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The colours of Pangong

“First view of world famous Pangong Lake”, is what the sign reads as you approach the lake, 4 kms before it, marking the viewpoint. This viewpoint is a respite for us travellers, whose parched eyes are searching for the colour blue and its many hues, having had enough of the brown. This sight is enough. The next 4 kms are full of frenzy. Getting the cameras out, checking for the memory card and battery. And further we just latch on to our window. The first view of the panorama of Pangong isn’t so much a pretty sight as one would imagine. Strewn with SUVs and people who were in those SUVs, the banks of the magnificent lake seem littered and not so much out of the coffee table book we had expected. Pangong is world famous now, as we see. And it is all thanks to the movie 3 idiots (as our travel agent informs).

The colours of Pangong-1

We ponder whether this fame is a good thing or not and travel far from the crowds and nearer to isolation. Our day is planned at Spangmik, where we have Pangong just to ourselves. The quiet waves, the cobalt blue and the multi-coloured prayer flags are ours for the day. And that day will always be famous.
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