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The Day after The Night

No place to visit, no person to meet, no cuisine to cherish, no luxury to shop.

This ride was just for the love of riding a bike, and books!

I arrived at Rudrapur at 4 in the morning by an overnight bus from Delhi.

I was visiting my friend Deepankar then, who was going through a tough
time in life, and I basically went there to become the ''friend in
need, is a friend indeed''.

But soon we ran out of patience and were soon past the mourning-crap by breakfast. In chorus we both said, ''Aaj kuchh toofani karte hain''.

Desperation worked as a catalyst. Within 15 minutes we convinced two more friends of Dee for a random trip, who helped arrange (read beg, borrow, steal) a Pulsar 180 DTS-i and a Yamaha FZ; and - No helmets.

By the evening, we were in Ranikhet, 150km away, uphill.
For people who have already been to Ranikhet, you obviously know about the amazing golf course in the hills.But then, we were none the typicals at that time - Family guys, Guys with loaded pockets, or Golf players. The only means we had were a Pulsar 180 DTS-i and a Yamaha FZ; and - No helmets.

And, for those who don't know, 56 km uphill from Ranikhet lies the ''Switzerland of India' (as described by Gandhiji) - Kausani.

Anyway, just as we were about to reach the Indian Switzerland, it became a bollywood romantic – heavy rain at the twilight (which continued all night) and four rovers on wheels. To add masala to our adrenaline rush, we fell prey to a porcupine in a jungle with endless fallen trees. What was more in store for us?


And I quote my facebook status from Kausani that night:
''Night. Landslides. Fallen Trees. Heavy Rains. Bikes.
And not a goddamn vehicle in view.

200km of non stop ride - At Kausani, Uttrankhand''


Quoating my friend's status the next day:

''Looking down the 360km wide paranomic view of the valley at 1900m
altitude - At Kausani, Uttrankhand''


So that was it. For the love of bikes, we rode.
We still had 200km more to ride back to Rudrapur the next morning.
And this time too, we had the Pulsar 180 DTS-i, the Yamaha FZ, no helmets and a 'WTF' look on our faces as we looked at the places we passed the night before.

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