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If you're a kind of person who wants to satiate your wanderlust, then after reading this blog you'll surely plan your next vacation in Thekkady Kerala. Nestled at an altitude of approx 900 meters, Thekkady is bequeathed by the miracles of nature. This place is well known for its mesmerizing wildlife, spice tea plantations, natural beauty and adventurous things to do. Thekkady acquires the pleasure of being the most tempting and stunning tourist attraction of India.

Thekkady is full of surprises, there're lots of attractive sightseeing options while you visit Thekkady to mesmerize you which cannot be overlooked. You can go for jeep safari, tea and spice plantations tour, bamboo rafting, if not just enjoy the Flora and Fauna of this green abode.  Travellers who are seeking for an excursion to this charismatic land are welcomed with numerous things to do. It is a multi-dimensional vacation goal as it offers something for everyone.

To help you out, we're presenting you a list of activities and sightseeing options to do in Thekkady. 





1.Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Thekkady Tour Guide-1 Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as Periyar Tiger Reserve, is in the mountainous Western Ghats of Kerala, southern India. This wildlife sanctuary is home to tigers and a significant elephant population, as well as rare lion-tailed macaques, sambar deer, leopards and Indian bison. The boat ride on the Periyar Lake is not to be missed.

2. Elephant ride

Thekkady Tour Guide-2 When you are at Periyar National Park, a mere sight of the elephant isn't just enough to make your trip worthwhile. Enjoy the elephant ride hitching slowly in his habitat. If you think that's enough the mighty creature will further surprise you with its trunk on your head giving you blessings or you could just enjoy the bath with the elephants in nature's jacuzzi. Enjoy the elephants taking bath and even feed them. You may have seen this on natural life channels yet for a change, you can appreciate the experience very close.

3.Kalari show

Thekkady Tour Guide-3 Thekkday is full of surprises. When you have had enough of wildlife, it will offer you its culture, rising up your interest again. Kalari or Kalaripayattu is one of the major contributions India has given to the world. Kalari is an ancient form of Martial art which originated in South India and is still a popular art of Kerala. Do not miss this culture coupled with action show, with the stunts that will leave you in awe. Know your history better!

4. Mudra Cultural Centre

Thekkady Tour Guide-4 Located in the heart of the Thekkady town, Mudra Cultural Centre is the perfect place to witness Kerala's authentic art form in full bloom before your very eyes by professional artists from Kalamandalam, the world-famous art school of Kerala. They also explain the various nuances of the dance form before the dance begins.

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