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Step into the Magical Realm of Goan Nightlife

When it comes to Goa, it gets really difficult for people to resist visiting the place. Goa offers a variety of colorful nightlife options for the visitors that makes up for a perfect fun-filled vacation. The nightlife of Goa is easily better than any of the other states, not restricting itself to any particular activity and therefore making up a dynamic atmosphere which nobody would want to miss.

Goa’s nightlife offers everything, from crazy partying with other party freaks from all around the globe to a silent beachside bonfire-barbeque night with your loved one. After sunset, the streets light up with different lights and shades of people and the whole place looks lively and celebratory. It captures all that you have been thinking constitutes nightlife. Here is a list of things that you should do to enjoy the nightlife of one of the most happening places in the country.

The Beach Shacks

Step into the Magical Realm of Goan Nightlife-1 Beach shacks appear to be omnipresent throughout the beaches of Goa, especially during peak season of October to March. These shacks are open from the morning to serve customers but it is only after sunset that these shacks show their true lively colors with bright lights, music, food and drinks. These shacks bring life to the beaches at night and are frequented by people of all ages.

One of the most famous beach shacks is the Curlie’s beach shack located a little ahead of Little Anjuna beach. They are known for their delicious pate and onion marmalade which, if you ask me, is surely great. The Pine Shack is another very famous shack which will arrange a beachside-bonfire-barbeque for you and your partners under the night sky where you can relax with the sounds of sea-waves.

Night Clubs and Discotheques

Step into the Magical Realm of Goan Nightlife-2 The list of nightclubs in Goa is a very long one. These are the spots which, with their lively music and a series of drinks make the nightlife of Goa a very happening one. Club Tito is one of the oldest and most happening night clubs in Goa. Tito’s lane is very popular among the visitors for its variety of alcoholic drinks and lip-smacking food combined with lovely music. The lane is a host for many other night clubs such as Café Mambo, River Front Bistro among others. Apart from these Club Cubana and Love, Passion and karma (LPK)  are the ones offering the world-class party experience that you must gain in Goa.

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Flea Markets on Saturdays

Step into the Magical Realm of Goan Nightlife-3 The Arpora Saturday Flea Market which is held every Saturday from 6 pm to midnight offers a wide variety of product to satisfy your shopping soul. The products range from a wide variety of clothes, herbs and spices, shoes, home decoration items, booze and much more. Geographically the market is divided into three parts for you to have easy access to your products according to your wallet size. The upper side of the market is a host for international designer shops and boutiques. The central part of the market is known for beers, pints, spirit, wine and different cuisine, both local and international and also host Goa’s some very popular restaurants. The lower field is for the shoppers. The products available on this part are usual cheap local clothes, footwear, carpets and decoration items among others. A few miles ahead, along the Baga beach lay Mackie’s Saturday night bazaar which has a smaller crowd but is equally good.

Party Cruises

Step into the Magical Realm of Goan Nightlife-4 The feel of a moving surface under your feet, electrifying music, world class food and a range of drinks is an experience you surely wouldn’t want to miss. Such experience is what Party Cruises promise to offer you. Having fun while cruising on the ocean sounds terrific, ain’t it? There are river as well as ocean party cruises to give you a terrific experience.

All Night Casinos

Step into the Magical Realm of Goan Nightlife-5 Well for the lord’s sake you are in Goa, you have to try your hand at gambling for once at least. It’s legal and fun. There are a number of casinos and can be found easily in resorts and upscale hotels as well as on the local beaches. However, the only hurdle with onshore casinos is that they can have only electronic games. And thus, offshore casinos are more popular among tourists and are the boss of gambling activity in Goa. The most popular casino in Goa is located on a luxury yacht at Mandovi River. The yacht takes two trips daily called the Dusk and Dinner trips. The yacht is very strict regarding dress codes and has multiple avenues to keep the guests entertained. Being on this yacht, you might feel being in Las Vegas as well!

Parties with No Noise

Step into the Magical Realm of Goan Nightlife-6 As unique as it sounds, South Goa offers a new way of partying in its revered nightlife that is becoming a trend. Near Palolem beach, every Saturday night this Silent Noise party takes place. In this party, foreigners, teenagers and youngsters join in large numbers, plug in their headphones and groove on the dance floor while listening to their preferred genres of music. It is fun to dance with this new concept of partying that has already become a rage in foreign countries and is slowly being embraced by people visiting Goa. You can choose to groove to your music or just sit back and sip on your favorite drink while watching others enjoy!

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Star Gazing

Step into the Magical Realm of Goan Nightlife-7 When you get tired of the bustling and celebrations of the Goan nightlife, you can just sit on the beaches at night and silently star-gaze, which surely is a sight that the cities are not able to provide. Skip a few guzzling moments from your happening activities and enjoy the unusual quiet side of Goa.
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