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The World’s Most Scenic Train Journey: Kandy to Ella, SriLanka


The way I see it, taking the train is the comfortable way to travel. You can stroll around at whatever point you need, have some nourishment, meet different voyagers and local people, read, tune in to music, unwind and watch the scene pass by gently outside. If you are someone who craves for something like this, train travel in Sri Lanka will be an excellent and reasonable approach to see the beautiful country and trust me, no trip is grandeur than the train trip from Ella to Kandy or Kandy to Ella!

The World’s Most Scenic Train Journey: Kandy to Ella, SriLanka-1 I was planning to visit Sri Lanka with my best friend for a long time. After canceling the plans many times due to one reason or the other, we finally visited this jewel in the Indian Ocean in January 2018. Sri Lanka is one hell of a country enriched with natural beauty, vibrant culture and welcoming people. Moreover, this jewel shines even better when you see it through the train ride. Simply amazing, it was.

It was our 3rd day in Sri Lanka when decided to take this ride. As we were not able to do any prior bookings, we headed straight to the railway station in hope of buying the tickets. But unfortunately, it was all sold out. We didn't know what to do. Meanwhile, a local saw us and came to us asking what has gone wrong. We told him the whole scenario and he said he could help us with two tickets but it would cost a little more. We didn't mind as the amount he was asking for very reasonable. Things started falling right into the place and we're super excited. We sat in the waiting lounge till the train arrived. To be fair, we had a different mindset about the railway junction but everything turned upside down when we saw the cleanliness. You could literally see yourself in the floor such was the cleanliness or maybe we entered when it was washed again, lol. No matter what, for us, the first impression was surprising and appealing too.

Stuffed with locals and foreigners, Kandy Railway station was the perfect amalgamation of people from around the world coming together to enjoy the ride which is praised throughout the world. I won't tell why you must try this trip rather I'll show you how the train ride actually was so that it intrigues you like it did to me.

My Train Love

After waiting for half an hour, our train arrived and we boarded the dream trip we had been waiting for a long, long time. In 10-15 minutes, all the passengers boarded the train. Then, the train picked up speed in a while, people were inclining out the windows and swarming to hang out of the gates of the train. I joined the group, feeling the breeze in my hair and a feeling of flexibility. It was cooler hanging outside of the train than sitting on the sticky seats which immediately dissolved to you in the sticky Sri Lankan air.

The World’s Most Scenic Train Journey: Kandy to Ella, SriLanka-2 After 2.5 - 3 hours of travel, our train reached Hatton which is actually the door to Adam's Peak Hike. Around Hatton, the zone was green and forested and afterward, we gradually twisted further up into the slopes.

The World’s Most Scenic Train Journey: Kandy to Ella, SriLanka-3

The World’s Most Scenic Train Journey: Kandy to Ella, SriLanka-4 The train began to moderate as it twisted up the slopes partnered with cascading waterfalls along the ride. The track is loaded with wanders aimlessly and infrequently the trees are so near the track you could connect and touch them.

Doesn't that sound great? Trust me it feels even better when you get to feel it by yourself.

The World’s Most Scenic Train Journey: Kandy to Ella, SriLanka-5

The World’s Most Scenic Train Journey: Kandy to Ella, SriLanka-6 Nicknamed Little England because of its gentle atmosphere, Nuwara Eliya was the next halt station. When we reached Nuwara Eliya, the air was cool. As we twisted further into the slopes, we went to the tea estates. Columns and lines of brilliant green fell down the slopes, making a photo idealize scene. Both I and my friend's phone and camera are loaded with pictures majorly clicked during this train trip. So now, you can have some idea how beautiful it really is. Moreover, the pictures say it all!!!!

The World’s Most Scenic Train Journey: Kandy to Ella, SriLanka-7 After almost 5 hours travel, we reached our final destination, Ella. Though we were mesmerized by the beauty of Ella too but it was the train ride from Kandy to Ella which took our hearts.

Now, we agree why Kandy to Ella is among the world's most delightful train trips. The voyage was somewhat long, however, yet as long as one has a decent book and some music downloaded to the iPhone, one can survive a sore bum :).

Train Trip Information

How long is the train travel from Kandy to Ella?

3.5 - 4 hours (approx.)

What amount did it cost from Kandy to Ella?

2nd class without reserved seat: 160 LKR

2nd class reserved seat: 600 LKR

1st class from Kandy to Ella: 1250 LKR

Step by step instructions to book train tickets

You can book the tickets online or you can purchase the tickets at the railway station in Sri Lanka too. Even, you can make a local friend like we did and keep things sorted for yourself!


1. If you are planning to reserve a seat, you have to do it one month prior or you always have an option to buy a general ticket from the railway station itself.*

2. Better carry your snacks with you, so that you can enjoy your journey with your preferred diet.

3. Carry your camera but be careful while clicking the picture from the window of your seat.

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