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The Perfect Bali Itinerary for Couples on a Budget


Who says travelling requires a lot of money? I strongly believe, before anything else you need the courage to pack your bags and adrenaline to see the amazing places in the world and you will be good to go. At times, you need the courage and confidence to live at places that are out of your comfort zone and compromise on the good food.

But what if I told you that you could travel, go to the best of places, and explore the most amazing nature’s spot and you don’t even have to compromise much on your comfort as well. Sure, you’d be surprised.

Bali, being one of the most affordable places in the world and undoubtedly filled with such nature and beauty is a haven for budget travellers.

Here is an itinerary curated for the travellers who travel on budget and possibly the best way to explore Bali in less money.

This itinerary is best suited for couples and includes exploration of the islands around Bali.

Day 1

You will arrive in Bali at Denpasar airport, and a pick up from the airport to your hotel is arranged by Shoes On Loose. You will also be given a sim with preloaded data and recharge.

This will not only save your money for the cab, keeping in mind the cab service from airport is usually very expensive and you will save the hassle of getting a sim card and worrying about contacting your family.

Day one smooth!

Day 2

On the following day, we want you to explore the beautiful beaches of Bali. Bali is filled with the assortment of beaches with clean blue water, white sand beaches, cliff beaches, golden sand beaches and you can go out on an exploration to find your best spot.

Some of the beaches that we suggest you visit are:

Bali Pandawa Beach, located in Kutuh Village, Dreamland Beach, among the collection of 'hidden' beaches of Bali, stretches of white sand secluded by limestone cliffs that line the rugged coastline. Padang Padang Beach locally referred to as Pantai Labuan Sait, is one of Bali’s most famous surf spots, located on the north-western coast of the island’s Bukit Peninsula.

Day two beach beautiful!

Day 3

What good is travelling if you don’t go out on your own and get lost at some spots and find some amazing locations of your choice. On day three we suggest you rent a scooter and go on a ride with your partner. You can explore some of the nearby places and can even go for water sports, coffee tours and anything else that you find interesting around the island.

We suggest you can do some of the following things for the best of time.Tukad You can go for lunch at River Club with Swings in Ubud

Kintamani and Ubud tour exploring the green rice terrace.

End your day at Finn's Beach Club for nightlife experience.

Day 4

Brace yourself up for Day 4 as there area lot of adventure sports in store for you. You will leave for Lembongan island early in the morning at 7 AM which is known for its adventure activities. You can go for glass bottom boat ride to explore the marine life, snorkelling, canoeing, Banana boat ride, Frenzy ride among other activities you can enjoy at the island.

There is an overnight stay at the island.

PS. Please do not over pack, carry enough clothes for 2 days. Make sure to carry Sunglasses and Sunscreen Lotion

Day 5

The next day as you leave from Lembongan island, you will end up at even more beautiful place. Spend your Day 5 at one of the most beautiful places in Bali. The secluded island known for its unseen beauty. Nusa Penida Island is located in south-east of Bali Island. A day tour is arranged for you which includes welcome drinks and lunch with a beautiful view. Places you must see in Nusa Penida are: Angel Billabong, Broken Beach (Pantai Pasih Uug), Kelingking Secret Point (T-Rex beach).

Day 6

After two days of exploring the islands around Bali, one day of set-off a must where you can relax and rejuvenate. What better way to spend your day of leisure if not at your private villa with pool in Seminyak. Sounds just about right. Seminyak is also known for its shopping street, clubs and nightlife. So you can enjoy some shopping before you go back home and visit some good beach clubs.

Day 7

Say goodbye to Bali with lots of memories and hassle-free experience.

Stays at

Bliss Surfer Hotel, Kuta

Padma Kumala Hotel, Lembongan Island

Maharaja Villas Seminyak

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