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The Charm to behold- Pushkar Desert Fair


The Charm to behold- Pushkar Desert Fair-1

A carnival of culture amid the realm of sand. Thousands of natives breaking the monotony of everyday desert lifestyle to come together from distinct villages to celebrate the long sustained roots of heritage that are still watered every day with pride and prestige. Aura so vibrant that it can infuse life even in the dead rocks around. Hundred of camels dressed up in prettiest colors, adding a rainbow to the sky above that just can’t resist looking at Earth and envying the exuberance beneath. Carts carrying people, vendors selling bangles, snake charmers and magicians bringing the old day’s charm back to life, local dancers performing the power-packed Rajasthani dance and foreigners from distant countries capturing the magic of Rajasthan in cameras, this is Pushkar Desert Festival for you.

The Charm to behold- Pushkar Desert Fair-2

Pushkar, a small town in Ajmer district of Rajasthan, hosts the largest camel fair of the world every year. While you may know Pushkar for its holy significance among Hindus, this pilgrimage city is so much more than anything that anyone can imagine. And the Desert Festival held in Pushkar every year is the real gem in its crown. ''Pushkar Mela'' is celebrated to mark the Hindu festival of ''Kartik Purnima'' which is actually a full moon night. The fair accentuates the celestial event so well that who cares if there is a full moon in the sky or not, it's prettier down in Pushkar. Pushkar house the only Brahma Temple of the world and therefore devotees from all over the country come in a prodigious count to take bath in the holy river.

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The fair is second to none and if you think that it would be like any other Indian fair, let us spill the beans. The activities hosted at the fair are so amusing that you will want to pay your visit, every year. Competitions like the beauty contest for camels, camel dance battles, camel races and so much more are actually way more entertaining than they sound. There are bridal competitions, puppet acts, camel sports and everything that makes the event stand out of all the fairs in the world combines.

The Charm to behold- Pushkar Desert Fair-4

Putting light over the significance and beauty of Pushkar desert fair, it is quite imaginable that planning a visit to the fair needs to be started by arranging the accommodation in much advances. Hotels and guest houses go stuffed during the month of October and November in Pushkar but there is nothing to fret about. Who cares about hotels and lounges when you can actually camp in the spirited Rajasthani town. Pushkar camping sights are an absolute delight with the perfect blend of modernity and ethnicity. The best part is that the Desert Camp is located at the distance of just one and a half kilometer from the fairground. Camps are called bivouacs and interiors are inspired by the Rajasthani royalty. Want to add more spunk to the entire thrilling experience? Bike ride your way from Delhi to Pushkar. 7-9 hours of the road trip will make the entire experience, just so unforgettable. In case you don't wanna go for bike riding, the nearest railway station is in Ajmer from where you will have to get on a 30 minutes road journey to reach Pushkar. Alternatively, the nearest airport is at Kishangarh, 40 minutes away from Ajmer.

The Charm to behold- Pushkar Desert Fair-5

While the desert fair is itself a reason enough to fantasize about visiting Pushkar, there are always multiple reasons to not keep the town waiting. Take some time out from the festivity of fair and indulge yourself in camel and horse safari. Another experience worth savoring is the hot air balloon ride where you hover over the grand fair, holy temples, pious lake and witness the beautiful town and its people from the sky.

The Charm to behold- Pushkar Desert Fair-6

Every year, the festival attracts not just the locals but also foreigners in a huge amount because of the raw Indian culture reflected here throughout (check out why Foreigners love Rajasthan). Every element of the fair serves as a holy grail for photographers. From sterling sunsets and sunrise to bright colors that turn people into a canvas, how can a shutterbug keep calm at a place and aura like this? And the best part is the fair host number of photography competitions and workshops too. How amazing is that?

The Charm to behold- Pushkar Desert Fair-7

Needless to say, Pushkar Desert Fair will make up for a plethora of memories, both for life and your camera (carry extra memory cards with you :p). But more importantly, it will serve you an opportunity to spend a part of your life in the magic hours of Rajasthan where animals are still the royal carriages and people still carry prestige in the knots of their turbans.

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