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From Travel Community to Travel Experts, this is how Shoes On Loose rose to a known Online Travel Company


From Travel Community to Travel Experts, this is how Shoes On Loose rose to a known Online Travel Company-1

Founded in 2011, they kicked it off as a Travel Community - giving way to their passion for exploring the unique places, meeting people and spread the travel fever across every travel aspirant.

Mohit soon saw it as a full-time opportunity to break the stereotype of random information and lagging customer satisfaction. With immense enthusiasm and an attitude to bring the change, he gave a new vision to the company to introduce hassle-free travelling. Meanwhile, Kritagya and Gaurav from IIT Delhi itself joined the company in 2013 to take it to the new heights.

''This is how Shoes On Loose bootstrapped its way to profitability:''

The Classic Start-up Story-

What started with adventure packed expeditions slowly paced up to change. Starting with photography workshop with Sapna Reddy a renowned photographer, Shoes On Loose soon became travel partners with Global Himalayan Expedition (GHE) in the year 2013.

Gearing up here also meant gearing up with travel equipments. In the year 2013, Mohit bought the first three tents and catered to schools for camping. To the time, when IIT-Delhi hostel rooms were room for these gears to now a full-fledged store room; Shoes On Loose eventually saw its rise. It wasn’t late enough for the world to laud their work. In a startup contest in IIT-Delhi, they were adjudged first and the team of 8 then knew, there is no looking back.

The Growing Era-

The win was a mere push to further growth which gave birth to the website. Soon Shoes On Loose was known as a travel blogging community and transited from a travel community. The expeditions too had a makeover, and entered the domestic destinations followed by first international destination-Bali. The leads outsourcing became a constant but the motto of hassle-free travel saw a path only when the company decided to design its own CRMs (Customer Relationship Management). From 40 minutes to 2 minutes of pre-sale interface CRM’s casted their magic spell.

They redefined the working culture of this industry by creating transparency between customers and service providers using the technology. Also, strengthened their destination knowledge and delighted their clients with happy and most importantly hassle-free tours.

The growth in number of clients to team, Shoes On Loose moved to an office space which now is home for over 50+ employees. Change being the only constant was well understood by the three of them; which led to revamping of website in the year 2018 and also the lead flow was self-generated.

Shoes On Loose was no longer a travel blogger community. It became a successful travel company ready to summit new zeniths.

The Visionary Voices-

Gaurav takes the technology in front foot and plans to revolutionize the travel industry technically. While Mohit wants Shoes On Loose to have 10% market share; Kritagya believes for any customer looking for personalised tour, should get in touch with Shoes On Loose. Each of the CO's are racing towards the single motto of hassle-free travel.

Strongly believing in their foundation, the company believes in keeping EQ over IQ and with over 35000+ happy clients they want knowledge, commitment and integrity to outspeak the travel world.

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