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Pushkar Travel Guide : A Cultural Retreat


Pushkar, a name that echoes with piety and devotion.One of the most revered places in India. Visited by people from far and wide. A place that sprawled from the lotus of Brahma –the creator of the universe, the venerable pedestal at which Pushkar lies is undoubtedly sacred. The city continues to charm with its divine and mystic outlook. Home to 52 bathing Ghats and 400 milky blue temples and one of the few remaining Brahma temples. Pushkar is not just limited to holy places; the place is filled with assortments of things to do, from the camel safari amid the undulating dunes to gazing the scenic beauty of the sacred grounds from the enthralling hot balloon ride all will satiate your adventure appetite. And talking about appetite Pushkar offers delectable cuisine and mouth-watering food items. Religious or not, whatever be your devotion food or the gods this Pushkar travel guide would take care of all your needs.

1) The Pushkar lake

Pushkar Travel Guide : A Cultural Retreat-1

The Pushkar lake is the mythological antecedent to the town of Pushkar; it is the epicentre that radiates cultural magnificence, the lake is said to come into existence when the petals from Lord Brahma's lotus fell on earth. The Pushkar lake is the pious bulwark on which Pushkar is based. The lake resonates religious aura and explains why Pushkar is considered to be one of the five holiest places in India. It is believed that a dip in the holy waters cures one of all ailments and sins. The only thing the devotion of this place succumbs to is the historical significance and the beautiful backdrop that encloses the lake.

2) Camel Fair

Pushkar Travel Guide : A Cultural Retreat-2 Now if you chose to snub this you chose to snub all the affairs of the world, one has to be severely limited in their source of information if they have not heard about the famous camel fair of Pushkar. The camel fair of Pushkar is what attracts people from all corners and crevices of the world. The place sees a total of 40,000 visitors over a span of 14 days! The camel fair is that one travel destination that every insightful human being has heard about. The fair is something that speaks for itself, one of the affairs that cannot be omitted from any Pushkar travel guide.

3) The Gurudwara Singh Sabha

Pushkar Travel Guide : A Cultural Retreat-3 The Gurudwara Singh Sabha or Pushkar Raj, a temple town around a natural lake, is 13 km from Ajmer, to which it is connected by road. Pushkar was visited by Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Gobind Singh. The shrine commemorates the former Guru’s visit which was formerly called Guru Nanak Dharamshala but is now known as the Gurudwara Singh Sabha and functions as a branch of Sri Guru Singh Sabha Ajmer. It is housed in a double storey flat roofed building near the bus stand.

4)Mela grounds

Pushkar Travel Guide : A Cultural Retreat-4

The Mela grounds are a place that you cannot afford to miss. Sprawling with people and exciting rides, the Mela ground is a carnival of its own. The fancy rides and the ecstatic people all have that small town feel-good vibe that appeals to all whether young or old.

5)Brahma Temple

Pushkar Travel Guide : A Cultural Retreat-5

As the name suggests, the Brahma temple is devoted to the supreme deity Brahma, known as the creator of the whole universe and to his wife Gayatri. It is one of the few only remaining temples of Pushkar. The construction of this place began in the 14th century although the origins of this place can be traced back to 2000 years in history. The Temple lies just beside the Pushkar lake. The city is immortalised in time just like the tale of Brahma and the demon. The temple is beautiful in its architecture with white marble steps leading up to the temple and the hamsa motif that reflects spirituality and peace.

6) Shopping

Pushkar Travel Guide : A Cultural Retreat-6

The colourful hues all dazzle in the beautiful markets of Pushkar, the Pushkar market offers an array of items from clothes, jewellery, lamp, handicrafts, items, shoes, caps and even utensils. The multifarious items are colourful and are perfect for taking as a souvenir or buying for own personal use.

7)The Evening Aarti

Pushkar Travel Guide : A Cultural Retreat-7

The Evening aarti lake echoes with the devotion of the various temples located alongside the Ghat, the scintillating Diyas floating on the lake illuminated by the devotion of the thousands of people assembled along the Ghat fill up one’s heart with delight. The deep divine connection present here can be felt within.

8) Hot Air Balloon Ride

Pushkar Travel Guide : A Cultural Retreat-8

Hot air Balloon ride in Pushkar is a beautiful experience that gives a bird’s eye view of the entire Pushkar, the holy presence of Ghats, the temples the holy lake and high places are all depicted in a clairvoyant frame from above the clouds.

9)The Savitri Mata temple

Pushkar Travel Guide : A Cultural Retreat-9 Savitri Mata temple in Puskar is located on the Ratnagiri hill, and it is situated atop a mountain, a lot of people prefer climbing the stairs to gain “ tapas”. Climbing up the stairs is a lot of hard work, but after you get to witness the beautiful view of the city, all of the work seems worthwhile. The temple has both idols of both the wives of Brahma, the goddess Savitri and Gayatri. The visitors can take either trek to the temple gates or take a ride in the cable cars which take passenger cars to the top of the hill. The ropeway ride offers an enjoyable experience along with a gorgeous view of the whole town.

10) Cuisine

Pushkar Travel Guide : A Cultural Retreat-10

Pushkar is a temple town where meat and alcohol are prohibited but what is not prohibited is the delectable taste that the place has to offer, the place is home to numerous famous food stalls and palatable cuisine. 1) Out of the blue – Out of the blue is a reliable restaurant, the menu ranges from noodles and momos to pizza, pasta, falafel and pancakes and the street level espresso coffee bar.

2) Sixth sense- The chilled rooftop is a restaurant and is a great place to head to where seasoned vegetables and rice are all serviceable, as is the filter coffee and fresh juice. Its ambience is immediately relaxing and the pulley apparatus that delivers the food from the ground floor kitchen is amazing

3) Om baba restaurant- Om baba restaurant is a rooftop restaurant that offers a beautiful view as well as delicious food ( hummus, pasta, falafel)

4) Honey and spice- Run by a friendly family, this tiny wholefood breakfast place serves delicious south Indian food.

5) La pizzeria- La pizzeria is a part of Little Italy, the restaurant offers pizzas and baked potatoes

6 ) Little Italy – Located south of the Ajmer road, the restaurant has excellent thin crust wood fired pizzas and imported pasta with tasty sauces. As well as homemade pizza gnocchi, there are some Indian and Israeli dishes and freshly ground Keralan coffee.

Pushkar is a place that doesn't ebb out of memory even if one tries. The picturesque lake embracing the holy town of Pushkar and the millions of majestic temples situated here all make Pushkar an unforgettable affair. so trace your steps and leave your footprints on the sands and embark on a venture that is both historical and spiritual. Check out our Rajasthan travel package for further additional help and a wonderful experience.
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