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30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30


Since how long have been you procrastinating the dream to take that trip you had planned in the first year of college or the one you had promised to be a part of no matter wherever you got the job? Quite long, right? It's been years since plans like these were made and remade, and put off and canceled. With life moving fast and so much happening around rapidly and chaotically, you need to press the pause button and get a break to take in life at a pace you want.

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-1

And if you decide to take a halt, we recommend you to halt at beautiful stops. Being in your twenties and having all the required energy to explore and experiment the places and things, this is the ideal time to create and cherish the best moments of life which might not be possible at a later stage. If money is what concerns you about making your move, let us introduce you to ‘budget travel,' where in spite of the financial curbs, you can travel and unravel the wonders of life merrily.

So if you decide to lose yourself in a journey to find yourself, we have a list of the top 30 places to visit in India before you turn 30. Take a look!

1. Goa

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-2

Let's begin with the "Mecca" of youngsters – Goa! Famous for beaches and parties, Goa demands your presence while you're in your twenties. Inundating nightlife, free-flowing booze, daring water sports and appealing beaches, Goa has everything to make you feel young, energetic and alive. Visit the cafes and pubs, explore the churches and forts, volunteer for bike riding and parasailing, the list of things to do in Goa just seems to be endless.

2. Leh-Ladakh

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-3

Moving on to another "youth favourite" destination of the country – Leh-Ladakh! From bike riding on narrow stretches to trekking on desert mountains, the place has got everything to give you an adrenaline rush. Braving these exploits, calm your senses by sleeping in a camp under the cover of stars. Before wrapping up your trip, do not forget to experience the offbeat yak safari in the mountains.

3. Andaman

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-4

Done with the mountains, it's time to delve into the deepness of ocean. Go scuba diving and get rid of your hydrophobia while exploring the aquatic species of plants and animals. Swim across seabed gardens, colourful corals and beautifully patterned fishes. Find the secrets of a world under the waves, completely different from our general perception. If looking for something calmer, just take a walk along the silver shore as the ocean waves play along with your footsteps.

4. Varanasi

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-5

You might not find Varanasi among the "common" lists of the best places to visit in India, but the place has got a temptation you must fulfill before crossing the threshold of 30 to understand life better. Famous for its ghats and aartis, Varanasi stages a chaos you must go through to appreciate the quiet in the later years of life. A boat ride in the poised Ganga is all you require to sum up your Varanasi trip.

5. Agra

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-6

If asked to complement chaos with charm, the only name that comes to mind is Agra. Exhibiting the history in the most elegant manner, Agra is the perfect place to get in touch with the past while making the most of the present. A succession of the majestic monuments, including the world renowned Taj Mahal, glorify the city and enthrall the traveler in you.

6. Thar

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-7

Rajasthan, a symbol of royalty and heritage is also well liked for its arid desert cover. Something not so regular to come across, challenge yourself by camping among the endless stretches of sand. Be a part of the rustic environment of the tents whilst sitting on a royal divan, treating your taste buds with Rajasthani cuisine and engaging in the folk music and dances presented by local artists.

7. Rishikesh

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-8

No, we are not recommending a religious trip to the holy place (though you might consider visiting the temples). We are proposing the water sports adventure, river rafting! Ride along the upsurging water of Ganga, while you get to raft across the rocky terrains and green stretches. Measure your vitality with activities like bungee jumping and zip lining.

8. McLeod Ganj

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-9

Experience a blend of nature and religion while being in the vicinity of Dhauladhar range. Spend a day with the Tibetian monks and awaken your spiritual senses while exploring the different monasteries located in the hilly region. If interested to do something exciting, trek to Triund and make new friends along the way. The spectacular view of the mountains atop is worth making the efforts.

9. Coorg

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-10

Don't limit your mountain expedition to the north. Head to South India to find a different side of the terrain. Spotlighting simplicity and serenity, this Indian ‘Scotland of East' is an intoxicating experience in itself. The mingled aroma of coffee plantations in the fresh air of the hills is the best therapy to heal your "city burdened" soul.

10. Corbett National Park

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-11

If you are an adventure junkie, a wildlife expedition is a must for you while you are in your twenties. Home to many endangered species, including tigers, an early morning safari through the thick jungles will give you goosebumps adding to the thrill and delight.

11. Bir-Billing

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-12

Asserting that twenties is the best age to go on crazy adventures, we next suggest you paragliding in the enchanting hills of Himachal Pradesh. Popular for hosting the first Paragliding World Cup in 2015, the panoramic sight of mountains while the chilling breeze swishes across your face at a height of 5000 m should be tried while you have the required vigour.

12. Kolkata

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-13

Colour yourself red in the joyful festival of Durga Pooja while immersing yourself in the culture of Bengal. Stroll through the city lanes decorated with sweets and lights and be a part of the maha aartis in one of the innumerable pandals set up for the eve. Having enjoyed the festival, reserve the next few days to get a closer look at the British architectural sites, the city boasts of.

13. Wayanad

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-14

Located amidst the captivating jungles of the Western Ghats in Kerala, the state better known as ‘God's own country,' Wayanad is one of the best places to hit with your college gang. Blessed with abundant greenery, Wayanad is a beautiful countryside sojourn spot with lakes, waterfalls, tea-coffee estates and much more to explore.

14. Cherrapunji

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-15

Love rains? Pack your bags and head to Cherrapunji without asking anything. Known to record the maximum rainfall in the world, the place is a wonderland when it comes to water. Be it touring the ‘Seven Sisters Falls' series or walking over the Living Roots Bridge (which seems to be a part of The Lord of The Rings set), Cherrapunji amuses you in all the natural ways possible.

15. Bandipur

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-16

Movies shot amidst the jungles have given us travel goals to drive through one. Home to a national park, Bandipur gives you the chance to experience the wilderness. Adding to your unforgettable experiences of the twenties, Bandipur has everything to make you awe. Driving through the midst of the jungle, you can come across elephants and deer, and if lucky, a tiger or a leopard on its way to find prey.

16. Rann of Kutch

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-17

Salt desert! Yes, that's what you can call it. Covered with salt till wherever the eye goes, Rann of Kutch in Gujarat is a prepossessing sight you cannot afford to miss while you're young. The unusual terrain around you gives you one of a kind experience. The place comes to life as the vibrant colours of kites embellish the white landscape during the much celebrated Kite Festival.

17. Bhangarh

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-18

Repeating our words, twenties is the time you should experience everything. If you agree with the idea, how about giving a try to a haunted place? Known to be one of the scariest places of India, Bhangarh is investigated to record supernatural activities after sunset. Sending chills down your spine, according to folklores, anyone who has ventured in Bhangarh fort after the sunset has never been found again. So if you're planning a trip to Bhangarh even in daylight, get ready to be spooked.

18. Hampi

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-19

A World Heritage Site, Hampi is a must visit in your twenties. Known for its ancient monumental and architectural beauty, Hampi will welcome you with an aesthetic look across its remains. The intricate stone carvings on the temples and boulders of the place, tell a thousand stories luring you to explore more.

19. Valley of Flowers

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-20

The place seems to come straight out of fairytale books. Located in the serene mountains of Uttarakhand, the Valley of Flowers is a perfect choice to experience the beauty of life. From Brahamakamal to Blue Poppy, there are all types of flowers stretched to acres of the valley. Pink, blue, green or any other – Pick your favourite colour and find a matching flower welcoming you with a freshness you might not feel at any other place.

20. Gangtok

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-21

Home to the most famous monasteries of the world, Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim gives you a unique chance to understand spiritualism. Partake in the place's routine and feel the mystical essence of Buddhism around you. Volunteer with the monks and master the art of giving.

21. Kasol

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-22

Kasol justifies the recommendation of why you should travel solo once in a lifetime. The imposing mountains and enraging Beas River let you lose yourself to find the right direction in life. The cozy cafes, Israeli food and trance, make up the trippy air of Kasol you must experience while you are young.

22. Vrindavan

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-23

If Holi is your favourite festival, then Vrindavan might become your favourite place in the country. Known to celebrate Holi in its eccentric style, Vrindavan is the place to be at during the festival. Celebrated with much gusto and revelry, thousands of people come together to embrace the burst of colours. In spite of being chaotic, the place gives you one of the best experiences while you still have the energy and enthusiasm.

23. Sundarbans

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-24

Want to experience an untamed place? Pick Sundarbans! Titled as the largest mangrove ecosystem in the world, the place offers one of a kind view. Go for a boat ride and explore the fisherman's cove, a three hundred-year-old temple, crocodile's den, deer rehabilitation center and a lot more.

24. Spiti

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-25

Another place to witness and appreciate the marvels of nature, Spiti is a great choice to be a part of your twenties' expedition list. The quaint monasteries nestled in the enchanting landscape of the mountains give you food for thought to understand life better.

25. Amritsar

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-26

Golden Temple situated in Amritsar lets you appreciate the feeling of giving without demanding anything in return. A golden symbol of Sikhism, the "gurudwara" welcomes people from all over the world. Known for hosting the largest "langars" with nearly 50,000 people dining in a day, this epitome of true brotherhood is what you should visit before you turn 30.

26. Konark

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-27

Witness the magnificence of Indian architecture in the red corridor of India. With the alluring sea at its periphery, Konark Temple in Odisha is a treasure of Indian mythological stories. The iconic shrine with ancient stone carvings over its walls and ceilings is known to capture a beguiling view of the sun (during sunrise and sunset) across its main door. Also, known as the Sun Temple, it is a masterpiece of Odisha's medieval architecture.

27. Shimla

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-28

Though, Shimla is a place you can visit any time in your life, the toy train from Kalka to Shimla is a perfect way to delight the hidden child in you while you are at the threshold of what they call the ‘actual grown up.' Passing through the fascinating tunnels and mountainous landscape lined with pine forests and verdant valleys, Shimla is a place you cannot ignore to visit.

28. Srinagar

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-29

We all know the place as ‘Heaven on earth.' But is this enough? Don't you have a desire to experience the colours of heaven? If you wish to explore the place, then why delay the plan? There's no better time to visit Kashmir while you are still in your twenties. The charismatic charm of the copious lakes and gardens is something you should not be scared to experience.

29. Mumbai

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-30

If you are wondering, why we are suggesting the crowded and busy city of Mumbai, then we've got a reason. The morning rush in the local trains and the night peace at Marine Drive give you a completely contrasting glimpse of the city. Apart from this, the city is also known to present a conflicting picture of the lives of people (rich and poor), helping you get a closer look at life.

30. Nilgiris

30 Places to Visit in India before you Turn 30-31

Push the limits of your fitness level with a cycling expedition across the Nilgiri mountain range. Not an easy tour, the mountains demand relentless energy and unbeatable stamina. The ride is comforted with beautiful sights of pristine land thick of forests. Demanding a deal of your youthful vigour, Nilgiris trip is best recommended to be undertaken before you hit the thirties.

With so many alternatives to ponder over, it's time to set on your life changing trip of twenties to better the years ahead. Stop putting a full stop after you checkmark the first destination, and keep on adding commas to your reviving journey.

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