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The Ultimate Dubai Shopping Festival guide


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What is the Dubai Shopping Festival?

There were times in the past, among simpler times, that people would go to visit a festival in a far off place, experiencing the joys of the carnival, looking upon authentic local handicrafts, treats for kids, shopping stalls including all the local cuisines, a celebration of the culture. However, as times change, so do people, but ideas live on. In 1996, Dubai started with a genuinely grand celebration of the spirit of Shopping which came to be known as the Dubai Shopping Festival. A yearly 40-day carnival, the Dubai shopping festival is one of the biggest shopping festivals in the world. Read on to know more about the amazing things that happen around this festive period.

When is it happening – the Dubai Shopping Festival 2020?

The Ultimate Dubai Shopping Festival guide-2 Starting on the 26th of December, and ending on the 2nd of February in 2020, this period is filled with heavy discounts on almost everything you can think about. From spices, gold, fashion apparel, electronics and everything else you can imagine, the prices drop due to heavy discounts which are happening throughout the shopping capital.

Hot places to shop at

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Dubai has an exquisite amount of shopping areas. It is not called the shopping capital of the world without a reason. From traditional souks to grand malls, Dubai has it all.

Dubai Mall

Regarded as the world’s largest mall, The Dubai Mall is located near Burj Khalifa in Financial Central Road. The mall is furnished with luxurious decors adorned with 12000 lavish and premium brand stores, an Underwater Zoo, Dubai Aquarium, Ice Rink, Reel Cinema, Theme Park, Dubai fountains and numerous stores and brand outlets. For chocoholics and Candy lovers, there are outlets like Hershey’s Chocolate World and Candylicious store. This is the right place to come and enjoy with the family.

Ibn Battuta Mall

Located on the Sheikh Zayed road, it is considered as the world’s largest themed mall in the world. This mall is built because of the Arabian Explorer Ibn Battuta. The mall has several divisions usually comprising six divisions – India, China, Tunisia, Persia, Egypt and Andalusia and has shops nearly to 275. These shops represent the places travelled by Battuta and they also hold exhibitions of these places. For example, the China courts has an exhibition center and display lot of cultural activities.

Mall of the Emirates

The mall of the Emirates is extensively large consisting of more than 475 shops like sports, electronics, home decors, jewelries, kids play zone and multiplex cinema. Are you an adventure freak?? There is a skiing resort and you are bound to feel the adrenaline rush. Explore and enjoy all the thrills this amazing mall has to offer.

Gold Souk

Even if you don’t buy anything from this souk (traditional name for a local market), it’s worth visiting this place. It’s a hub for all those who love jewelry, precious ornaments and metals and also tourists who are looking for souvenir and mementos. The craftsmanship is something to look upon as the artists are trained in making the designs with a tinge of Arabic look. It is located in Deira, adjacent to the Dubai creek along with wide passageways.

What else?

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Apart from the shopping there is so much to explore at Dubai. The whole city is in the mood of a carnival, with cultural streets and parades, there is fun to be had at every corner.

DSF fireworks Night

The Dubai Shopping Festival witness amazing fireworks. For any photographers, this place is heaven to click colorful pictures. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture some great moments especially long exposures. The fireworks are eye appealing especially in the Dubai’s iconic spots- The Beach, La Mer, and Al Seef!

Plenty of entertainment for Children

Every year in Dubai Shopping Festival, entertainment has no limits especially for children. There are lot of shows organized, one of the most popular one is Dubai Dolphinium. The hosts also organize events like Children of World Olympiad, cartoon and circus show and more. Children also get to meet their favourite cartoon characters such as Pokemon, Casper and Tarzan. Adults! It’s a place for you too, as there are events which are really exciting and you can get along with your kids such as mini fun fair, Dubai creek tours, fun zones such world of Ice and Spider Zone, remote control boats, park taxis, helicopter tours, acrobatic and so on. Come and enjoy the fun filled entertainment Dubai has to offer.

Global Village

The architecture of Global Village represents some of the iconic city landmarks like Big Ben London, Leaning Tower of Pisa brimming with stunning domes comprising with different countries and different cultures of the world. The village keeps organizing concerts, live music events, cultural shows, fire play displays and food fare. You wouldn’t want to miss such a grand package full of fun and entertainment!

DSF Carnival

DSF Carnival are some of the most happening things in Dubai. Dubai shopping Festival hosts plenty shows performed by the local talented artists. If you are having a bad day, these jaw dropping performances will make your mood go so high wouldn't want to leave the floor till they stop playing. Every weekend variety of artists gather together to showcase their talent like dancers, acrobats, jugglers, musicians, cyclist, still walkers and percussionists. With fireworks, music and 300 performers, it creates an energetic vibe around the city and you wouldn’t want to miss this! The performances by these artists are extremely graceful and entertaining.

Why SOL’s DSF?

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Now coming to the Ultimate Dubai Shopping Package by Shoes on Loose, it is an all-inclusive package with one of the poshest properties in the Al Seef district of Dubai. The experience is created keeping in mind the shopping indulgence you deserve. Starting with the heart of the traditional shopping experience Dubai has to offer, you move on to the Dubai mall, The Mall of Emirates, La mer shopping district, Dubai marina Walk and ending at the Beach at JBR, we make sure that you get a complete authentic shopping experience. The shopaholic within you will not be able to resist at what is there for the offing. So you know who to choose when you think of the Dubai Shopping Festival.
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