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Your Complete Bali Travel Guide


This is for all the first timers out there planning a trip to what is known as the finest Indonesian island- Bali. When you are travelling to Bali, rest assured that the "Island of Gods" won't let you down. Your trip to Bali is going to be something to cherish lifelong, if you hit the right beach clubs and sand clubs at the right time. So drop your worries and pick up that pen to take note of all the information that we are providing you with here.

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1. Greetings from immigration!

Your Complete Bali Travel Guide-1 Landed? Claimed your baggage? Are you ready to explore the Island of gods up to the edges? Time to smile your way through Denpasar's visa on arrival! Point to be noted- all you need is to keep all your documents ready in hand to make the process as smooth as it can get.

2. Precaution is better than cure

Your Complete Bali Travel Guide-2 First things first. On your way out from the airport gate, you will cross a WHS Smith-type general store. Here you have to load up on your sunblocks- after all, you are going to spend a significant amount of time at the white sand beaches. This will help you enjoy without worrying about the post-trip tanning. We recommend the Banana Boat sunblock lotion having SPF 100. Get this and you're good to go.

3. SIM the saviour

Your Complete Bali Travel Guide-3 Go local at Bali and start with a SIM card. A local sim will not only help you with network connectivity but also save big bucks which you can actually spend during the trip. If you're booking your trip through a travel agency, you should be provided with a free SIM. This is subject to the credibility level of the agency being dealt with. Otherwise, buy your SIMs only from legit stores like CircleK and Alfamart, and get it credited from local vendors as and when you want.

4. Beware of Banks

Your Complete Bali Travel Guide-4 Yes. When it's time to fill your pockets with the Indonesian Rupiah, be sure to NOT go to any of the legit banks. Well, even if you do, there is a 99% chance that they will themselves advise you to go the locals as they will offer you a much better rate of conversation than the banks and yes they are trustworthy. So look out for those white boards on the sides of the road with the different currency conversion rates written on them. Compare the rates and be smart about it.

5. Dollars in Waters

Your Complete Bali Travel Guide-5 When it's water sports time, it's an understood fact that you'll have a great variety of activities to choose from and that you will want to go all in. Scuba diving, snorkeling, rafting, surfing, stand up paddling, sea walking, flyboarding, kitesurfing, the list is endless. But when you're there to splurge your heart out, make sure you use US dollars to do so. The watersports companies offer a cheaper deal for the activities if paid in dollars than in rupiah. So splurge smart as well! From a ton of places in Bali for adventure sports, Nusa Dua remains the top choice of the travelers.

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6. The 3-Way Shop

Your Complete Bali Travel Guide-6 When you visit Bali, you can shop in 3 ways. First, we start with the cheapest. Local flea markets, especially in Kuta will get you everything from paintings to apparels at cheap prices and will also give you the opportunity to bargain. Second, factory outlets to the rescue. Hop onto a local taxi and ask the driver to take you to Bali Brasco and other places known to have factory outlets of high-end stores like Billabong, to save big time. Finally, head to Seminyak for the ultimate shopping experience at Bali. The happening place provides a lot of options for the shoppers, but it's a bit on the expensive side in comparison with the first two options.

7. Where to Eat?

Your Complete Bali Travel Guide-7 The one thing that Bali cannot disappoint you in is its food. Throughout your trip, no matter which area you are visiting then, when hunger strikes you, trust your instincts. Go to the nearby restaurants, have a seat and order without hesitation. Some specifics we recommend are- Rock Bar at Jimbaran, Finns Beach Club at Kuta Utara and La Briza at Canggu. Some exquisite must-try Indian restaurants having multiple branches are- Atithi, Queen's of India, Gateway of India and Indian Curry House. Nasi Goreng and Mi Goreng are the most everyday dishes of Bali. But don't be baffled by the names, Nusa Goreng is just fried rice and Mi Goreng is only their way of saying noodles. Sayur Urab, the dish made up of mixed vegetables is one of the signature dishes of Bali. Moreover, there are numerous restaurant bars in Bali which serve delicious local seafood.

When you are tired of sightseeing, the perfect way to end your day would be to grab a bottle of Bintang beer, the local drink of Bali. It won't give you the feeling of high but it will certainly ease your mood. You can even try Radler which is Bintang beer with a hint of lemon flavour, it is as good as tasting freshness. The Canggu area of Bali has a lot of shacks and open-air eateries where you must certainly dive in.

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8. The Scenic Beaches of Bali

Your Complete Bali Travel Guide-8 Yes, the clean and pristine beaches of Bali have been attracting tourists for decades. Apart from the typical white-sand beaches, Bali is home to the Lovina Beach possessing black sand. It is also one of the prominent tourist areas of Bali. It is a rare sight to see black sands being run over by the white waves. This unusual occurrence is due to the presence of volcanism at the island. A mistake we are hoping you would avoid is to skip this piece of black beauty. Truthfully, it won't offer you some kind of great beach experience, but it's shadowy sands have a charm of their own, making it worth a visit for sure. For the perfect beachy experience head towards the dreamland. The white-sand of dreamland is guarded by the limestone cliff, sound of aqua waves rushing off and towards the shore is a sight you cannot afford to miss. Not just the beaches of Bali are idyllic but also the rice terraces are just as scenic that you can soak in the tranquillity amidst the green carpet. Monkey forest where you can witness thousands of friendly monkeys is also tourist's favorite.

Islands of Bali is where you can shake the stress away. While Nusa Lembongan is a popular destination for people who are into underwater amusements, Gilli Island is sure to ignite the spark of romance. Although the Penida Island is lesser known by tourists but in no terms any less exotic. These islands are the perfect place to be in if you want to de-stress or need a break from your hectic schedule.

9. Love Chocolates? Listen up!

Your Complete Bali Travel Guide-9 And who doesn't love chocolates! The Big Tree Farms, a company producing organic cocoa and coconut products, organises tours at its Bamboo Chocolate Factory. Just a bit of their premium quality chocolate will do work its magic so you can't help but buy a pocketful of it. An approximately 25-minute drive from Ubud gets you to this factory wherein you will be greeted with a special Coco Mojo drink. The tour, lasting about an hour, will take you through the process and machinery of world class cocoa production. This rare tour of the making of these world popular chocolates will make you value your most favourite delicacy even more. They will shell out a lot of free samples for you and in the end, you can even load up on more chocolate goodies from their store. Be sure to book your tour in advance as advance bookings cost IDR 40000 whereas walk-ins cost IDR 60000 (per person)!

10. Nyepi- Bali's Day of Silence

Your Complete Bali Travel Guide-10 If you are someone who never could wrap your brain around the idea of partying. Are you someone wished if only celebrations could get somewhat subtle? Here is something we bet you didn't know about the happening island. Unlike the loud ways in which a new year is welcomed at almost everywhere around the world, the Balinese culture defies the norms of partying and instead observes a silent new year. It is one of the quietest days in Bali where the entire country come to a halt. Local dwellers don't step out of their homes; there's hardly any activity all through the day. No movement- of people or vehicles- whatsoever, is allowed and even light and gadgets like TV and radio are to be turned down. In short, the island stops working- metaphorically and realistically. But let me warn the party buffs, mark the date on your calendar and make doubly sure that you don't end up here.

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