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Seminyak: The Cosmopolitan Side Of Bali


If you are expecting just beaches and beauty in Bali, then I am glad to prove you wrong because that’s just the tip of the iceberg that you get to see in Bali. Ahead of you, lies the tropical haven which is natural and cosmopolitan as well. One moment you are lost somewhere in the serenity of white sand beaches and the within few moments Bali will change its colour and you will feel like you're in a freaky party destination. There are beaches, and then are bars, there is culture and then there are cafes, there is peace and then there is the party, there are beautiful rice fields and then there is bizarre nightlife. The blend of all of it makes Bali such a hotspot travel destination. It’s like having the best of both worlds. Who doesn’t like that?

Now if you have been following us, you would know where to head for a serene experience, the best beaches and best sites in Bali. But, what if you are looking forward to a cosmopolitan vibe? Don’t you worry because this time we are all about the cosmopolitan side of Bali? And we have Seminyak as the top destination. Let’s find out what makes Seminyak a cultural hub?

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What is Seminyak?

Located in the south of Bali, Seminyak is a beach resort destination of Bali. This is where you would find the array of luxurious beach resorts, villas and hotels with the breathtaking sea views. It is the uber side of Bali where you get to see the high-end shopping malls, the fine-dine restaurants, opulent bars and beach clubs that will give you the right amount of luxurious experience. It won’t be wrong to call Seminyak the most stylish and happening part of Bali. And, since the currency of Indonesia is so cheap, it doesn’t come a hefty price. What will you find in Seminyak?

1. Best beach resorts and villas

Seminyak: The Cosmopolitan Side Of Bali-2 If you are planning to stay in the luxurious beach resort or villa in Bali, it goes without saying that you would find the best options in Seminyak. It has some of the finest villas and resorts in Bali, if you looking for one, there is your one-stop destination. It has some of the highest-rated accommodations in Bali. And you would enjoy the undisturbed views of the infinite blue Indian ocean and white sand beaches from your room. The services are impeccable as well. There are infinity pools, private pools, in-house restaurants. All in all, together it promises a great stay in Bali.

Suggested places to stay: Alila Seminyak, The Haven, The Seminyak beach resort and spa, Amadea resorts, Dash Hotel.

2. Nightclubs and parties

Seminyak: The Cosmopolitan Side Of Bali-3 If you want to explore the bizarre nightlife of Bali, there shouldn’t be anything on your mind but Seminyak. It has tons of lavish bars and clubs of Bali. Most of the bars in Bali has both beachfront and indoor seating. While the indoor setting is lavishly decorated and gives you an exquisite experience, outdoor settings are best suited for a dinner date, a peaceful meet or for a laidback time. You can have both the experiences uncompromised. Talking about the food and booze, you will find delicious delicacies of Bali and the exquisite cuisine of the world. They don’t lack behind when it comes to music. You will see the finest international DJ’s and artists performing in the nightclubs of Seminyak. Ambience, check. Music, check. Beach, check. Booze, check.

Suggested places to go: Ku De Ta, Mirror lounge, OPVIM.

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3. Beach clubs for a beach outing

Seminyak: The Cosmopolitan Side Of Bali-4 There is nothing like it having a beer or a good glass of alcohol while you sit and enjoy the sea in front of you. Beach clubs in Bali have a different vibe altogether. They are lavish, huge and their hospitality makes sure that you have the best of experience here. Some of the beach clubs also have a pool, so you can enjoy a pool by the drink or the occasional beach parties that happen here. Other than that, it’s a great place to enjoy the sunset from the distance.

Suggested beach clubs to go: Potato head beach club, Cocoon beach club, Ku De Ta.

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3. Serene beaches

Seminyak: The Cosmopolitan Side Of Bali-5 Seminyak is home to some of the best beaches in Bali. The beaches here are much more peaceful and less crowded than Kuta and Legian. The day is generally quiet at the beach and you can enjoy sunbathing and picnic by the shore. Watch Seminyak change its colours as the sun sets down. The beaches in Seminyak are lit up after the sunset, there are filled with cultural programmes, loud music, beach parties and what not. The parties go till wee hours so you have all the night by yourself which you can spend hopping from beaches to beaches and clubs to clubs.

Suggested places to go: Seminyak beach, Echo beach, Double six beach.

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4. Shopping spree in Seminyak

Seminyak: The Cosmopolitan Side Of Bali-6 Seminyak is known for its unique shopping experience. It has both high-end markets which include malls, boutiques, and lavish stores. On the other hand, you have a street shopping experience which goes unbeatable here. Seminyak Square is the best place to go shopping and dining together. The Seminyak Village is no unheard name when it comes to the expensive shopping experience. Seminyak village has been developed into a high-end beach resort with multiple shopping destinations. You can also go for Bali boutiques and famous brand of Bali such as Biasa Bali and blue glue bikinis. Don’t get disappointed if you wanted to go for flea shopping. Seminyak also has flea markets selling handicrafts, artifacts, jewelry, clothes and much more. Head to the Seminyak flea market for cheap shopping and souvenirs. There are few night flea markets in Seminyak as well.

5. Secret getaway from Seminyak- Canggu

Seminyak: The Cosmopolitan Side Of Bali-7 Ever since Kuta became too crowded, traveller soon started looking for a new place to chill. That’s when Canggu was discovered which is now known as the hippie’s haven. Canggu is located 10 km away from Seminyak and it has completely different cosmopolitan vibes. It has beautiful resorts, casual cafes and hippie culture that is a traveller's favourite in Bali. You can take a cab or simply enjoy a self-drive to this place which offers the peace and serenity.

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6. The artistic side

Seminyak: The Cosmopolitan Side Of Bali-8 If you are a fan of art, then Seminyak won’t let you down. There are a number of art galleries mushrooming in the streets of Seminyak. You will get to see the Bali artists and their masterpieces. Head to stores like Nyaman gallery, which has contemporary art pieces by local artisans and rising Indonesian artists. You can also visit Kody and Ko, which is known for its home decor and art pieces. Drifter Durf Shop is another highlight of the Seminyak market.

7. Other attractions

Seminyak: The Cosmopolitan Side Of Bali-9 Nightclubs, check. Beaches, check. Resorts, check. Shopping, check. Wait, because it isn’t over in Seminyak yet. There are other unique places in Seminyak as well that are worth a visit. The 3D museum is one of the most popular destinations in Seminyak. It is loved by both kids and adults. The museum is painted with 3D drawings all over and is a delight to watch. Take the totem tea room escape challenge and escape room as you solve mysteries to free yourself from the trap. Clearly, there is no end to activities that you can enjoy in Seminyak.

I am sure by now you are drooling over Seminyak. It is one place in Bali that never sleeps and you can never have the cosmopolitan culture here.

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