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To revolutionize traveling so profoundly, nobody would ever travel the old way & the only way to travel would be hassle free.

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Shoes On Loose was started when three IITians Mohit, Gaurav and Kritagya decided to make something out of their common passion for travel. Armed with a wide array of technical experience brought by their many travels within India and abroad, these IIT Delhi college mates bonded together to form Shoes On Loose in 2011.

With a mission to break out of the norm and impact the travel sphere in meaningful ways, the company was conceptualized and started by Mohit Poddar.

Gaurav and Kritagya had initially joined as interns, however due to their zeal and commitment towards the company soon made them major players in the company’s growth.

From the very beginning the core idea of the founders’ has always been to revolutionize the industry, which was born out of the fact that the travel paradigm lacked resources and technical support needed, in order to make travelling hassle free for customers.

Since the foundation of the company the three leaders have been effectively utilizing their resources, to continuously improve the company’s services and exceeding their customers’ expectations in terms of overall performance and customer satisfaction. Today, all three of them drive all visionary aspects of the company, from itinerary design, to tour leader training, marketing and company strategy.

Their vision has always been, “To remove the stress of booking, managing and undertaking travel by making it better and easier for everyone.”

To Mohit, the importance of travelling is crucial in gaining personal enrichment and professional development. His own travel mantra is, “Travel forces us to discover what we're truly made of, and this can only happen if the trip is hassle free, when one is not burdened with the nitty-gritty of bookings and transportation. We travel to make memories.”

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As per Gaurav the company inspires personalized and thoughtful travel, whether you're actually planning a trip or just dreaming about one.

“We distinguish ourselves through our strong commitment to improve and to inspire, with the help of seamless technology”, says Kritagya.

“Our company is committed to promoting tourism, offering comprehensive and innovative solutions to satisfy our clients’ needs, seeking to exceed their expectations, within the framework of quality, responsibility and equity”, adds Kritagya.

Among the services offered by the company stands out the coordination of itineraries for individuals or groups, including hotel reservations, transport, tours, flights, logistical support activities and any other special requirements necessary. The company offers, creative and innovative ideas to allow its customers experience maximum enjoyment of the richness of a city or country, with an agile, personalized and efficient service, which is backed by technical support of determined professionals.

With an experience facilitating strategic travel management, the team has grown from three people to 50+ in merely eight years, while the core values have remained the same. All members have had their own unique travel experiences, which motivates them to help others achieve their travel goals.

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Believers of constant learning, the founders have created a culture that encourages innovation. They ask their teams to challenge the status quo and welcome new ideas, because they believe that this ensures they’re always improving and it gives employees the opportunity to help drive their business forward.

When Gaurav and Kritagya joined the company as interns since then to today, they say, “we don’t just come to work to do a job, we come to work to make a difference.”

Besides conducting successful tours, the leaders have also planned, orchestrated, and participated in some insanely cool and transformative adventures as well as music festivals, in the role of camping partners.

The success of the company is a testament to its valued team members. They provide dedicated customer service day in and day out and their loyalty to both the clients and the company, is reflected in the number of happy clients which has crossed over 35000+. They have successfully conducted 7500+ tours in eight destinations both domestic and international. The net revenue for the last fiscal year was 165 million.

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With the goal to never stop evolving, Shoes On Loose strives further to smoothen coordination between customer and service providers, by creating a transparent medium with the means of technology; to ensure every customer gets to experience a memorable hassle free trip.
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