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16 Romantic Destinations in India Every Couple Must Visit


Young couples have a very select range of places to visit, where they can appreciate nature, experience culture and indulge in luxury. We have brought you, the best locations that give couples the best amalgamation of these three. Aside from the Taj Mahal, there are exists many romantic places in India which have set

1. Kerala

16 Romantic Destinations in India Every Couple Must Visit-1

Kerala waterways in Alleppey offer young couples an option of an exquisite getaway. You will have, at your disposal, an upgraded version of the traditional Kerala boat, a Kettuvallom. Bamboo and coconut fiber make the cabins on a boat cozy and the boat comes with its own captain, guide and cook. Apart from spending some quality time at the houseboat, you can go to Wayanad for a stay in a treehouse or go for paragliding. Wayanad is a green paradise which is situated among the mountains of western ghats and at the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Kerala has so much to offer to honeymooners that you will love the holiday. Romance away amidst the tea plantations of Kerala, this will be an experience that you will remember. Candle light dinners in fine dine restaurants have their own charm but romance amidst the lush green of tea plantation should be experienced for once. Make your getaway with your loved one, a mixture of adventure and relaxation. After all, Kerala is said to be India's most romantic honeymoon destination.

2. Srinagar

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It goes without saying that Srinagar is one hell of a romantic getaway place. Srinagar is a beautiful place and a trip here should only be planned with your hubby. Get the perfect shots there and come back with tons of pictures. Srinagar is one of the prettiest places in India. Taking a romantic stroll in the pine forests with your loved one will spark your romance afresh. In Srinagar, you can stay on a Gurkha houseboat on the Nagin Lake and sail through the waters of the Dal Lake. Here, you can visit the Mughal Gardens, lakes, go for shopping take a romantic shikara ride. During the nights, you and your loved one can together watch the stars and soak in the lovely weather of Srinagar.

3. Udaipur

Lake Palace, Udaipur

What can be more romantic than lying in the lap of luxury, in the middle of a lake? In the middle of Lake Pichola, couples will find this palace of marble. With its 83 decadent rooms, this palace has a terrace restaurant and offers its guests exclusive boat rides and butler service. You'll find such a place only in the "city of lakes". Apart from the Lake Palace, your other half and you can stroll in the markets of Udaipur, explore the different palaces and go to the lakes.

4. Lakshadweep

16 Romantic Destinations in India Every Couple Must Visit-4 There's nothing better than walking on white sand with palm trees on the right and sea water on the left. Lakshadweep offers all of these things which makes it the perfect place for honeymooners. Add this destination to your travel list and drag your other half here now. Get away from the modern life and enjoy the slow life that Lakshadweep has to offer. You can do many water sports here like snorkelling, windsurfing, dolphin diving etc. Lakshadweep has mesmerizing landscapes which will make you fall in love with this destination. I guarantee that you'll be coming back here for another romantic getaway!

5. Golden city of love, Jaisalmer


The beauty of love is best reflected in the cultural extravaganza of the Golden City of Jaisalmer. Everywhere you look, you can see the sandstone architecture that the city is famous for. Havelis, the magnificent 12th century fort and townhouses, are milestones in a walk down India’s history. The Wilderness, let’s wing it! Hyenas, bears, jungle cats; you can catch a glimpse of them all in your safari tours. To close the day, you can chill in the mahogany beds or the enormous water tubs of these 10 opulent tents which come with their own air conditioning. If your hubby and you are lovers of different cultures then Jaisalmer will be just where you next need to go.

6. Andaman

16 Romantic Destinations in India Every Couple Must Visit-6

Andaman is full of thrilling activities like booking an inter-island helicopter, taking diving lessons, hiking in the tropical forests, renting scooties etc. The one thing which you can do in Andaman and probably at no other destination in India is exchange rings underwater. What can be more romantic than standing on a seabed and rekindling your love amongst fishes. You can also visit Havelock Islands which is famous for its perfect white sandy beaches, rich coral reefs and lush green forests. It is extremely safe and a guide is there with you at all times. Don't know about you but I'm definitely heading to Andaman with my other half.

7. Goa


Goa has always been known for its fun quotient. Spread over 56 acres, the Benaulim Beach is one of the few locations in Goa where you should head to, with your other half. You can enjoy the spa pavilions and golf courses, and experience the California feel of this retreat. It still retains the essence of India with its ayurveda sessions and Goan cuisine. In Goa, you can do water sports, go for long late night walks, drink the famous King beer and go for dips at the beaches.

8. Shimla


At a height of 8,250 ft, this retreat is ideal for those who love their abode in the mountains. Cedar forests blanket the foothills of the Himalayan Range. Replete with teak flooring and evening fires, the location has a sense of colonial wonder about it. You can enjoy horse rides and picnics. Shimla also has a huge mall road. If your loved one and you are suckers for snow, then head to the most romantic hill station of Himachal Pradesh- Shimla without having any doubts.

9. Pondicherry

16 Romantic Destinations in India Every Couple Must Visit-9

Pondicherry is famously known as the French Riviera of the East. It is one of the most romantic getaways for couples. A former French colony, Pondicherry will give you a French feel with it's culture, influence and food. You and your loved one can go for heritage walks, village tours, watch the sunrise, scuba diving etc. You can also get a romantic shoot done here because Pondicherry is so stunning that it will act as the perfect background for your pictures. This place has food to die for so your other half and you will be more than satisfied.

10. Shillong

16 Romantic Destinations in India Every Couple Must Visit-10

Shillong with its lush green hills and mesmerizing waterfalls is said to be one of the most charming states of India. It offers the perfect mix of old school and modern day charm. Shillong travel circuit has the best roads which will make you want to keep on driving. Discover places like Barra Bazaar, Elephant falls, Police Bazaar etc. And if you and your loved one are crazy for food then Shillong will make you guys super happy. You'll get a huge variety of momos there along with fruit beer, thukpa, chicken curry, sticky rice etc. It's the one honeymoon destination of India go-to place for those who got together because of food (no kidding!)

11. Ladakh

16 Romantic Destinations in India Every Couple Must Visit-11 Which couples wouldn't enjoy cuddling in the middle of mountains where snow is around, everywhere you look? Ladakh is that stunning location which is made for couples. Let go of time and space at this destination by visiting the Pangong Lake, Nubra Valley, Magnetic Hill, Khardung La Pass and a lot many other places. If you guys are up for an adventure, you can bike your way from Manali to Ladakh. The Manali-Leh road is smooth and you'll be closer to nature. You'll definitely fall head over heels for Ladakh and your other half at the same time!

12. Manali

16 Romantic Destinations in India Every Couple Must Visit-12 If you're confused about taking a vacation to Manali with your other half, then don't be because we're here with a truckload of reasons why Manali is the perfect location for a couple getaway. It is a great mix and nobody can get bored here. Oh, and Manali has loads of nice resorts you can stay at. You can do things like going for trekking to Bias Kund Trek, Bhrigu Lake Trek, go for Manali to Leh safari ride, stuff your bellies with food to die for and stroll around on the roads of Manali. If you and your other half are people's persons then you'll make many friends here. If you're planning on taking a thrilling trip then you can camp in Manali.

13. Tawang

16 Romantic Destinations in India Every Couple Must Visit-13

Not really considered as a romantic destination, Tawang has been left out of the travel list of many couples. But we're here to tell you why you should head to Tawang and have the vacation of the year. Tawang is a region in Arunachal Pradesh and is not explored by many. The landscapes that it has to offer will get you and your other half all awestruck. When in Tawang, you can visit it's famous Tawang monastery, snow clad Sela Pass and the Nuranang Waterfalls. The Sangetsar Lake is a must visit as this lake is also one of the remotest high altitude lakes in the country and is also known locally as Madhuri jheel or lake. It's named after Madhuri Dixit!

14. Haflong

16 Romantic Destinations in India Every Couple Must Visit-14 If you're looking for a getaway at a secluded place then Haflong is the place for you. It's known for it's small-small villages, Jatinga Bird Observatory, Jorai, Haflong Gallery view of Muolhoi Ville and Fiangpui Garden. You can reach here by taking a flight till Silchar or by taking a train till the New Haflong junction. And as this place is pleasant all year long, you can go here whenever you like. Think about all the yummy food you'll get at this place (mouth drooling right?)

15. Auli

16 Romantic Destinations in India Every Couple Must Visit-15 Auli is a small hillstation in the Uttarakhand district. When a person visits Auli, his first reaction is that the place looks like a movie set. This is the one honeymoon destination in Uttarakhand you should definitely. Known as the "heaven on earth", Auli is a pocket-friendly place. Go for adventure activities like skiing, trekking and you can also visit the lake here. If you want to go somewhere nearby for only a short vacation then pick Auli. You won't be disappointed.

16. Kanyakumari

16 Romantic Destinations in India Every Couple Must Visit-16

Kanyakumari is at the southernmost tip of Indian mainland where the Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea meets the Indian Ocean. Kanyakumari defines romance perfectly as it is the only beach where you can watch the sunrise and the sunset at the same time. This place is surrounded by water which makes it a magnificent stop for a romantic retreat. From strolling along soft sand beaches with hand in hand to merely wondering at the natural beauty of the place after climbing the peaks, this place brings you and your partner close to nature. A visit to Kanyakumari will surely set your romance on fire.

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