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The Vibe of Chandigarh

Sitting in front of the Open hand on a foggy winter morning, Nikhil and me decided to make a video about Chandigarh. We have spent all of our lives in this beautiful city and this video would be our gift to the best city in the world!

We were moving out from the city in next few months.  Nikhil would be going to US for his masters degree and I would be gone somewhere too. Hmmm.. I dont know where! But yes gone. From the next day on we started on this new project of ours which was exciting and had just one condition to it and that was to have fun while doing it and take these memories wherever we go and show everybody our love for Chandigarh :)

We wanted to cover a lot of things but of course its not possible to cover every thing in 3 minutes, so we tried to capture the essence of Chandigarh in this video. We had great time making it, hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did.

The Vibe of Chandigarh-1

Sketching the abstract of Open hand at Sukhna Lake.

The Vibe of Chandigarh-2

Open hand, Chandigarh - Symbolizing open to give and open to receive.

The Vibe of Chandigarh-3

Sukhna lake, Chandigarh

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