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Singapore FAQ-1

General FAQ

What is the currency of Singapore?

The currency of Singapore is the Singapore Dollar. 1 SGD ~ 52 INR.

Where can I get my currency exchanged in Singapore?

You can get your currency exchanged to SGD at the Changi International Airport. You can also find authorized money changers at major centres in the city.

How much Forex (cash/ currency card) needs to be carried based on the itinerary?

Your per day expense in Singapore would range between SGD 50-70 for a couple. So if you are travelling to Singapore for 5 nights then you should carry money approximately between SGD 250-350.

Where can I purchase a local sim card?

You can purchase a local sim card from designated counters at Changi Airport or in the city from authorised retailers. Some of the local service providers are SingTel, StarHub, and M1.

Do I need to buy entrance tickets for Universal Studio?

You need to buy a pass for a visit to Singapore Universal studios if it is not included in your Singapore package. Tickets are non-transferable and must be used by the same person throughout the day.

Why SIC transfers are recommended in Singapore?

SIC transfers are recommended in Singapore as it is cost-effective, tours are guided, and well managed. Apart from this, SIC transfers picks you up from your Hotel that further eases your commute.

Why do I have to pay GST on goods that I bring into Singapore from overseas?

In Singapore, GST is applied on the domestic consumption. Therefore, goods purchased locally as well as those imported is subject to GST. However, as a tourist in Singapore, if you make any purchase of more than SGD100 (including GST) at participating shops, you may claim a refund on the 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST) paid on your purchases.

How safe is Singapore?

Singapore is viewed as one of the world's safest and cleanest cities. Singapore has a lower crime rate but one needs to be cautious about petty crimes like pick pocketing and snatching.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Singapore?

Yes, tap water is clean to drink in Singapore. The water supply is regulated by Environmental Public Health who have established guidelines for drinking water according to the WHO.

VISA and Passport Related Questions:

Does Singapore has a visa on arrival?

No, Singapore does not offer Visa on Arrival to Indian Passport holders. Travellers who are visiting as a tourist for a short term period of 30 days need an e-Tourist visa in the form of an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation). It is advisable to apply for your visa at least three to four weeks in advance.

Can I apply for a Singapore tourist visa online?

Yes, you can apply for Singapore Tourist Visa online which will allow you to stay in the country for a maximum of 30 days. Your passport should be valid for 6 months from the date of your entry. It is a multiple entry visa i.e. you don’t need to re-apply for Singapore Visa within its validity time.

Do I need to pay any fee for Visa?

A approx. SGD 30-35, non-refundable processing fee needs to be paid to obtain your Visa.

How do I cancel my Singapore visa application?

Once you have submitted your application for Singapore visa & made the payment, it cannot be cancelled.

What are the passport requirements for Singapore?

You should have a valid passport issued by the government of India, not expiring before the period of six months from the date of the beginning of your trip. Also, your passport should contain a minimum 3 blank pages for the processes.

Flight and Hotel Related Questions :

What is the check-in time for Hotels?

The standard check-in time for Hotels in Singapore is 3 p.m.

Why are hotel rooms in Singapore smaller than the standard room size?

Singapore is a small island business country / City so the hotels are designed compactly, hence rooms are a bit smaller and cosy compared to other South-east Asia island hotels.

What is the flight baggage limit for a person?

Most of the aviation companies have a similar rule segments for weight allowed to be carried by a passenger as follows:

Full Service Carrier (All carriers except LCC, Singapore Airways, Malaysian Airways., etc.)

a) 7 kg hand baggage b) 25kg /30 kg cabin baggage

Flexi Carrier (Malindo Airways., etc)

7 Kg Hand Baggage b) Cabin Baggage is as per the tickets booked

Low-Cost Carrier (Air Asia, Scoot Airways, Tiger Airways., etc.)

Only 7 kg hand baggage

Are any meals included in the flight?

Meal availability needs to be checked while booking the flight tickets. However meals are pre-included in full service carriers. Meal selection is done online using manage my booking section on respective Airline’s website.

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