural to wildlife.

Water sports at Tanjung Benoa

Water Sports At Tanjung Benoa

Cost: 16000 INR

Distance: 0 Km

When in Bali, make the best of adventure sports. Head to Tanjung Benoa for a variety of adventure sports to experience the adrenaline rushing through your nerves. Tanjung Benoa is coined as the safest place to enjoy the watersports owing to its shallow waters and calm waves. You can best enjoy the on-water activities like- Jet Ski, a bumpy ride on the fierce sea. Soaring high above the sea with Parasailing, Banana boat ride for an enthralling ride amidst the infinite sea and underwater activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and marine walk to enjoy a glimpse of the rich coral world. Jet Ski- Combat the furious waves of the sea, while you ride your jet ski in the sea. You can enjoy the adventurous ride of jet ski at Tanjung Benoa where expert guides and trainers takes you on a ride amid the vast sea. Parasailing- An extremely exciting adventure sport where you are tied to a motor boat and set free in the sky to enjoy the view of the clear blue sea from the height. Under the expert supervision, the enthralling ride of a Parasailing is a must-do in Bali. Scuba Diving- Famous for its exquisite marine life, scuba diving amidst the colourful coral reefs and in numerous vibrant fishes of the Indian ocean is a unique experience to have in Bali. Not only the underwater world you also get to explore the rock caves beneath the surface of the sea. Snorkeling- Snorkeling is an easy alternative to scuba diving. Put on your snorkeling gears and enjoy the aquatic world right in front of your eyes. Marine walk- Marine walk also known as sea walker, just another way to explore the underwater world. You are given the masked helmets and then taken deep beneath the surface of the sea bed where you can literally walk inside the sea. Walking on the sea bed and not just gazing but few moments of living with the another world is truly an exhilarating experience.  Flying Fish - Bali in its own way has redefined the exciting experience of banana ride what they call it as Flying Fish. A giant rubber boat which looks like a fish is connected to a speed boat that carries you along above the surface of the sea. This adventure sport is new in the water sports market and hence you can totally boast about it back at home.  ..... Know more
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