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The Inspiring Stories Of These Travellers Will Surely Give You Goosebumps


Those who think travel is a leisure business needs to think again. It surely takes you to unbelievable places, gives you lifelong memories and the unforgettable experiences. But it isn’t always a bed of roses. At times, it challenges your strength and patience, requires you to fight for your life, teaches you how to deal with the hardest situations. But that is the price you pay for what travelling gives you. Remember, travelling isn’t a luxurious business and if you haven’t seen in a difficult situation while travelling, trust me, you are travelling wrong. Travelling is dangerous but it is addictive. It doesn’t make you weak when you are stuck, it persuades you to fight back and prepares for another adventure. Here are some inspirational real-life stories of the travellers who had seen the best and worst of travelling and their will surely give you goosebumps.

Beck Weathers and his survival in the Everest

The Inspiring Stories Of These Travellers Will Surely Give You Goosebumps-1 Beck Weathers was one of the climbers of the 1996 Everest Summit. On the night of 10 August, they were hit by a severe storm which led to the death of many climbers and is remembered as one of the most horrible Everest accidents in history. Beck Weathers could have died too, but his valour saved his life. His survival story is an example of the unbelievable amount of courage. While climbing the summit, he went blind and lost his eyesight due to this recent cornea operation. He was asked to wait until he gets better to continue climbing, soon the Everest was hit by a deadly storm. After 15 hours of extreme hypothermia and two search teams who had seen him in deadly state and decided he is good as dead, left him there thinking it’s impossible to save him. His family was informed of his death. But, he didn’t quit after 18 hours of suffering from hypothermia his body temperature adjusted and he bravely walked to the camp in the morning. That wasn’t the end of the battle for him because he had to spend one more night in that storm in camp. He suffered all night and his fellow climbers knew he couldn’t survive through the night. He did. The next morning he was rescued by a helicopter. His bravery might have saved his life but he suffered severe frostbites. His nose was rebuilt, hand and fingers amputated. But his survival story turned him into a legend. He has turned his story in a book called “Left for dead”.

Aron Ralston and his 127 hours in the canyon

The Inspiring Stories Of These Travellers Will Surely Give You Goosebumps-2 While hiking in the canyons of Utah, a big boulder came falling towards Aron Ralston and he was crushed between the two big rocks in a deep gorge. But, climbing up to the surface wasn’t a task for him. He had bigger problems to deal with. He realised his arm was stuck under 800 lbs of rock and it was impossible to come out without any help. It was really difficult for him to get any help as he didn’t tell anybody where he was going. He waited there for 2 days sipping few drops of water everything he felt thirsty and two packets of chips and a few chocolates. But, when he realised he ain’t receiving any help he took the hardest decision of life. He took out for a knife from his toolkit and began amputating his arm. He cried of pain and took him almost 4 days before he could finally chop off his arm completely. But he didn’t lose his love for travelling, he is still an avid hiker and his story has turned into an award-winning movie called 127 hours.

Christopher Johnson McCandless and his love for Alaska

The Inspiring Stories Of These Travellers Will Surely Give You Goosebumps-3 Money and luxury never interested Christopher who left his well-to-do family and home with no money hard or plastic, just a backpack with necessities. His goal was to reach Alaska just at the right time when the river would freeze and he would cross it to reach his ultimate destination. Hi started hitchhiking from his home in California, did odd jobs, stayed in random places and finally ended up in the forest. He found a discarded bus which is made his shelter and called it “Magic Van”. He survived on the food he hunted, sometimes a bird, sometimes an animal. He hunted down a bear once and took off its skin to protect himself from the cold. He ate plants and shrubs from time to time while he waited for the right time to reach Alaska. Sadly, he died there due to starvation and lack of nutrients. Before he died he wrote “I HAVE HAD A HAPPY LIFE AND THANK THE LORD. GOODBYE, AND MAY GOD BLESS US ALL.”

His life has been written in a book named “Into the wild” and later adapted into a movie. His story is an inspiration which will leave tears in your eyes.

Bear Grylls and his Everest dream

The Inspiring Stories Of These Travellers Will Surely Give You Goosebumps-4 Would you dare to do something again which nearly killed you once? You won’t unless you are Bear Grylls and you have the passion to follow that thing. We all know Bear Grylls for his adventures in Man vs Wild. While he was skydiving/ parachuting in Africa in 1996 his parachute failed and he fell from 16,000 ft. He broke his spinal cord and was on bed for 8 months. But hir urge and dream to climb the Mount Everest rose him again from bed to climb the highest peak of the world. He wanted to be named amongst the youngest people to climb Mt. Everest and soon he began to prepare for his summit. After 18 months he conquered the summit in 1998 at the age of 23 and is now known as the youngest climbers to summit Mt. Everest. “Technology can put a man on the moon but not here. There truly was some magic to this place.”. He quoted on his experience to climb Mt. Everest. Truly, his story to get back on feet and follow his childhood dream is an inspiration that nothing is impossible if you have the passion for it.

Steven Callahan and his battle with the sea

The Inspiring Stories Of These Travellers Will Surely Give You Goosebumps-5 Steven Callahan set out alone in 1982 on his sailboat from Canary Island to the Caribbean. His boat was hit by a sea storm and he was left stranded in the sea with five-and-a-half-foot inflatable rubber raft. He had nothing to wear except for a T-shirt, three pounds of food, a few pieces of gear and eight pints of water. He had two choices to die in the sea or to fight back and live. Callahan floated for 76 days and over 1,800 miles of ocean surviving on the leftover food and water. He finally reached the Bahamas on this inflatable rubber raft where he was finally rescued by the people there. His story is now a famous book called “Adrift” which tells in detail how he survived for 76 days in the sea. He says, he was both the Caption and Crewman and how important is leadership to deal with any situation.

Kim Dinan, the girl who sold all her possessions.

The Inspiring Stories Of These Travellers Will Surely Give You Goosebumps-6 Kim Dinan and his husband were living a comfortable life with a well-paid job in hand. But that wasn’t something Kim had dreamt of. Ever since she was a child, he wanted to write and travel. But stuck in her work and office she couldn’t do it. Until one day, she and her husband decided to sell all their possessions and travel the world. Quiet like the monk who sold his Ferrari? They received resistance from their family but it didn’t stop them. They've trekked the tallest mountains in Nepal and descended into the world’s deepest canyon in Peru. Kim has walked solo across Spain and driven a rickshaw 3,000 kilometers through India. Her life is an adventure now and she runs a blog “so many places”. Looks like she is living her dream and her story is inspirational and full of passion.

Robyn Davidson and her trek of 1,700 miles.

The Inspiring Stories Of These Travellers Will Surely Give You Goosebumps-7 As if deciding to trek for 1,700 miles wasn’t adventurous enough, Robyn Davidson was decided to trek in the Australian desert. In 1977, at the age of 25 she gave up her studies to trek through vast expanse of the Australian desert and finally reach Indian Ocean all by herself. She was accompanied by four camels and her dog Diggity. She trained herself in camel riding before she finally set out from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean coast. It took her 195 days to cover this journey which was filled with ups and downs, the desert storms and rains, accidents and wounds. Her story has now been turned into a movie called ‘Tracks’ which has original video clips from her original voyage. Her headstrong journey will move you and her courage will leave you speechless.

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