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11 Experiences in Bikaner that will blow your heart and mind


“A people without the past knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is a people without roots”-Marcus Garvey

That is precisely what comes to mind when one squints their eyes to witness the charm of the rustic Havelis of Bikaner, standing in all there glory and Grandeur indelible in the sands of time. Bikaner exists in an indomitable position when enlisting the top cities of Rajasthan. The town is a dash of colour and a dash of culture all mixed to deliver an idyllic semblance. Perched in the Thar desert lined with numerous fortifications and havelis, Bikaner reeks of history and Royalty. The scrumptious eateries and the famous “Meenakari” are all home to Bikaner. The poised architecture and the intricate carvings make Bikaner a phenomenon that you need to experience at least once.

So before you proceed to your next staycation in Bikaner in search of all the places to visit and the things to do browse through the list down below and let it be your guide as you delightfully traverse through enchanted lands of Bikaner in search of new adventures.

1. Paint the town red with Junagarh Fort

11 Experiences in Bikaner that will blow your heart and mind-1

The humongous Junagarh fort was built in 1478 by Rao Bika, and it was initially called “Chintamani”. Rao Bika was the second son of Maharaja Rao Jodha of the Rathore clan, the founder of Jodhpur. The Junagarh fort is built in red sandstone and is intricately structured making it a colossal work of architecture and is described as “ at par with imperial Russia” The fort is alluring in all is glory and the words “Grand” fall short as a description.

2. Take a peek at royal costumes in Prachina museum.

11 Experiences in Bikaner that will blow your heart and mind-2

Just a short walk away from Junagarh fort the quaint Prachina museum greets you. The museum established by siddhi kumara, the daughter of the late Maharaja Sikanderji in late 2000. The museum exhibits royal costumes, textiles, portraits of former rulers, contemporary art religious accessories etc. Also on display are European wine glasses, cut glass decorative objects, cutlery and crockery used in the Regal kitchen. Perfumes and other things of the royal family and some beautifully crafted rugs and carpets.

3. Visit the Bhandasar Jain temple

11 Experiences in Bikaner that will blow your heart and mind-3

The Bhandasar Jain temple is one of the oldest temples in Bikaner. The place was built in the 15th century and is adorned with beautiful murals and frescos and leaf paintings. The temple is made of red sandstone and is divided into three floors. You can see the skyline of Bikaner by climbing the topmost floor of the temple; locals believe that the temple is made of 40,000 kgs of ghee and the ghee occasionally makes its way to the walls and sips through it. True or not you’d have to head out to the temple to find out.

4. Visit Lalgarh palace

11 Experiences in Bikaner that will blow your heart and mind-4 Located deep in the Thar dessert, Lalgarh palace is the amalgamation of the eastern and western sensibilities and will take you on Anglo-indian fusion ride. Constructed in the 19th century by architect Samuel Swinton Jacob who valued the contribution of local Indian craftsman. The place has Rajput and Mughal influenced exiteriors and british inspired interiors, complete with billiard, smoking and card rooms. The exterior of Lalgarh palace has beautiful red sandstone carvings and has the hue of red sandstone and the 2 wings have been reincarnated as luxury hotels which make it appealing to the aesthetic eye.

5. Go on a desert cruise

11 Experiences in Bikaner that will blow your heart and mind-5 Bikaner is famously home to the national research centre for camels and who hasn't heard of the famous camel fair and the camel festival? So before you waste any further time get atop a camel and go on a desert Safari with the ship of the sands, i.e. the benign humped creature. Get atop a camel and have the most fascinating camel ride and relish the regal Rajasthan imagery and experience Rajasthan for what it is, the servicemen will show you around as you crusade through the sand dunes while you relinquish all your hopes of ever going back to your city.

6. Check out the Rampuria haveli

11 Experiences in Bikaner that will blow your heart and mind-6

The Rampuria haveli will awe you and make you jump with ecstasy. The exquisite architecture and the definition all make it a place that you are not ought to miss. Constructed in the 15th century by Balujee Chavla who was ordered to build the Royal and elegant mansion befitting the regal needs of the wealthy merchant family Rampuria hence the name Rampuria haveli. The haveli has been constructed by Dulmera red sandstone and bears a striking resemblance to the flatiron building of New York.

7. Eat a royal Rajasthani meal

11 Experiences in Bikaner that will blow your heart and mind-7 Eat the delicious platter and get a mouth full of the famous Rajasthani cuisine and gorge onto the most palatable of dishes-keeping the famous and the mouth-watering Dal Batti Churma aside, a trip to Rajasthan is incomplete without the Royal Rajasthani thali.

8. Savour the Namkeen

11 Experiences in Bikaner that will blow your heart and mind-8

And yes talking of Rajasthan and its foods, Bikaner is leagues ahead regarding your traditional Namkeen. The place is your very origin of the Bikaji Namkeen- savour yourself with the delicacies and made here and lay off your diet issues for a while and indulge in the Bikaneri way.

9. Visit Gajner lake

11 Experiences in Bikaner that will blow your heart and mind-9

Gajner lake is your go-to for boating and enjoying the backdrop of havelis. Flanked by a luxury hotel, the Gajner palace on the side and looming towers overhead Gajner lake sets the tone for tourists and travellers. The lake is alive, and breathing during the winters with a Species of more than a 100 migratory birds dancing around it unveils itself as nature's very own playground.

10. Visit Lakshmi Nath temple

11 Experiences in Bikaner that will blow your heart and mind-10 The Lakshminath temple is the oldest temple in Bikaner, and it coexists with the Bhandsar Jain temple. Built during the reign of Rao Lankaran between 1505 and 1526. The temple is carved in white marble and decorated with beautiful paintings and sculptures; the doorway has intricate handiwork done in silver.

11. Test your luck at Karni Mata ka temple

11 Experiences in Bikaner that will blow your heart and mind-11

As the legend suggests, the goddess Karna Mata was a part of the Charin clan, blessed with beauty and youth till the age of 150 years, but after her death, she became a rat. The followers of the Charin believe that once they die, they will be reincarnated as a rat too. The temple is Visited by tourists and travellers alike and is inhabited by rats all year round and the surprising part being the rats refuse to leave the temples!

Worshippers make pilgrimages to the Karni Mata temple not only to worship the rats but also to heal their ailment. Also when you get here to try to spot the white rat scampering around, the rodent is considered auspicious and is chased around by all the tourists and travellers.

12. Kote gate

11 Experiences in Bikaner that will blow your heart and mind-12

Considered as the central passage of Bikaner; Kote Gate gives the old city an engineering mix. Recognized as the market territory of Bikaner, there are various shops adjacent to this region. Here you can see a witness a lovely collection of beautiful attire, products, and so on.

13. Shiv Bari Temple

11 Experiences in Bikaner that will blow your heart and mind-13

Made of red sandstone in the nineteenth century, Shiv Bari sanctuary is committed to Lord Shiva. The sanctuary consists of a dark marble statue of Lord Shiva and a bronze Nandi confronting the Shiva Lingam. There are two huge water supplies called Bawaris which are situated inside the sanctuary. The sanctuary additionally gives a point by point information about the special highlights of Rajasthani engineering. Highlights like the structures, arches and segments give an extraordinary look to the sanctuary, leaving an entrancing impact on the observer.

14. Ganga Singh Museum

11 Experiences in Bikaner that will blow your heart and mind-14 Popular among those with enthusiasm for history. The Ganga Singh Museum in Bikaner is a captivating spot to be. Given the number of antiquated examples of Harappan culture and Gupta period found here, the articles here additionally toss light on the few dull regions of the Indian history. Of the other bunch collectibles displayed here, the huge ones are the kinds of specialities and sketches, stoneware, and earthenware. Other than this, various floor coverings with beautiful outlines are additionally displayed in the historical centre showing a considerable measure of masterful aptitude. Ensure you don't miss the golf leaf painting on camel covers up and the luxurious silk robe of Shahzada Saleem. Another fascinating must-watch in the exhibition hall is the arsenal and weapons that were utilised by the Rajputs amid wars. Such maintaining offers a chance to the guests to nearly see recorded articles.

15. Sardul Singh Museum

11 Experiences in Bikaner that will blow your heart and mind-15 Housed on the second floor of Lalgarh Palace, this museum was established in the year 1972. It exhibits a wide spectrum of Georgian paintings, hunting trophies and rare artefacts. The museum is dedicated to the great kings of Bikaner namely, Maharaja Ganga Singh, Sadul Singh and Karni Singh.

16.Gajner wildlife sanctuary

11 Experiences in Bikaner that will blow your heart and mind-16 Once a hunting ground for kings and princes, now a beautiful wildlife sanctuary filled with a lot of species of flora and fauna. Animals like wildfowls, deer, antelope, nilgai, chinkaras, black buck, desert foxes and wild boars to name just a few populate the sanctuary. There’s also a lake present in the middle of the sanctuary. During winter, the lake is home to migratory birds including the Imperial Sand Crouse.

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