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Beer! Beer! Beer! - Hardly 15 minutes into the 10 hour journey. What else do you expect from a group of overworked animated traders on the their annual pilgrimage. The boys wanted their fuel. The managers had to give in. Crates of Carlsberg rolled in to satiate the thirst.

Day 1

Nestled amidst the Aravalis, Ananta Resort impresses you at first sight. A sumptuous banquet awaited us for breakfast followed by a dip in the pool.

In the evening, while most went for sightseeing around the Holy Land, the blue blooded ones stayed back for Poker. Well, as the say about such a breed- "you can take them out of trading but not trading of them".

We sat down by the pool with glasses clinking with the ice swirling in the bourbon. A live band played Jagjit Singh's Ghazals.


One round up, the music seemed soothing. Two down, most became indifferent and rather engaged in discussion regarding the Manchester United game being telecast live. Three Down, one could hear animated voices calling for the dance floor. Four down, the poor guy had to shut up and we hit the floor. Riding imaginary horses and whip lashing we went footloose- Gangnam Style!


Perhaps, it was the fancy of a birthday boy, perhaps it was the enthusiastic young brigade but mostly it was the alcohol. Soon people were being thrown into the pool, swimmer or not, managers or not! Well, you don't get to throw your boss into the pool every Sunday. Wet, tired, and in high spirits most managed to find their bedrooms while some if us were fine lying on the floors.

Day 2

The camel ride to middle of the desert was an exhilarating experience. Almost at running speed at times, not falling off the camel during the wobbly half hour ride was sheer luck.

An idyllic setting- Live rock band, Rajasthani folk dancers, bonfires, and moonlit sand. Snacks and booze added substance to style. Dancing, singing, and joking it was one night to remember. Carrying home our own little experiences to share, our own little jokes cracked, our own little memories to cherish- A weekend well spent.

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