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Must Visit Popular Places Around Bangalore

The salubrious Garden City has since long been known for the pleasant climate and green surroundings. The extra edge of this destination is the many fascinating areas around that make for the perfect holiday. The list is endless be it heading to a jungle camp, national park, waterfall or hills.

Head to Wine Festival

Must Visit Popular Places Around Bangalore-1 Wine aficionados can treat themselves to an enjoyable and informational wine tour. Rich land and the salubrious weather of Bangalore helps the development of grapes. This in turn, has resulted in the mushrooming of wineries around the city. One of these is the Heritage Winery.

Through the wineries that are refreshing; learn the best way to see, swirl, sniff, and sip the drink from the pros.

Trek Nandi Hills

Must Visit Popular Places Around Bangalore-2 Nandidurg or Nandi Hills is one of the most famous tourist spots around Bangalore.

There are numerous tourist destinations in the vicinity of Nandi Hills. With clean, cut measures out, the climb takes you through a route and is pretty simple. The view from the summit along with the slopes is totally refreshing and breathless.


Must Visit Popular Places Around Bangalore-3 Need to spend some time in a peaceful and calm surroundings? Getaway into the woods! The Bheemeshwari forest camp offers tranquility and great panoramic beauty. In the event you are a nature lover, you can indulge in nature walks and spend some peaceful time sightseeing and researching in the woods.

You can opt for trekking or take part in adventure activities, in the event you are an experienced enthusiast. Get cosy in the lodges around this beautiful place.

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