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The Bali Swing'- An Experience You Wouldn't Want To Miss


When it comes it doing out of the blue things Bali just doesn’t let you down. At first it has plethora of innovative adventure sports to enjoy on the sun-kissed beaches of Bali and here it is, a ‘The Famous Bali Swing’ covering up the news and wooing all the travelers who just want to have the experience themselves. Let’s see what’s the buzz about the “Bali Swing”?

What is Bali Swing?

The Bali Swing'- An Experience You Wouldn't Want To Miss-1 Harder to explain and heavenly to experience!

Just imagine if you could if you go back to good old days, swinging under the shade of dense tree, where you spent your childhood chering the little memories of the warm sun, soothing breezing, hair flying with the wind and butterflies dancing in your stomach. Reminiscing about it already?

Just imagine if you could reach at the end of the cliff and fly above the earth which is miles down your feet and the clouds just a little above you.

And now, try and amalgamate these two experiences. This is the best that I can make you dream of the Bali Swing.

It is the enthralling and adrenaline pumping swing made for the adults which lets you swing above the abyss but a beautiful one. With coconut tree lined up beneath you in numbers and few water streams flowing here and there and the gentleness of wind kissing your face.

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Where to go for it?

The Bali Swing'- An Experience You Wouldn't Want To Miss-2 Bali swing is located in Ubud. It is beautiful green view of the rice terrace gardens of Bali and the palm laden earth covered in the sheet of greenery. Ayung river flowing beneath you in its full freshness and a small waterfall just adding tinge of perfecting to the beauty of Bali. You can also spot Mt Ayung standing at a distance and adding the backdrop to this beautiful scenery. And there you are on a top of hill swinging with the breeze from the swing connected to the coconut trees.

There are two agents that conducts swing ride in Ubud- Zen hideaway, who also have a unique stay carved out in the old teak plants and has been converted into a tree house hotel.

The other is Bali Swing, you offers lunch and great photogenic locations around the swing.

How is the experience like?

The Bali Swing'- An Experience You Wouldn't Want To Miss-3 The Bali swing isn’t just about taking that 30 minute ride from a top of hill but the whole package that it has to offer makes it even more special. The swing is located few miles from the center of Bali in a small village where all you will get to witness is the natural beauty in its purest form. There are house trees constructed on the old teak trees where you can spend your night, explore the village meanwhile you experience the thrills of the swing. They have added beautiful installations around- a swing in the form of a bird’s nest, helicopter, a cliff at the end of the hill which is a perfect location to click some great pictures to beautify your Instagram feed. You can enjoy a lunch buffet after the exhilirating ride of the swing and just relax and marvel the surrounding beauty.

Is it safe?

There are 4 types of swing all of different heights- 10 m, 20 m, 58 m and 78 m above the ground. You are connected to a harness on all of the rides. 78 m swing requires big safety measures, hence there is a big harness for it. However, 10 m swing is not that risky and there is only a small rope attached to your body for safety. The ride is absolutely safe and the chances of any accidents are very low as the swing is under professional supervision and the set it pretty advance and safe. No worries!

Why should you swing it?

The Bali Swing'- An Experience You Wouldn't Want To Miss-4 Among the best and innovative experiences that you can have in Bali, Bali swing is definitely one thing that you cannot find everywhere. It is such a great and unique experience with all the beauty of Ubud that if you are in the island of gods, you should definitely experience it and show it off to the world. Plus, the ride fun-filling, like flying freely in the sky above the green carpet of trees and streams. It is an extreme adventure and you shouldn’t be missing it for the world.


The Bali Swing'- An Experience You Wouldn't Want To Miss-5 The lower swings are better for clicking photos as the rope attached to your body is almost negligible.

You need to book or register in advance before you take the ride.

The sunset would be the best time to go for it.

You can make a stay in the village for best experience if you go with Zen hideaway for the swing.

You can get a free pick up from ‘Queen’s of India’ restaurant in Ubud, else the pick up cost from your accommodation is 6$.

Timings: 8:00 AM- 5 PM

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: 35$ for package

10$ for swing

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