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Mr Bharath Kumar Aswathanarayana Setty

place bali
date_range 2018-12-13

Mr Arpit Chopra

place bali
date_range 2018-12-13

We came across Shoes on Loose through a third party platform when we were looking for quotes for our Bali trip. There were multiple things that made me trust this company a lot more with each step and is now making me recommend it to others. A few examples are mentioned below: 1. Flexibility - While a lot of tour operators provide a single itinerary and have a "take-it-or-leave-it" option, Shoes on Loose has a very accommodative outlook. I have lost track of the number of times I called and mailed the team to request for a change in itinerary and a fresh quote for the same. 2. Perspective - The company assigned Ms. Bhawna to our case which was an amazing decision since she provided her own perspective of what will work better for us (based on our tastes) in Bali. She was able to use her own experience to provide us additional expert perspective (ex: advising us to not stay in Ubud during the rainy season). 3. Professionalism - The company was extremely transparent and responsive and created a Whatsapp group which included me, Shoes on Loose team and the Bali local tour manager. This made sure that any and all of our questions and concerns were immediately resolved and addressed. My extremely was awesome and I am sure that Shoes on Loose will be my first preference for future trips as well.


place mauritius
date_range 2018-12-05

Mauritius offered spectacular beach and hill views. The main attraction of the trip was the ILX tour and the South Tour.


place maldives
date_range 2018-12-04

The whole trip was arranged so well and our journey was hassle free right from the first point to the very last !!

Ajanish Ajit Thorat

place bali
date_range 2018-11-30

Mr Karan was very helpful. I appreciate his help. Although the places to see was far from each other. But it was manageable.

Dhruv Shah

place himachal
date_range 2018-11-29

The whole trip was very well organised and the itinerary was planned as per our requirements

Mr Punit Jayantilal Bhatt

place bali
date_range 2018-11-28

Shoesonloose, did a fabulous job in making it a memorable trip, they exactly new my requirements and customised my itinerary accordingly.


place bali
date_range 2018-11-26

Loved the hassle free experience and in depth knowledge of the team to deliver the custom need. We booked a trip for Bali for Family of 7. We want to celebrate my son 2nd birthday and want to make it special with his grand parents on both side and Shoesonloose had deliver well on promise to make it special. Will love to book again from them. A thumbs up for great service and in detail plan suiting our custom need and suggestive approach to get us best out of our travel endeavor.

Mr Pratap

place thailand
date_range 2018-11-26

These guys did a great job arranging everything. There was proper coordination between the Indian team and the team in Thailand except minor hick ups , it went well.

Nilay Shah

place dubai
date_range 2018-11-22

Worth a visit to both Dubai & Mauritius .Itenary planned for both tours were very good respectively .Mr Uttam Mohanty from Shoes on loose did help us plan this trip very well and we got personal assistance on the same .Would recommend all couples to book through ShoesonLoose ,it is really an amazing travel company caters to all your needs and customizes package as per your requirement. Thanks Nilay Shah

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