#Save ladakh

Why Join US?

It is for our nature, today we EXIST! And it's because of them we find reason to TRAVEL!
It is the alluring landscapes, mesmerizing lakes & unmatched weather of the cold desert of Ladakh which is pulling thousands over years to soak & sink in its beauty. But what are we giving in return? Nearly 13000 plastic bottles a day & tons of garbage! We are stealing the beauty of Ladakh.
The today of us must question: Why are we degrading a place which brings peace & happiness? If we aren't adding to the adversity, what are we doing for the betterment of the situation? To all the questions, answer comes with responsibility. What Shoes On Loose is doing is well highlighted in the blogs below.
Join us in our initiative this Independence Day by getting #freedomfromplastic and be badged to be more than a traveller, to be a Responsible Traveller because "Kal Ke Liye ,Aaj Kuch Karte Hein !"

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