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The Best of Adventure Sports That You Can Enjoy in South India

We all know about the much-known beaches of South India, the historical importance of the South Indian land and yeah the backwaters. But, how many of us know about the awesome adventure sports that can be enjoyed in South India.  See South India with a different perspective for the experiences you have never had before. Next time when you are heading to South, just keep in mind you can have much more than those cliche beaches. Here is the list of adventure sports that you must try if you have got the adventure junkie inside you.

1. Camping In Coorg and Chikmagalur

The Best of Adventure Sports That You Can Enjoy in South India-1

Karnataka has got the pleasant beauty of the soothing weather, lush green mountains coupled with the aroma of coffee in the air. How would you like it when you will be wakened up by the natural aroma of coffee in the morning? Coffee lovers can totally imagine the satisfaction right now! Coorg and Chikmagalur district located in the Karnataka is one of the places where you must gain the experience of camping. Mullayanagiri Mountain, the highest peak of Karnataka and The Coleman Camping in Coorg is the right places to pitch your tents. You can also enjoy various picturesque treks that these surreal places have to offer.

2. Microlight Flying in Bangalore

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Before you begin to amaze on what that heavy term actually means, let me make it simpler for you here. A super light aircraft like vehicle can carry two people at a time gives to the exotic experience of soaring high in the sky in your own little jet plane. Jakkur airfield in Bangalore is the right place where you can fly at an elevation of 4000 m above the sea level to enjoy the beauty of world beneath you. Mysore and Coorg are other two locations where you can enjoy this unique experience.

3. Parasailing in Kerala

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Water sports for sure are the forte of South India. And where can you enjoy this adrenaline raising adventure sports of Parasailing? Payyambalam, Kannur beach is the right place to be at for the enthralling experience of gliding through the air above the endless and serene Arabian sea.

4. Bamboo Rafting in Periyar

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Many of us had already tried rafting, but boast this time of truly a unique experience of rafting in Bamboo boats. Head to Periyar National park which not only offers the delight of wildlife but also lets you enjoy the Bamboo boats rafting. Sail in the calm waters of Periyar lake and look out for the animals around in their natural habitat. There is exactly where you can live your Indiana Jones fantasies!

5. Paragliding in Munnar

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Munnar is breathtakingly beautiful with its wonderful sceneries of tea plantations. When it can woo you with its beauty when you are on the land imagine the thrills when you will be flying above the rich green carpets of tea-gardens and hill slopes of Munnar. Trust me, green can never look better to your eyes. Paragliding is an enthralling adventure sport that you cannot miss while you are voyaging South India.

Banglore and Yellagiri in Chennai are other places where you can best of paragliding experience.


6. Trek Chembra Lake and Neelimala view point

The Best of Adventure Sports That You Can Enjoy in South India-6

The beautiful and unique beauty of a heart-shaped lake along with the surreal view of clouds and mountains is offered to you when you are trekking Chembra lake. At Chembra Lake you can undertake the easy trek of 3-hours that offers the panoramic beauty of whole Wayanad district. The main attraction of this trek is the heart-shaped 'hridhayathadakam' lake which never dries out.

Another trek to the Neelimala view point is something that you cannot miss in Wayanad. The end point of the trek wishes you with the roaring waters of Meenmutty waterfalls surrounded densely with the Wayanad vegetation.

7. Sky-Diving in Mysore

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Admit it, Bollywood flick Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara has definitely forced us to put Sky-Diving on your bucket list. And this is where you can live your fantasy of jumping off the plane. Find yourself at the Chamundi hills in Mysore to enjoy the marvelous view of whole Mysore with the little dots of human settlements. Although, Sky-Diving needs a prior professional training and it is not easy as jumping off the cliff but then don’t back down because the result can make it all worthwhile.

8. ATV Rides in Chennai

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All the bike lovers who skip a beat when they hear the roaring sound of bikes, ATV is just your thing and East Coast Road in Chennai is your destination. Explore the rugged and rocky paths in your powerful ATV in Chennai. The best thing about this adventure sports is that you need not be super-fit and you do not need any prior training. Just turn the ignition on and let the roaring engine please your ears.

9. Surfing- Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka.

The Best of Adventure Sports That You Can Enjoy in South India-9

There was no way we were missing this easy and yet super-fun water sports from your list. Just take your surf boat and found yourself on the shore of Arabian sea to enjoy the best of Surfing experience. Varkala in Kerala, Manapad in Chennai, Kovalam in Kerala and Gokarna in Karnataka are the best places to show off your surfing moves in the Arabian sea.

10. Rafting in Coorg

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Let go of all your strengths rafting on the Barapole river in Coorg. Beware, white-water rafting here can be challenging, but if you really want to gain that nut-cracking rafting experience, then let it be tough! You will come across the fierce waters of the Barapole river and the huge rocks that stand in the middle of the river. Dubare river in Coorg is another place where you can enjoy the fascinating experience of rafting.


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