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Jovita Marcus Manuel

place bali
date_range 2020-01-19

Aman sidana

place thailand
date_range 2020-01-19

Nikunj S Shah

place bali
date_range 2020-01-19

Harika Sreedharala

place dubai
date_range 2020-01-18

Abu dhabi city tour was BAD. Actual tour doesn’t match the itinerary they share during booking. Not enough time is given for the attractions. Just 4 hours for Warner brothers and we were asked to return at 6 pm to depart for Dubai for no reason. Everything is per the whims of the driver. NOT worth the money spent on theme park tickets. Dubai city tour was also very mediocre and waste of time. Recommend taking private tours where you get to decide the timings.

Darpan Ashwinbhai Patel

place bali
date_range 2020-01-18


place maldives
date_range 2020-01-15

Komal Patil

place bali
date_range 2020-01-14

Gaurav Agarwal

place kerala
date_range 2020-01-13

Tanya is a super star in ShoesOnLoose. She helped me in planning my 21 Nights/ 22 Days trip of South India. I covered Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala with my parents, spouse and kids. Tanya is an exceptionally well, very proactive and extremely dedicated trip planner. I remember that I started my discussion with her well 10 months in advance as this was a very long trip. She took care of every necessary and minor thing during planning for example: no use of stairs due to my parents, hotel has lift or not, extra bed, breakfast etc.. I changed my trip plan and hotel choices multiple times during my discussion with her and she was always ready to help me without any frustration. She is extremely dedicated and always ready to help her clients. I am extremely choosy when it comes to taxi, hotels and driver. I wanted a good and well behaved driver, extremely well vehicle (not older than 2 years) and a very well planned trip without any surprises and she made every possible effort to make sure that I get what I want. During the trip as well, she was following up on almost every day on the status if I have any issues or not. She was always available and ready to help. She has done exceptionally well job for my trip and I have all appreciation for her. If I plan my holidays again, she will be the "go to" person for me. Thank you Tanya for making the Trip so memorable. Regards Gaurav

Shreyansh Talesra

place bali
date_range 2020-01-12

Very smooth experience from the time of booking till the end, special mention TRICHI for talking care of all the need and giving the right advices.thank you shooseonloose.


place sri lanka
date_range 2020-01-12